9th Wolf Guard Striker (Clan Wolf)

Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname The Arctic Wolves[1]
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy
Formed 3050s


Refusal War[edit]

Like all of Beta Galaxy, the Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster was effectively reborn in the aftermath of the Refusal War. THe Ninth was established using the remnant Crusader-faction wolves from two broken Clusters from the pre-Refusal War Beta Galaxy, and the remains of the Red Keshik, a Delta Galaxy unit. Rebuilding the Ninth took time, but proved worthwhile, as it became the axis around which Beta Galaxy was rebuilt.[1]

The new Commanding Officer of the Ninth, Erik Kerensky, was already a known quantity within Clan Wolf; dubbed "the ilKhan's shadow" in the past because of the differences between himself and Ulric Kerensky, Erik rose quickly through the Clan Wolf ranks after Khan Vlad Ward re-founded the Clan from the short-lived Clan Jade Wolf. Erik Was known for his literal interpretations of the writings and guidance of both Nicholas Kerensky and his father, Aleksandr Kerensky, and having demonstrated that he had inherited the leadership abilities associated with the Kerensky bloodline but none of the Warden tendencies, Erik was noted in the late 3050s for being someone the Khan periodically consulted with over his beliefs.[1]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

In the closing months before the beginning of the Jihad, the Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster was deployed on the leading edge of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone, alongside the other elements of Beta Galaxy in anticipation of a rapid march towards Terra through the last remnants of the Free Rasalhague Republic.[2]


As of 3059, Star Colonel Erik Kerensky was commander of the Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster.[1] He remained the CO of the Ninth until at least 3067.[3]




Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster (Elite/Fanatical)[1]

  • CO: Star Colonel Erik Kerensky
  • 1 Command Trinary with OmniMechs/Fighter
  • 2 OmniMech Trinaries
  • 1 Supernova Elementals/OmniMech
  • 1 Binary Elementals/Fighter


Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster (Elite/Fanatical)[3]

  • CO: Star Colonel Erik Kerensky[3]
- At this point in time the Ninth was operating at full strength, fully equipped with Omni-technology and based on Ramsau.[3]




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