The Stealths

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The Stealths
Formed 2650
Previous Designation(s) Twenty-third Republic Light Lancers
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command LCAF

The Stealths, previously known as the Twenty-third Republic Light Lancers of the Republic Light Lancers, were originally a veteran BattleMech regiment with the Rim Worlds Army, later joining the service of the Lyran Commonwealth.

Unit History[edit]

Rim Worlds Republic[edit]

The Twenty-third Republic Light Lancers were formed in the year 2650 by the order of Tadeo Amaris, cousin to President Selanta Amaris, during the Rim Worlds Republic's military buildup.[1]

The unit survived the Amaris Civil War and the subsequent annexation of most of the Republic by the Lyran Commonwealth.[2]

House Steiner[edit]

In 2785, after Kerensky's departure, the Stealths signed on with Archon Jennifer Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth. Along with the Tamar Tigers, they would represent mobile House Steiner forces along the Draconis Combine border.[2]

The First Succession War[edit]

In 2786, the First Succession War began, with full-scale fighting breaking out on all borders on a level not thought possible. The LCAF found itself constantly outmaneuvered by the DCMS, who successfully used faster 'Mechs to keep the Lyrans on the defensive.

In April 2787, the Stealths, supported by a second Lyran regiment, launched an attack on the critical Combine world of Dieron, capital of the Draconis Combine's Dieron Military District and a major industrial center. Although their WarShip escort was lost and they were eventually forced to withdraw, they were successful in inflicting serious damage to several Dieron industries.[1]

After serving with distinction on the Kurita front, the Stealths were eventually transferred to the Free Worlds League border in December 2788. There, they became a fast-response force, defending against Marik attacks.[3] The Stealths participated in the multination fighting on Tyrfing.[4] The Stealths discovered a valley used on Tyrfing as a storage unit for heavily damaged SLDF 'Mechs and tanks and successfully loaded two DropShips full of salvage before being driven off by the Seventh Oriente Hussars.[5]

In early 2789, the Stealths participated in the defense of several former Terran Hegemony worlds from Federated Suns attacks, including Thorin and New Earth.[6]

In 2790, the Commonwealth launched offensives against both the League and the Combine. The Stealths took part in successful attacks on Sirius, Graham IV and Oliver, inflicting heavy damage on enemy units and supplies. They would spend the next decade continuing to attack and raid Marik worlds, furthering their legend.[6]

In 2811, while resting and refitting on Poulsbo, the Stealths were attacked by a large Marik attack force. Unbeknownst to the Marik commanders, two veteran aerospace wings were also in-system, engaging in training exercises. The Stealths proceeded to delay the large Marik force on the ground in a series of brilliant engagements, despite being heavily outnumbered. In doing so, they allowed the Lyran aerospace force to not only attack the Marik DropShips, but also to seize the JumpShip that brought those troops in-system.[6] The Free Worlds League forces were eventually forced to surrender.[7] Indeed, the failure on Poulsbo forced Captain-General Thaddeus Marik to postpone a major invasion of the Commonwealth.[8] Tragically, the defeat on Poulsbo (which he falsely believed to have been a trap for his attacking forces) led Thaddeus Marik to write off the Bolan Thumb and adopt a scorched earth strategy there.[9]

In 2812, the Lyran High Command, realizing that their military as a whole needed the guidance of the Stealths in their training more than they were needed in the field, disbanded the elite unit.[10]


In 2815, the Stealths' former commander, Colonel Raymond Hempsted, commanded the Twelfth and Fourteenth Lyran Regulars in reclaiming the key world of Bella I for the Commonwealth (though House Steiner would later lose the world again).[10]

The High Command then had Hempsted and other former Stealths coordinate the training of the ill-fated Fifty-fourth Lyran Guards, a unit composed almost entirely of cadets straight out of the academy who had seen no combat. Though well trained, the High Command insisted on sending the Fifty-fourth to invade Otho in the Draconis Combine, where they would engage a veteran DCMS unit unsupported. Despite Hempsted's repeated protests, the High Command chose to press on with this plan, only agreeing to allow some former members of the Stealths as aides. The attack was a disaster, and the entire regiment was lost. Hempsted was shortly promoted to Hauptmann General in charge of both the entire Kuritan front an of the training of new cadets.[10]

The Return[edit]

In 2826, now-General Hempsted re-formed the Stealths as a single company to rescue the Lyran freighter Chahar Profit that had been stranded in the Combine system of Darius. Despite averaging the age of sixty-three, the unit pulled off the incredibly daring rescue operation.[11]

In 2828, House Kurita attempted to gain its revenge over the incident by striking at Chandler, where the Chahar Profit had delivered its grain supplies. Two regiments landed on the planet only to find the Stealths, now back to regimental strength, leading a very determined militia. Badly mauled, the DCMS troops soon retreated.[11]

2830 brought the start of the Second Succession War and a renewed Kurita offensive. Facing massive numbers of enemy troops on Chandler, the Stealths were forced to retreat.[12]

The Black Pearl[edit]

In 2863, the final chapter would be written in the saga of the Stealths. When House Kurita took the world of Sakhalin in 2860, it threatened to split the Kurita-Steiner front into two theaters, restricting troop movement and cutting off a number of Lyran worlds. The LCAF sent a taskforce including the Stealths and the elite 3rd Donegal Guards to retake the world. Though their tactics were again effective, the Stealths were caught out of position at a critical moment, and two lighter battalions were severely mauled by a Kurita assault battalion. Losses to the regiment exceeded 50 percent.[13]

Lieutenant Colonel Angela Franks had been a holovid star before suddenly applying to Sanglamore Academy in 2853. After her graduation, she had joined the Stealths and quickly rose through the ranks on merit. By the time the battle of Sakhalin transpired, she was in command of the unit's heavy battalion, and next in line to assume regimental command. When she saw the regiment was in danger of being destroyed, she charged her unit forward with her BattleMaster, Franks successfully held the line long enough for the Stealths to withdraw. At one point, her 'Mech's cockpit appeared to have been destroyed when an entire battalion fired upon her. Franks' 'Mech nevertheless opened fire, killing the enemy commander in his cockpit before the panicked Kuritans completely destroyed her machine. The legend of her death continued to arouse debate for centuries afterward.[14]

Archon Elizabeth Steiner decided to permanently retire the famous unit. The unit's commander, Colonel Raymond Winfield, was granted a Duchy on the planet Treeline. That planet would be renamed "Winfield" in his honor.[13]


In 2874, the Duke of Tamar formed a "mercenary" unit to avoid the old laws against individual nobles purchasing heavier BattleMechs. He named this unit the Stealthy Tigers, hoping to recapture the tactics and spirit of both the Stealths and the Tamar Tigers. With three battalions of light 'mechs and a fourth of heavy 'Mechs, this approach proved successful.[15]

During the reign of Archon Alessandro Steiner, Winfield's Guards (later called Winfield's Brigade) was formed, named in honor of Colonel Winfield and patterned after the Stealths and the Eridani Light Horse, who taught the Lyran military the value of combined arms tactics. This command soon became the premier unit of the LCAF.[16]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of The Stealths / 23rd Republic Light Lancers
Colonel Raymond Hempsted 2788 - 2812[4][11]
Colonel Raymond Winfield 2863[13]


Although the Stealths' doctrine preached mobility, the regiment did include several heavy BattleMech companies. A favored tactic was to identify a weakness in the enemy line, push it open with their heavy 'Mechs, thus allowing the regiment's lighter 'Mechs to exploit it, punching through to the enemy's rear.[1]

Composition History[edit]

2786 - 2821[edit]

Stealths (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[17]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Syrma. In 2821, the command was reduced to 83 percent of its strength and was deployed on Poulsbo.[17]


Stealths (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[18]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Chandler with an operational readiness of 138 percent.[18] The unit was disbanded during the war.[18]


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