Inner Sphere Designation for Clan BattleMechs

When the Inner Sphere first encountered Clan OmniMechs (and later second-line BattleMechs) they were not privy to the designations each machine was known by among the Clans. They assigned reporting names, often based on the appearance or perceived capabilities, in order to define the units encountered. The practice of assigning reporting names was occasionally continued beyond the initial Clan Invasion. Even a century later, after the Inner Sphere had long since learned the proper name for these units, the initial designations remain in common use. Certain Inner Sphere designations were even adopted by the Clans; for example, Clan Diamond Shark would use the Mad Cat designation for their Inner Sphere-marketed Mad Cat Mk II and Mad Cat III 'Mechs, while Clan Ghost Bear would develop the Ryoken II. In some cases, as with the Cauldron-Born, Grendel or Roadrunner, the Clan designation would be abandoned entirely in favor of the Inner Sphere code name.

Designation Reporting name
Emerald Harrier Roadrunner
Howler Baboon
Ion Sparrow Butcherbird
Fire Moth Dasher
Mist Lynx Koshi
Arctic Cheetah Hankyu
Kit Fox Uller
Incubus Vixen
Horned Owl Peregrine
Adder Puma
Viper Dragonfly
Ice Ferret Fenris
Mongrel Grendel
Nova Black Hawk
Conjurer Hellhound
Huntsman Nobori-nin
Vapor Eagle Goshawk
Stormcrow Ryoken
Skinwalker Ryoken III
Glass Spider Galahad
Mad Dog Vulture
Mad Dog Mk III Vulture Mk III
Hagetaka Mk III[citation needed]
Mad Dog Mk IV Vulture Mk IV
Hagetaka Mk IV[citation needed]
Ebon Jaguar Cauldron-Born
Hellbringer Loki
Hel Loki Mk II
Summoner Thor
Grand Summoner Thor II
Timber Wolf Mad Cat
Savage Wolf Mad Cat Mk IV
Black Python Viper
Gargoyle Man O' War
Warhawk Masakari
Executioner Gladiator
Stone Rhino Behemoth
Dire Wolf Daishi
Bane Kraken


  • The original idea to give Inner Sphere reporting names to the new, unknown 'Mechs (whose Clan designation would obviously not be known to the Inner Sphere) was formulated by Sam Lewis. His Army background taught him the NATO reporting names for Warsaw Pact equipment.[1]