7th Donegal Guards

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Seventh Donegal Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Royal Munster Fusiliers (2765)[1]
Earthquakers (3067)
Parent Formation Donegal Guards


The Seventh Donegal Guards were stationed on Etiler in 2765.[1] The Seventh was active prior to the 2500s, but they were destroyed in combat with the Draconis Combine at that time. The Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces increased the size of their academies briefly, and this surge of trained soldiers allowed the Archon to rebuild the Seventh.[2]

The Seventh has usually been stationed on the FWL border. It's known for having raided Irian in January 2842, and also for devastating the 20th Marik Militia on Concord in December 3048.[3]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

The Seventh fought on Giausar and Monte Diablo in the FedCom Civil War.[4]

As of 1st August 3067, the Seventh was on Launam and at 55% strength.[5]


In 3076 the Seventh was stationed on Lyons as part of the Coalition defenders. Also on the world were the Sixth Pesht Regulars. The Seventh, enraged by the thought of the Pesht Regulars exposing the citizens of Lyons to the Draconis Combine's culture, attempted to eject the Sixth from Lyons. Though the Seventh Donegal appeared to have the upper hand the infighting couldn't be allowed by the Coalition.[6] The fighting was ended by General Belle Lee, who arrived on Lyons two weeks after the initial fighting started. The Seventh was returned to LAAF control.[7]

The LAAF promptly reassigned them to Coalition control, this time placing the Seventh into the Free Worlds League task force under Alys Rousset-Marik. Along with the Twelfth Atrean Dragoons, the Devil's Brigade, and the Eleventh Mechanized Cavalry Cluster, the Seventh invaded Hsien. They started off well, facing only the Hsien Protectorate Militia and Hsien's Hotheads, but the arrival of the Fourth McCarron's Armored Cavalry and Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers turned the fight into a three-way brawl. The Coalition commander was able to convince the CCAF forces to focus on the Word of Blake troops, but coordinated actions were impossible. The fighting reduced the Seventh to about half of its original strength.[8]

During the invasion of Terra, the Seventh landed with Alys Marik's task force to take the Sandhurst Royal Military College. Later the Seventh landed on Mars alongside Stone's Liberators, the 11th Mechanized Cavalry Cluster, and the Alpha Galaxies of Clan Nova Cat and Clan Wolf-in-Exile.[9] The Seventh was present when the Blakist commander surrendered to General Andrew Redburn.[10]

Between 3080 and 3085 the Seventh Donegal Guards were reformed as a Light Combat Team and used by the LCAF High Command to garrison various planets and train new soldiers and units. Though relatively easy duty, many of the Seventh's soldiers have applied for transfer to other units more likely to see combat.[11] In 3085 they were stationed on Donegal.[12]

The Seventh Donegal Guards participated in the defense of Tharkad when Clan Wolf attacked it.[13]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 7th Donegal Guards

Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General

Maria Estaban 3025[14]

Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General

Daniel Voss-Steiner 3019 to 3067[15][16][3][5]

Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General

Stephan Garcon 3085[12]


The unit uses all forces to soften the enemy up, slowly. First the fighters strikes from the sky, after that the artillery pound on them, and as the last push the swift medium mechs and tank companies deliver the final push.[3]

Composition History[edit]


7th Donegal Guards (Green/Fanatical)[1]


7th Donegal Guards (Regular/Reliable)[14]
CO: Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General Maria Estaban


7th Donegal Guards (Regular/Reliable)[17]


7th Donegal Guards (Regular/Reliable)[15][16]
CO: Hauptmann-GeneralHauptmann General Voss-Steiner


7th Donegal Guards (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[3][5]
CO: Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General Voss-Steiner
Aide: ColonelColonel Adrian McCready

7th Donegal Guards Aerospace Wing (1 Wing)[3][5]
CO: Leutnant-ColonelLeutnant Colonel Fraser Simberg
Aide: Leutnant-ColonelLeutnant Colonel Jennifer Mann

7th Donegal Guards Armor Brigade (3 Regiments/Regular/Reliable)[3][5]
CO: ColonelColonel Lloyd Sommers
Aide: Leutnant-ColonelLeutnant Colonel Adrienne Cameron
- 144th Donegal Tank Regiment: ColonelColonel Jay-Jay Carr
- 216th Donegal Light Tank: ColonelColonel Hannah Weisz
- 29th Donegal Artillery Regiment: ColonelColonell Cameron Shah

7th Donegal Guards Infantry Brigade (2 Regiments/Regular/Reliable)[3][5]
CO: ColonelColonel Erick Dunham
Aide: Leutnant-ColonelLeutnant Colonel Ohio Avari
- 523rd Donegal Light Infantry Regiment: ColonelColonel Jaroslav Regusa
- 524th Donegal Light Infantry Regiment: ColonelColonel Porl Warnser


7th Donegal Guards LCT (Veteran/Fanatical)[12]
CO: Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General Stephan Garcon

7th Donegal Aerospace (Veteran/Fanatical)[12]
CO: KaptainKaptain Des Shafir

7th Donegal Armor Brigade (Regular/Reliable)[12]
CO: ColonelColonel Rorie Andreasen

7th Donegal Infantry Brigade (Regular/Fanatical)[12]
CO: ColonelColonel Nereus Coghlan



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