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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Fatima neighbouring systems
Fatima neighbouring systems
System information
X:Y Coordinates -31.29:175.73[e]

Planetary Garrison[edit]



  • Twenty-second Skye Rangers[2]


  • Twenty-second Skye Rangers[3]



Owner History[edit]

Planetary History[edit]


When the Tamar family founded the interstellar state known as the Tamar Pact in 2235, Fatima was one of the worlds that formed a part of the Pact and represented one border of the realm, which stretched as far as Suk II and Nox.[8][7]

Age of War[edit]

In 2414 the Notre Dame Cathedral on Fatima was the setting for the wedding of Archon Katherine Steiner and Duke Deven Reynolds of Fatima.[10] Despite Katherine Steiner's popularity, her decision to pass rule of the Commonwealth on to Alistair Steiner in 2445 caused riots on Fatima when Alistair declared his son, Michael Steiner, to be Archon-Designate, rather than his half-brother Michael Reynolds.[11][35] Duke Reynolds espoused no desire to rule more than Fatima, and Alistair trusted his half-brother completely, leading him to dismiss the riots as a minor incident probably caused by anarchists or agents from the Draconis Combine.[11]

In 2467 Alistair Steiner was assassinated and the initial evidence pointed to Michael Reynolds. Michael Steiner assumed the Archonship but held off on sentencing the Duke, convinced that the Duke was capable of being behind such an act; the lack of action caused civil unrest in a nation already reeling with shock over the assassination. Fortunately for Duke Reynolds, the LIC conducted a special investigation that identified the true perpetrator of the plot as Graf Alfonse DeSimon, a minor nobleman from Fatima. DeSimon had attempted to frame Duke Reynolds out of a desire for revenge; Duke Reynolds had previously responded to DeSimon's abuse of his workers by stripping the Graf of his titles and lands. DeSimon and his accomplices were executed, but their deaths couldn't prevent the Commonwealth from slipping into a period that became known later as the Dark Years because of the sense of uncertainty and loss arising from the assassination and its immediate aftermath.[36]

Third Succession War[edit]

In the last half of 3021 Fatima was raided by Sorenson's Sabres, a company of the 5th Sword of Light. The DCMS unit raided the city of Nuevo Lisbon.[37]

Nearby Planets[edit]

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years).
Closest planets first:
Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Al Hillah 8.58 1 LC DC LC FRR FRR FRR FRR
Morningside 8.99 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Orestes 9.40 1 LC DC LC FRR FRR FRR FRR
Blue Diamond 11.91 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Meacham 12.03 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Dalkeith 21.25 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Ganshoren 21.55 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Karbala 22.45 1 LC DC LC FRR FRR FRR FRR
Sakhalin (LC) 25.33 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Grumium 28.87 1 LC DC LC FRR FRR FRR FRR
Symington 29.09 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Camlann 33.65 2 DC DC LC DC DC DC DC
Fort Loudon 33.67 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Kelenfold 34.77 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Apostica 35.31 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Auldhouse 37.23 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Accrington 37.69 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Port Moseby 38.29 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Rasalgethi 38.30 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Eaglesham 41.51 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Phalan 43.27 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Dehgolan 43.86 2 LC DC DC FRR FRR FRR FRR
Jabuka 44.17 2 LC DC LC FRR CSV CSV CJF
Tukayyid 44.29 2 LC DC DC FRR FRR FRR FRR
Aubisson 46.52 2 LC DC LC DC DC DC DC
Arcturus 47.22 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Shionoha 49.06 2 DC DC LC DC DC DC DC
Leganes 49.48 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Lothan 50.28 2 LC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Tomans 50.96 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Shirotori 51.77 2 LC DC LC DC DC DC DC
Buckminster 53.62 2 LC DC DC DC DC DC DC
Corridan IV 55.18 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Ramsau 56.93 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Quarell 57.39 2 LC DC LC FRR CJF CJF CJF
Yed Posterior 58.58 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Carstairs 59.02 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA


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