Jenna Scott

Jenna Scott
Character Profile
Died 2875[1]
Affiliation Clan Goliath Scorpion
Rank saKhan

Jenna Scott was the first saKhan of Clan Goliath Scorpion, and as such is credited as cofounder of her Clan.[2]


Early Career[edit]

Very few details exist with regard to Jenna Scott's pre-Clan identity, even by the standards of most other Clan personnel records from that time. She was a young intelligence officer who had a knack for predicting her opponents' next moves.[3] She was attached to the infantry prior to and during Nicholas Kerensky's Second Exodus to Strana Mechty in 2801.[2][3]

Goliath Scorpion Rising[edit]

In 2807 ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky formed the Clans. Naming Cyrus Elam as Khan of the Goliath Scorpions, he would pair the aging Khan Elam with Jenna Scott. The pairing worked well; saKhan Scott would tend to handle martial matters, while Khan Elam would take care of the Clan's overall strategic planning and leadership.[2]

Operation Klondike[edit]

Dagda: Riva and the Firebase[edit]

When the Clans returned to the Pentagon Worlds in 2821, Jenna Scott would be in the true vanguard of the Clans' assault on Dagda. Dropped onto an area of the continent of Riva called Satan's Table via Torrent heavy bomber along with a Binary of troops, she would move against the McMillan Collective's Firebase Delta—and more specifically, the communications network. After securing this vital facility, the Goliath Scorpions would secure the Firebase within a day of their landings, opening the way for Clans Widowmaker and Burrock to land and begin their assaults. Within a week, the McMillan Collective had been dismantled, with rebel commander and former SLDF officer James McMillan dead at the hands of saKhan Scott.[4]

Dagda: Riva and The Chosen[edit]

During the assault on The Chosen's stronghold, Jenna Scott would lead a surprise flanking attack from over the high, airless mountainside, shattering the defenders and preparing the way for the fall of the fortress-mining complex.[5]

Dagda: Tenno and Fire in the Sky[edit]

Ever alert to ramifications unseen by others, she would advise against Khan Elam's impulse to call in troops to help assault the continent of Tenno and the Drakkar, citing that it would make the Goliath Scorpions appear weak. Her advice would help lead to a daring yet altogether better resolution by Khan Elam whereby the Drakkar would surrender to the Scorpions with no aid from one of the other three Clans on Dagda. [6]

Dagda: Fallout[edit]

When ilKhan Kerensky ordered Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon to finish the Dagda campaign, Falcon Star Captain Carl Icaza would disparage saKhan Scott's abilities, likening her to a Falcon cadet. The fact that she and Icaza had been lovers who parted less than amicably while on Strana Mechty would prompt the ilKhan to further site "personal animosity" as a reason why the Scorpions were effectively benched for the remainder of Operation Klondike.[7]

Golden Century Ideals[edit]

In 2868, Clan Wolf unveiled their new Elemental Battlesuit. Realizing that they were based on the Goliath Scorpions' underwater mining exoskeletons - as well as how they would revolutionize warfare in the Clans - Jenna Scott would work hard to procure this advance for her Clan. Using all of the political capital she could muster, she convinced the Khans of the Wolf Clan to exchange twenty suits of Battle Armor for rights to use of the coveted Baba, Collesano, and Schaffer genetic heritages for a term of three breeding cycles, on the condition that they would not be used to contest the Goliath Scorpions' claims to the respective Bloodnames.[8][9]

Jenna Scott's lengthy term as saKhan would see great idealistic change come to her Clan. After the death of Ethan Moreau, Lan Kirov was appointed to the position of Loremaster of Goliath Scorpion in 2851. Twenty years later, he would formally institute the Seekers, a group of warriors who would travel alone or with an entourage like modern knights errant, seeking out lost or forgotten artifacts of the Star League, basically picking up where Ethan Moreau had left off.[1]

This new movement grew quickly, and in 2875 began agitating to travel to the Inner Sphere to accomplish their task. SaKhan Scott, by now an elderly stateswoman of her Clan, realized that this would weaken the Goliath Scorpions to the point that Absorption would become inevitable. In order to preserve the Scorpions, she challenged Loremaster Kirov to a knife duel for control of the Seeker movement. In a fight that would become legendary in her Clan, saKhan Scott defeated Loremaster Kirov, in spite of being nearly 30 years older than he. When the fight was over, she made all the Seekers swear an oath to follow first the ideals of Kerensky before their own, on pain of being eliminated by their fellow Clansmen. With the success of this final task, saKhan Jenna Scott fell dead from her wounds, having concealed them long enough to achieve victory in this crucial matter. This incident would become memorialized in a Clan Goliath Scorpion ritualized trial known as The Dance of the Scars.[1]


After Carl Icaza's insulting comments regarding saKhan Scott's abilities, the Scorpions would always seem to lean toward the Grand Council leadership of Clan Wolf as opposed to that of the traditionalist Falcons. While likely not the driving reason for their political leanings or philosophy, the incident would guide the Goliath Scorpions toward the road to their eventual involvement in the Warden cause.

Founder of the Scott Bloodname House, saKhan Jenna Scott's influence would lead the Scorpions to specialize in the art of information gathering.[10] Though she was considered to be in the infantry, her Bloodline is in general use throughout the Clan Goliath Scorpion touman, producing warriors who excel in all branches of the Warrior caste.


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