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Chahar Profit
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Type JumpShip

Owned by Chahar Traders, the Chahar Profit was a freighter JumpShip from the Lyran Commonwealth. It became known for its rescue following a misjump into Draconis Combine territory during the lead-up to the Second Succession War.

Star League era to First Succession War[edit]

The Chahar Profit was constructed during the Star League era, and like many JumpShips of this period it was equipped with a so-called Pigeon, effectively a miniature jump-capable distress beacon.[1]

Over the objection of companies such as Chahar Traders, the desperation of the First Succession War would see then Archon Jennifer Steiner commandeer the majority of commercial freighters and transports like the Chahar Profit for the use of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces in 2789. After the war's conclusion, her grandson Marcus Steiner would finally release those pressed into military service in 2824. In returning them however, he ordered that each must make at least three mercy runs to carry food, water and other vital supplies to Lyran worlds that had been neglected during the First Succession War.[2][3]

When Chahar Traders initially refused, the Archon responded by making them an example, imposing huge fines but also broadcasting the schedules of all their ships across the Commonwealth, making them vulnerable to any bandit or competitor who wanted to take advantage. Horrified, Chahar Traders quickly had a change of heart and agreed to the Archon's terms.[3][4]

The Rescue of the Chahar Profit[edit]

In late 2826[5] the Chahar Profit under the command of Kaptain Vanessa Reiche[6] was performing one of the mercy runs mandated by the Lyran government, delivering a heavy load of corn and other foodstuffs intended for the starving population of the border world Chandler.[5][4][7][8]

On January 11th 2827[9] the Chahar Profit performed what should have been its final jump from Toffen to Chandler. However, it misjumped into the Draconis Combine system of Darius instead where it was almost immediately set upon by massive Kuritan aerospace fighters training exercise patrolling the jump point. The Combine fighters demanded the Chahar Profit power down its engines, strafing its Jump Sail to ensure the crew's compliance.[5][4][8][6][10]

One crewman Fitz suggested the use of the ship's Jump Pigeon system to call for help. He bet Kaptain Reiche, who was highly skeptical the ancient system would successfully jump, ten cases of Glengarry Black that he could make it work. Reiche recorded a distress call as the Combine fighters prepared for a second pass and their attendant Union-class moved to board the Chahar Profit.[5][4][8][6]

Though causing heavy damage to the Chahar Profit, the Pigeon successfully jumped back into Lyran space, carrying the ship's desperate plea for aid. After news of the Chahar Profit's fate reached Archon Marcus Steiner, he ordered that the ship must be rescued no matter the cost, despite his conflict with Chahar Traders and the ongoing tensions between the Commonwealth and the Combine in the lull between the First and Second Succession Wars. The Stealths, an elite LCAF unit, was re-formed for the mission.[5][4][8][6] After weeks of vigorous retraining for the mission, the Stealths were ready, accompanied by an equally elite unit of aerospace fighters, a crack company of marines highly skilled in boarding operations, and as a precaution, a replacement JumpShip crew in case that of the Chahar Profit could not be rescued. With the attention of the Coordinator Jinjiro Kurita and the bulk of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery focused on the Combine's Periphery border and the advance of the mysterious "Minnesota Tribe", the Stealths' transport the LCS Yo' Mama made the jump into the Darius system on 21 February 2827.[5] Immediately upon arrival in-system, all DropShips save the one carrying the Stealths sped toward the Chahar Profit and Kurita forces guarding it. The Yo' Mama meanwhile made a high-thrust burn towards the planet itself. Two days after arriving in the system, the Stealths landed their 'Mechs just outside the planet's capital city where the crew of the Chahar Profit were being held.[5] Many of the Stealths' 'Mechs had functional hand actuators which clutched specially constructed "barrels", armored capsules with heavily padded interiors into which two crew members each were strapped. The Stealths reached their DropShip without losing or injuring a single member of either their number or of the crew of the Chahar Profit. Meanwhile their comrades at the system's Jump Point had succeeded in recapturing the Chahar Profit and repairing and preparing her to jump to safety, her vital cargo intact. The arrival of the Chahar Profit and the Stealths triggered an ecstatic welcome from the people of Chandler.[5][7][4][8][6][10]


The Profit rescue was a boom to the Commonwealth morale, weakened after the devastating war. However, the Combine don't forget or forgive the humiliation: In January of 2828, some of their troops attacked Chandler, and in an obvious reprisal against the Profit's rescue, set fire to the planetary food and freshwater stores in the planetary capital.[11]


While Lyran Commonwealth would always insist the entire affair was an accident, during the Third Succession War the Combine claimed to have uncovered evidence that Chahar Profit's misjump was a cover story and that the vessel had intentionally jumped to Darius to retrieve a Lyran intelligence cell operating there, the initial plan only going awry due to the unexpected presence of such a large Combine aerospace force in the system.[10]


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