1894th Light Horse Regiment

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1894th Light Horse Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Keepers of the Flame
Parent Formation Blue Star Irregulars
Formed unknown
1894th Light Horse Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 2764)
Nickname n/a
Parent Formation XLVIII Corps
Formed unknown

The One Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety-fourth Light Horse Regiment was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army, until it was incorporated into the Blue Star Irregulars Mercenary unit.


Star League Era[edit]

In 2764 the Light Horse was assigned, as a part of the XLVIII Corps, Seventeenth Army, to an undisclosed district within the Periphery. The 1894th continued to serve in the Periphery during the Periphery Uprising[1]. The unit survived the war and the Hegemony Campaign[1] and a part of the regiment joined the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, merging with surviving elements of the Eighth Striker Regiment to form the Second Ceti Hussars[2][3] and the First Argyle Lancers.[3] The remainder evidently became a part of the mercenary unit known as the Blue Star Irregulars.[4]

First Succession War[edit]

In February 2787 a battalion from the 1894th supported an AFFS raiding force drawn from elements of the Fourteenth Avalon Hussars in a raid against the Draconis Combine world of David. During the course of the week-long raid the Fourteenth and 1894th battled elements of the Third Arkab Legion at the port city of Sassari in an hour-long engagement before forcing the Legion to withdraw and looting a number of warehouses of spares and munitions. The Fourteenth and 1894th also conducted a number of air patrols across David during the course of the week, before withdrawing back to Federated Suns space, content that they had gained the measure of the Combine's border defenses.[5]

Unknown to the Fourteenth or the Blue Star Irregulars, the Third Arkab Legion had deliberately only fought back using half their available forces and had withdrawn from battle intentionally, to give the raiders a misleading impression of the strength of the garrison on David and to prevent the Fourteenth discovering the presence of either the Third Dieron Regulars, concealed in hidden bases deep in the Northern Andropo badlands or the conventional forces hidden in bunkers constructed to look like transient villages dotted along the Fatima River Basin. The deception was conducted in accordance with orders issued by Warlord Jinjiro Kurita as part of widespread preparations for the upcoming invasion of the Federated suns.[5]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

All three regiments took part in the invasion of the planet Liao during the first wave of the war in 3028.[6] They fought alongside the Thirty-third Avalon Hussars in that conflict.[7] They later assaulted Genoa and Arboris.[8] Genoa was easily captured, again with the 33rd Avalon Hussars help.[9]

War of 3039[edit]

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Clan Invasion[edit]

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FedCom Civil War[edit]

During the Jade Falcon Incursion of the FedCom Civil War, the Second Battalion of the 1894th garrisoned Black Earth after the Falcons were driven off the world.[10] The First Battalion was assigned to hold Roadside after liberation.[11]


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Composition History[edit]


1894th Light Horse Regiment

As an SLDF Light Horse regiment the 1894th would have been composed of light to medium vehicles backed up by at least two Recon companies composed of 'Mechs designed for information gathering in addition to any regular 'Mechs within the regiment.[13]


1894th Light Horse Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[14]


1894th Light Horse Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)[12]

  • CO: Colonel Alexander Duff-Gordon


1894th Light Horse Regiment (Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Wu Sen Tang

Star Hunter (Strengthened Wing 26 fighters)

1894th Cavalry (1 Battalion)

1894th Tactical Recon Group (3 companies, 1st Company equipped with VTOLs)




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