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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Persistence neighboring systems
Persistence neighboring systems
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -106.256 : 406.305[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]


Persistence was one of seven worlds settled by colonists from the Rim Worlds Republic between 2334 and 2338 as an attempt by Maxwell Rowe to create a buffer zone between the Republic, the Draconis Combine and the Tamar Pact.[1] Persistence was a part of the Apollo Province of the Rim Worlds Republic and was conquered by the Lyran Commonwealth during the 2773-2775 Republic-Commonwealth war.[12]

Star League[edit]

Persistence is a very harsh world which was only colonized through the use of large desalination plants. During the Reunification War the SLDF tried to land on the world, but the Amaris Fusiliers were not aware that the SLDF were allied troops and resisted the SLDF's arrival. Surface to air weapons batteries located at Danderson City engaged the SLDF's DropShips. Only after the last desalination plant was in SLDF hands did the Fifth Amaris Fusiliers surrender. The VI Corps Seventeenth Division took some losses in this fighting as they tried to minimize Republican casualties.[42]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Persistence was conquered by Clan Jade Falcon during the First Wave of Operation Revival in March 3050. Trinaries Alpha, Charlie, Delta and Echo of the 4th Falcon Talon Cluster face off against the Persistence Militia and the Persistence Inc. Security Force, the personal security service of congressional leader and Persistence Munition's CEO Nichole Danderson. A charismatic leader, Danderson personally led her forces to achieve an impossible victory over the Clan invaders at Jestin Ridge overlooking Danderson City. Unfortunately the Falcons were able to regroup, flank the defenders, and defeat them after urban combat in the city itself. Although the corporate security force was destroyed, most of the militia managed to escape into the wilderness and continue a campaign of persistent resistance for many years.[43]


Persistence was conquered again during the Jihad, when Clan Ice Hellion launched an invasion of the Clan Jade Falcon holdings in the Inner Sphere in mid-3071. Persistence was seized by the Ice Hellions between the 7th and 28th of June 3071.[31] In December of 3071, the Jade Falcons launched a wave of counterattacks against the invading Ice Hellion forces and one of the worlds recaptured during these attacks was Persistence,[44][32] which finally fell to the Jade Falcons in late January 3072.[32][33]

Military Deployment[edit]







Planetary Locations[edit]

Industrial Centers[edit]

Nearby Planets[edit]

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years). Closest planets first:

Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Winfield 5.58 1 RWR LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Steelton 16.18 1 RWR LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Maxie's Planet 19.63 1 LC LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Trell I 21.07 1 LC LC LC FC CJF CSV CJF
Icar 24.16 1 RWR LC LC FC CW CW CW
Toland 27.08 1 RWR LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Derf 27.41 1 LC LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Romulus 31.85 2 LC LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Chateau 32.67 2 LC LC LC FC CW CW CW
Star's End 34.91 2 RWR P P P CW CW CW
Apollo 35.28 2 RWR LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Wotan 36.31 2 RWR LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Butler 37.19 2 LC LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Csesztreg 40.25 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Twycross 41.48 2 LC LC LC FC CSV CSV CJF
Bensinger 44.77 2 RWR LC LC FC CJF CSV CJF
New Caledonia 47.48 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Malibu 48.72 2 RWR LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Evciler 51.32 2 LC LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Seiduts 51.35 2 LC LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Verthandi 52.94 2 LC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Golandrinas 54.05 2 RWR LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF
Harvest 54.49 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Waldorff 54.50 2 LC LC LC FC CSV CSV CJF
Butte Hold 56.85 2 N P P P CW CW CW
Somerset 57.17 2 RWR LC LC FC FC LA LA
Denizli 59.85 2 LC LC LC FC CJF CJF CJF


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