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Toffen nearby systems
Toffen nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 41.613 : 221.742[e]

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Political Affiliation[edit]

Toffen III[edit]

Toffen III
Capital Pied

Planetary Data[edit]

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According to an apocryphal source,[43] the planet Toffen is situated at the innermost end of the system's life zone, and has a rather warm climate accordingly. Lacking mineral resources it had initially been ignored for colonization, and was only terraformed when Terran Hegemony enterprises went looking for new projects close to Terra in the later Star League era. Even by 3054 it remains a largely agrarian world with little industry.

In accordance with the world's nature, its meager population is largely made up of isolationist loners living on scattered farms. In an attempt to strengthen the economy, Clan Ghost Bear imported workers and new machinery and tried to implement new farming methods. They also aimed to turn the planet into a large supply depot by virtue of its proximity to the Tukayyid truce line. This caused an uprising in 3053 that had to be quelled with force of arms.

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Planetary History[edit]

Star League Era[edit]

At some point in or around 2765 Toffen III was raided by the Sixth Lyran Guards, with the Sixth detonating a nuclear weapon in the planet's upper atmosphere. The Sixth's use of a nuclear weapon was subsequently investigated by the Star League to determine if it was a violation of the rules of warfare.[44]

Clan Invasion[edit]

During the Clan Invasion, Toffen was attacked by Clan Ghost Bear in March 3052. The 332nd Assault Cluster deployed the 469th Assault Trinary to destroy the defending 3rd and 8th Toffen Guards, garrison forces amounting to two 'Mech companies and an infantry regiment. Gambling on the idea that the Clans would not risk damaging the cities they had come to conquer, the green Toffen Guards made their stand at the Dell Reservoir, which stood above the planet's major metropolitan centers. However, when confronted by only a single Trinary, the defenders grew confident and advanced to engage them...with predictable consequences.

After easily routing the Toffen Guards, the 469th then chased them to the abandoned Longueil power plant three kilometers away, where the infantry took cover among the abundant, large metal cylinders and secretly planted explosives. Frustrated by the enemy's continued resistance, the Ghost Bears took to opening every old generator in their search for the enemy while Toffen soldiers slipped away a few at a time out of the main building. Suspicious of a trap, Star Captain Pinter Hall ordered the Trinary out of the plant just before it exploded. While the angry Ghost Bear warriors hunted down the remaining defenders, many escaped and went to ground. Since then, occasional flare-ups of violence from the survivors have caused trouble for the Clan garrison forces.[45]

Military Deployment[edit]





  • Eighth Bear Cuirassiers[50]



Toffen is a world with a variety of climates across its three continents. Terrain consists of mostly forests and grassy plains punctuated by a few mountain ranges containing deposits of nickel and iron. Toffen features Earth-like bright blue skies.

Graham is the largest continent. A large oblong shape on the globe shimmered green. The southern expanses of Graham is on the equator and is covered with hot jungles and deserts. The northern parts of the continent gives way to vast, rolling plains from the center of the continent to the western shores. The plains flood in the spring and are burned off by the locals during the summer.

Jacobitz is the second largest continent. Jacobitz is mountainous and has a rough weather pattern, no matter what the time of year.

The smallest is a barren wasteland covered with rocks and sand.

Jacobitz is the center of industrial activity. Almost all the large cities are there, including the planetary capital Pied. It is also the site of extensive mining operations.

The population of the world is mostly spread across small villages and cities supporting a self-sufficient agricultural society.[52]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 56 systems (54 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Mannedorf 9.1 Kiesen 10.8 Rubigen 11.8 Najha 12.2
Eguilles 12.2 Chandler 15.5 Setubal 16.0 Pilkhua 17.5
Krenice 17.5 Meilen 18.5 Numki 22.0 Utrecht 23.3
Ardoz 24.5 Maule 25.5 Altenmarkt 28.0 Darius 29.1
Caldrea 29.5 Halesowen 30.4 Odabasi 30.5 Fefferfer 30.7
Nox 33.7 Kiamba 34.6 Sternwerde 34.9 Skandia 35.2
Dumaring 38.0 Sulafat 38.1 Shirotori 39.8 Arkab 41.4
Ramsau 41.9 Oyevaina 42.5 Ogano 42.7 Dehgolan 42.7
Dove 43.9 Diosd 44.8 Shardayne 44.9 Babuyan 46.3
Tukayyid 47.4 Marawi 47.9 Kanowit 49.7 Tanh Linh 49.7
Baldur 50.9 Trolloc Prime 51.3 Lothan 51.5 Lamar 52.4
Satalice 52.9 Glenlivet 54.4 Ueda 57.3 Grumium 58.2
Paracale 58.5 Otho 58.5 Sendai 59.0 Alshain 59.5
Tinaca 59.5 Carse 59.9 Galuzzo 64.2 Baruun Urt 65.9


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