Roman Steiner

Roman Steiner
Born 2997[citation needed]
Affiliation House Borge-Steiner
Parents Pete Steiner (father)[citation needed]
Children Sarah Steiner

Roman Steiner (Born 2997[1]) - Early 31st Century nobleman, MechWarrior, and military commander for Lyran Commonwealth.


Roman was a descendant of Simon Borge-Steiner, former Archon-Designate for the throne during the early twenty-ninth century. He is the son of Peter Steiner, who was killed on Port Moseby in 3024 during the Third Succession War. [2]

Roman grew up to become a commanding general in Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, and gained the command of the Third Royal Guards. He was also a strong political ally of Archon Katrina Steiner.

During his tenure with the Third Royals, he was charged in the invasion of Draconis Combine Prefecture capital of Buckminster in August 3028. For the operation, Roman assembled an over-sized Regimental Combat Team, based on House Davion's RCT method of combat. He assembled 39 conventional vehicle & infantry regiments as part of the Fourth Succession War opening military operations, code name Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG.

On Buckminster, he faced planetary commander General Goshi Tengwan, commander of the 2nd Sword of Light BattleMech regiment. Roman and his forces threw off General Tengwan on what his forces' strategy was. Using innovation, he landed his forces far south of the prefecture capital city of Buckminster City. He landed on an island to the continent's far south. Then he employed little used water navy assets to conduct amphibious landings.

In the course of the campaign for Buckminster, Roman employed his forces smartly, using unexpected methods of throwing off the General Tengwan's forces. He employed the use of a special DropShip squadron known as Elvidner which employed their Fortress's Long Tom Artillery cannons to wreck havoc with Combine forces. He also used special 'Mech Lightning Companies to fend off Combine reinforcements until Lyran reinforcement could arrive in December. However, even with additional forces, the fighting stalled as General Tengwan pull his forces into the Buckminster City.[3] Roman's 1st Provisional Lyran Water Navy finally arrived after raiding the continent's coast line to complete a siege of the city which lasted until June of 3029. Hoping to starve enemy out of supplies, he was determined that June was plenty of time to finish off the 2nd Sword. However, Roman had his 3rd Royals penetrate the city and were ambushed by waiting infantry. Northern Combine forces contained since the beginning of siege finally broke out in a daring attack. Roman's reinforcement in the form of the 20th Arcturan Guards, had their rear operating areas smashed by the swift moving 6th Arkab Legion. Roman pulled some of the 3rd Royals from their assault into the city to aide 20th Arcturan's plight. However, this allowed the 2nd Sword's 'Mech forces to attack the weakened Lyran forces in the city. This triggered a rout of Lyran forces from city to higher ground nearby. Roman, now seeing the prospect of not being able take city nor the planet, ordered a withdraw of all Lyran forces with days of the attack on the city.[4]

After the war, he was promoted to Marshal and the commanding office of military forces of the FedCom's Sarna March by 3039. He went on to become an aide to Jackson Davion at the Federated Suns Military Command in later 3040s and early 3050s.[5]

Roman became hostile toward his Steiner-Davion cousins during the FedCom Civil War. His granddaughter, Tabitha, who was serving with the 1st Davion Guards, died fighting Katherine Steiner-Davion's loyalist on New Avalon in 3063. He blames the murder of Tabitha squarely on the entire branch of the family. Later he represents the "royal opposition" to Archon Peter Steiner-Davion, when the Battle of Tharkad City nearly killed his two great-grand children. [6]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Roman had one child, from an unnamed marriage, having a daughter, Sarah Steiner.[7] His daughter expands their family with him becoming the grandfather of Amanda and Tabitha, great-grandfather of Claire and Klaus.[8]

Titles and Positions[edit]

  • Third Royal Guards - Commanding Officer[9]
  • Commanding Office Sarna March military forces circus 3039.[10]
  • Field Marshal & Aide to Commanding Officer Jackson Davion of the Federated Suns State Command as of 3050[11]


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