472nd Division (ComStar)

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472nd Division IV-alpha
Unit Profile (as of 3068)
Nickname Invader Galaxy
Parent Formation 12th Army
Formed 3058

The Com Guard 472nd Division, more commonly known as the ComStar Invader Galaxy, was primarily created to serve as an aggressor unit in war games using Clan material and military structure.



First entering service in 3058, the Invader Galaxy was constructed from Clan-tech salvaged from the Battle of Tukayyid and manned by veterans of that conflict and the fighting against the Word of Blake on Terra. [1] While a large proportion of the ComGuard had seen action on Tukayyid, Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht knew both newer recruits both among the ComGuard and other houses need to experience the true threat of the invaders, also intending the unit as a showcase of the need for unified focus against the Clans. [2]

The unit quickly rose to prominence when it served as the opposition for a multi-national training exercise on Tukayyid hosted by ComStar in 3058, which was interrupted when Clan Jade Falcon forces staged a thrust towards the Lyran Alliance world of Coventry. After Katherine Steiner-Davion asked her brother Victor Steiner-Davion for aid saving the planet, Precentor Martial Focht pledged the Invader Galaxy to the multi-national force Victor lead to retake the world. [2]

While publicly slated as a ready-reserve unit in Operation Bulldog, the Invader Galaxy was stationed on the FedCom world of Defiance to conduct exercises against the newly formed Task Force Serpent in early 3059 prior to their long journey.

Second Star League[edit]

After the conclusion of the Great Refusal, the 472nd returned to its role as serving as an aggressor unit for the new Focht War College. [1] [2] The Invader Galaxy would face and defeat the reborn SLDF's newly formed 1st Royal BattleMech Regiment twice in 3061, before facing them a third time in Feburary 3062. With both units initially trading long-ranged shots, the 472nd then retreated into the hellish Devil's Bath to try and recreate the 6th Division's tactics against Clan Steel Viper during the Battle of Tukayyid. However the 1st Royal had spent the months since their last encounter in war games against some of the most elite units in the Inner Sphere to mold them into an effective unit and were familiar with the pathways to safely travel through the Bath, the twelve hour long battle concluding with the defeat of the 472nd. [3]

Shortly after the 472nd was engaged in training with Clan Nova Cat's Delta Galaxy when the Combine-Ghost Bear War broke out. [4]

As well as facing off against other Star League member state units, during this period the 472nd would also serve as the practical sounding board for the tactics and worst-case scenario developed by the 278th Division for the Twelfth Army to defend the Free Rasalhague Republic from attacks by the Clans, Draconis Combine or Lyran Alliance. [5]

Jihad and Destruction[edit]

After years of simulated battle, the 472nd would see real combat when the Word of Blake launched a WarShip assault against Tukayyid in January 3068. The AeroSpace Fighters of the 472nd would join those of the 278th in assisting the Sovetskii Soyuz-class Blake's Vengeance and the Essex-class Hammerstrikes unsuccessful counter-attack against the McKenna-class Blake’s Sword and the Essex-class Deliverance. While able to inflict heavy damage against the Deliverance the 472nd's forces in orbit were shattered along with the rest of the Com Guard defenders, with the Blake's Sword then able to unleash orbital bombardments against ground based troops. Caught away from their underground bunkers, the bulk of ground elements of the 472nd suffered severe casualties. [6] [7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 472nd Division (ComStar)
Precentor Lisa Koenigs-Cober 3058 - 3068[8]


When acting as the opposing force during training operations, the Invader Galaxy operated under the tenants of Clan Zellbrigen, though to what degree varied depending upon exercise. While primary serving in a training capacity, the Invader Galaxy was a fully functional combat unit, dropping any of the Clan restrictions they operated under when seeing action in the field. [1] [2] Due to the unit's "split personality", the Invader Galaxy did not adopt any other tactical specialities.


As per its role, instead of ComGuard standard base-6 formation the Invader Galaxy was structured along Clan lines, using Points and Stars. The Galaxy consisted of 4 Clusters, each a mix of 'Mechs and battle armor roughly analogous to a reinforced Level III, the extensive use of Clan-tech giving them as much firepower as a regular regiment. [1]

2/3 of the unit used Clan OmniMechs or OmniFighters salvaged from the fighting on Tukayyid. The heavy use of Clan equipment allowed opposing forces to go up against and discover the strengths and limitations of real Clan weaponry and sensors instead of often flawed or incomplete simulations. The balance was made up of Combine OmniMechs outfitted with Clan-tech weaponry and a few scattered "standard" ComGuard designs. Attached aerospace forces followed a similar mix, the only area where Inner Sphere tech outnumbered Clan-tech was the unit's battle armor Stars, solely due to the size disparity between Inner Sphere troops and Elementals. [1]

Composition History[edit]

3062 to 3067 [1][edit]

  • 1st Assault Cluster (Sword of Truth) - Precentor Catherine Vitale
  • 2nd Assault Cluster (Spear of Loyalty) - Precentor Jong Lee
  • 1st Battle Cluster (Shield of Honor) - Precentor Lisa Finnegan
  • 1st Recon Cluster (Wings of Purity) - Precentor Christopher Campise


  • The insignia of the 472nd Division was the letter I surrounded by five stars.[1]


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