Kathleen Dumont

Kathleen Dumont (b. n/a – d. 3038) was an officer in the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary command who led Delta Regiment during the Fourth Succession War.

Personal History[edit]

Delta Regiment

Like most early members of Wolf's Dragoons, little is known of Kathleen Dumont's early life. It may be assumed that she was born in the Clan Homeworlds. She became an officer in Delta Regiment, and sometime prior to 3020 she had earned a battalion command. In late 3020, the popular Colonel Sarah Weisz retired as Delta's commander, and Colonel Jaime Wolf chose Dumont to take her place. Despite the confidence of both Wolf and the departing Weisz, the choice of Dumont was not received enthusiastically by all of Delta's warriors, who favored another battalion commander to take the reins. [1]

Tough Times[edit]

The concerns of many of Dumont's doubters seemed confirmed in Delta's first major action under her command. House Kurita had been moving units to the key border-world of Dromini VI, preparing for a renewed assault on the Lyran Commonwealth, the Dragoons' current employers. Archon Katrina Steiner decided a preemptive strike was called for. In September 3021 Alpha, Delta and Epsilon Regiments assaulted the Kurita garrison on Dromini VI, which they expected to the 3rd and 22nd Dieron Regulars. In addition, three regiments of the Lyran Donegal Guards were held in reserve to ambush expected Kurita reinforcements. Unknown to the mercenaries and their Lyran allies, the elite 2nd Sword of Light was also on-planet. Although Delta was intended to hold back during the initial assault, Dumont took the initiative of attacking the city of Draschau. Expecting little resistance, Dumont failed to adequately scout the city, and soon faced an ambush by the Second Sword. Rather than pullback to reassess the situation, Dumont elected to launch a frontal assault, taking heavy losses. Although technically successful in dislodging the Second Sworders, it was a Pyrrhic victory at best, and earned her not only unpopularity with her soldiers but a reprimand from Colonel Wolf. Dumont vowed to recover from this setback. [2]

In Service to Kurita[edit]

In early 3023, the Dragoons left House Steiner's service, signing on with the Draconis Combine. As they traveled across the Combine, Colonel Wolf took Alpha, Gamma and Delta Regiments to strike at House Davion on the industrial world of Quentin IV in June. [3] Colonel Wolf himself commanded the Dragoon task force, implementing a bold strategy. The Dragoons would feint an attack on Port Gailfry, draw the AFFS troops out, then turn and attack their true target, the under-defended Independence Weaponry factory at Fasolht. [4] While most of Gamma Regiment was held in reserve, elements of Delta Regiment quickly setup around Port Gailfry. [5] After Dumont, Wolf and the other senior officers met their DCMS liaison officer, Minobu Tetsuhara, for the first time, [6] Dumont left to supervise Delta's continued harassment of Port Gailfry, leaving Wolf, Major Kelly Yukinov and Colonel Andrei Shostokovitch in charge of Alpha and the main force moving in the targeted factories. [7] The defending Snake Stompers mercenary company attempted to push back into the Dragoons, temporarily stalling Alpha Regiment's offensive and injuring Colonel Wolf. [4] [8] Although Dumont's feint attack on the Port was successful overall, the mercenary White Witches managed to fight through Delta's screen and moved to reinforce the rest of the Davion troops. At one point, the Dragoons intended to call in Gamma Regiment to perform a combat drop on the Davion mercenaries before the Sword of Light officers, nominally on-planet to escort Coordinator Takashi Kurita, volunteered to perform a frontal assault. [9] Nevertheless, the rest of the operation went well, and it would go down as a stunning opening success for the Dragoons. Quentin became the turning point that Dumont and Delta Regiment desperately needed, restoring confidence in the Colonel's command. In the years that followed, they would continue to build on that success, once again becoming an elite, highly motivated formation. [10]

As of 3025, Dumont and Delta Regiment were based on Capra. [11]

In August 3027, when Warlord Grieg Samsonov demanded the Dragoons be placed under his direct control, among his other demands were that Dumont be removed from command, as he objected to women holding such positions of power. [12] [13]

The Battle of Misery[edit]

In January 3028, relations between the Combine and the Dragoons exploded on An Ting into open violence. Although the bulk of Delta Regiment was not present, the course of the Dragoons was now clear. [14] In April 3028, Delta Regiment joined the rest of the Dragoon units on Misery. The Battle of Misery was one of the largest, most bloody 'Mech battles in history, as all five Dragoon regiments, along with Zeta Battalion and the Black Widow Company, faced off against the Ryuken, now built up to four regiments, along with the 17th Galedon Regulars, the 21st Galedon Regulars, and the elite 8th Sword of Light. The Kuritan force would be led by newly-promoted Tai-sho Minobu Tetsuhara, acting under the orders of Warlord Samsonov. [15] Though the Dragoons would eventually prove triumphant, the cost in men and machines was astronomical. [16] Delta Regiment was reorganized into four provisional companies after Misery, with most of their conventional elements transferred to protect their Dragoon dependents. [17]

The Fourth Succession War[edit]


Emblem of Wolf's Dragoons

When the Fourth Succession War broke out, Dumont and Delta Regiment defended the Federated Suns world of Wapakoneta alongside Beta Regiment. Attacking the planet were Kurita's 3rd Proserpina Hussars and 12th Galedon Regulars, landing on-planet September 17, 3028. Dumont and Beta commander Andrei Shostokovitch emerged with a strategy that would take advantage of Wapakoneta's small land mass, using a guerilla warfare defense with hidden supply depots. The Dragoons had thoroughly familiarized themselves as much as possible with the terrain, and were well prepared to defend the continent of New Wisconsin. Early in the campaign, Beta's Third Provisional Company managed to destroy two-thirds of the Kuritan Aerospace Fighters on the ground, but were themselves annihilated by the overwhelming force of the two DCMS regiments. Sometime later, Delta Regiment's Second Provisional Company, led by Captain Ralph Kincaid, attempted to draw two enemy lances into a kill-zone in a clash that became known as the Battle of the Black Statues. Caught in a forest fire that burned out of control, Dumont ordered Kincaid to pull out. Kincaid, who had lost his wife and son on Misery, ordered the rest of his company while refusing to withdraw himself. Two of his warriors remained with him, though they were hopelessly outnumbered and faced the dangers of the fire. Kincaid died in his cockpit fighting to the bitter end, destroying most of the remaining Combine 'Mechs. In the months that followed, the Dragoons split into company and lance-sized units, refusing to give the Kuritans a pitched battle that would allow them to take advantage of their superior numbers. This approach was effective in the forests and mountains, but less so in the flat plains. The Dragoons' efforts were helped that the Combine commander, Sho-sho Tarsus Bodoli, kept his forces on the main roads in tightly packed convoys, easy prey for small groups of Dragoons. The Proserpina Hussars and their commanding officer, Sho-sho Bruce Lee Bernstein, grew frustrated at this ineffective approach, eventually splitting off his regiment and breaking it into company-sized units. This proved effective when a light company of Hussars trapped Beta Regiment's Fourth Provisional Company near Stiverson City when the latter had been attempting to ambush a company of the Galedon Regulars. Only five Dragoons escaped, and it seemed to become a turning point in the campaign, as the Dragoons were forced to retreat more and more in the wake of these new tactics. Both Dragoon COlonels recognized that a change in approach was called for or they would be destroyed one company at a time. They successfully used Beta's Fifth Provisional Company to lure a battalion of the Hussars into a massive ambush, where almost the entirety of the remaining Dragoons attacked. Known as the Fight of Ploven's Fields, Dumont activated a minefield beneath the Hussars, and a dozen Kuritan 'Mechs were destroyed before they managed to withdraw. The Hussars regrouped with the Galedon Regulars, looking to rest and repair. The Dragoons, meanwhile, had decided to make a stand at the city of Hannibal. While pushing towards that city, however, they were blocked by elements of the Twelfth Galedon, who had taken the key town of Bakir, through which the only bridge to cross the Bakir River went through. The Regulars were well-entrenched, with artillery and AeroSpace fighter support. With the battle not going well, Dumont was approached in her 'Mech by an elderly woman, Mavis Greenthorn, who had been an AFFS veteran and who had braved the battlefield to give the Dragoon Colonel information about the terrain to help the mercenaries prevail. Showing Dumont a hidden location where the river was shallow enough for 'Mechs to safely cross, the Colonel led the remaining Dragoons across the river, then doubled-back to Bakir, where they surprised the Kuritans from behind. The Regulars quickly withdrew, and the Dragoons would blow the bridge, buying themselves a month worth of time while the Kuritans found a way around the river. Reaching Hannibal was not without cost, however, as Beta's Fifth Provisional Company was intercepted by a superior force. Facing two-to-one odds, Rondema's Roughnecks were destroyed, further reducing the Dragoons' numbers. Evacuating the civilian population of the city, the Dragoons had until late April to prepare. After the Kuritans established a secure position outside the city, they began a campaign of bombardment with their remaining AeroSpace fighters. The Dragoon 'Mechs took cover in the city's vast underground mining facilities, avoiding serious damage while the city above was reduced to rubble. When the Kuritan 'Mechs finally attacked on May 9, the Dragoons used the rubble as natural defensive positions, and the mercenaries and Wapakoneta militia ambushed their enemies repeatedly. Beta's First Provisional Company was able to pick off two recon lances of Kuritans when they were cutoff. The rest of the Dragoons then attacked, destroying several Kuritan 'Mechs and forcing them to pull back. When the DCMS attacked again two weeks later, they did so in lance-sized units. Splitting their remaining forces into three groups, Dumont took her command lance and Delta's Third and Fourth Provisional Companies, attaching the 'Mechs to the underground trains and effectively creating a rapid response force that could strike at the attackers from below. Dumont's 'Mech and several other heavy machines made this difficult, however, as the tunnels had never been designed for their size. Although the Dragoons took losses, they were once again able to push their enemies back. After that, weather made any further attacks impractical for more than a month, as supplies for both sides ran low. Using the winter storms as cover, the Dragoons withdrew through the underground tunnels and reached their DropShips, which they used to escape the planet. Of the nine companies of 'Mechs the Dragoons had started with, only four had survived. [18] [19] [20]


On Crossing, the Dragoons regrouped. Where once they had five regiments, now they were reduced to one. On September 2, 3029. Kurita DropShips neared Crossing's orbit. The Twelfth Galedon Regulars had followed the Dragoons from Wapakoneta, and 5th, 8th and 16th Galedon Regulars, units that had fought the other Dragoon regiments on Harrow's Sun and Glenmora. Though all four Galedon Regular regiments had taken heavy losses, they had been reinforced by green recruits fresh out of the academy, bringing them up to strength on paper if not in unit quality. The Kuritans had a four-to-one advantage in numbers and had learned a great deal from their previous battles. They were cautious in their approach, weary of ambushes or traps. They were also accompanied by an elite 'Mech company (designated "Sword of the Void") of the DEST that remained in orbit as a reserve force. With such a numerical advantage, the Combine forces chose not to bring their conventional troops into the battle, deigning such units worthless distractions, fit only to guard their DropShips. Colonel Wolf contacted the invading ships and told them where they would meet them. It was essentially a challenge, but it also served to protect the civilian population of Crossing, which was only lightly defended by the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry soldiers who had pulled off Glenmora with Alpha Regiment. The campaign was long and hard, with the Dragoons making the Galedon Regulars pay for every inch they took in blood. At one point, the DEST team conducted a daring drop in the middle of the Dragoons defense, causing havoc behind the lines. During the fighting, Dumont's 'Mech was destroyed, taking her out of the fighting. Just as it seemed the Dragoons might collapse, elements of the Tenth Deneb would surprise the Galedon Regulars from behind, buying the Dragoons time to recover. It was at this point that Zeta Battalion, having recovered their strength on Robinson, entered the battle, having arrived undetected in rented Mule-class DropShips. As the desperately needed reinforcements fell on the Galedon Regulars, Colonel Wolf and his warriors finally crushed the DEST company, freeing them to turn on the Kuritan forces. Most of the Fifth Galedon was destroyed climbing the mountain wall in an attempt to retreat, and the Sixteenth's survivors were forced to surrender to Natasha Kerensky. The Eighth and Twelfth were routed by the emboldened Dragoons, harassed by Inferno-rocket wielding infantry using the cover of the mountains. They would flee to their transports. Of the four BattleMech regiments that had attacked Crossing, only 112 Kuritan 'Mechs survived. Wolf's Dragoons had been brought to the edge of destruction, but their reputation was greater than ever. An entire Successor State had devoted all its resources to crushing them, yet they still lived. In the aftermath of the Fourth Succession War, Delta Regiment, like virtually every other Dragoon line unit, was effectively inactive, with losses far too high to field a viable command. [21] [22] [23]

Later Career and Death[edit]

Insignia of the 22nd Dieron Regulars

Like most of the Dragoon units, it took many years to rebuild Delta Regiment. Ultimately, Delta would become the second regiment to return to service, coming back online in 3037. In late 3038, Delta received its first major contract, conducting a raid the Combine world of Murchison. There they met the 22nd Dieron Regulars, a veteran unit that had taken to Theodore Kurita's military reforms and were not intimidated by the reputation of the Dragoons. By using combined-arms tactics, the Regulars routed the Dragoons. Brevet-Colonel Bill Paxon took control of the situation, leading the withdrawal. [24] [25] It is presumed that Dumont may have been killed during the fighting on Murchison.

Personality & Traits[edit]

Dumont emerged as an intelligent, innovative commander who adapted her strategy to the situation. Her cool professionalism masked great compassion for her troops, and she was regarded as a very successful regiment commander. Her early failure on Dromini, however, did seem to haunt her, and she was forever reluctant to speak on the subject. [26] Minobu Tetsuhara physically described her as a "tall, angular woman whose dark blonde hair was pulled back tightly at the nape. She paced while speaking to an aide, and the spring in her step suggested that it was chained energy rather than anxiety that drove her. Her movements were fluid." [6] Like most Dragoon officers, Dumont was an elite MechWarrior. [21]


From before the fighting on Misery through the Fourth Succession War, Colonel Dumont piloted a Battlemaster. The 'Mech was destroyed during the final battle of Crossing. [21]



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