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Planets within 2 jumps

(References to Rodigo)

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

X: -17.32 Y: 393.38[e]

Owner History[edit]

Planetary Garrison[edit]


Planetary History[edit]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Rodigo was conquered by Clan Wolf during Operation Revival in May 3050. Initially only Trinary Command of the 11th Battle Cluster, under the command of Star Colonel Abioseh Winson, invaded Rodigo and landed inside New Starburg. However they quickly found themselves pinned down by the enemy, which consisted not only of the 1st New Starburg Mechanized Cavalry Regiment but also the surviving elements of the Black Outlaws and Skinner's Scimitars, a pair of mercenary companies who had previously fought Clan Wolf at The Edge and Alleghe respectively. Under fire from the swift vehicles of the cavalry regiment and a number of 'Mechs equivalent to two reinforced companies, Star Colonel Abioseh Winson reluctantly and embarrassingly was forced to break his bid and request the assistance of Star Colonel Dwillit Radick of 16th Battle Cluster. With the help of the 16th's Third Alpha Nova Clan Wolf succeeded in defeating the defenders.[28]


The planet was conquered again during the Jihad; Clan Hell's Horses launched a invasion of the Clan Wolf holdings in the Inner Sphere in early 3071, acquiring holdings for their own relocation to Spheroid space. Rodigo was seized by the Hell's Horses between the 7th and 14th of April 3071.[18]

Nearby Planets[edit]

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years). Closest planets first:

Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
St. John 8.51 1 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Lovinac 12.40 1 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Bruben 12.74 1 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Liezen 13.79 1 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Alleghe 14.85 1 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
The Edge 21.47 1 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Kirchbach 24.38 1 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Feltre 31.69 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Unzmarkt 33.59 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
New Oslo 33.66 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Verthandi 37.91 2 LC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
New Bergen 38.27 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Mozirje 38.27 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Svelvik 39.42 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Hermagor 41.70 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
New Caledonia 43.99 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Hohenems 45.39 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Planting 46.81 2 LC LC LC FC CW CW CW
Outpost 46.84 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Harvest 48.67 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Dawn 50.37 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Balsta 50.61 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Ridderkerk 51.58 2 LC LC LC FC CW CW CW
Csesztreg 52.46 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Kufstein 52.79 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Basiliano 56.04 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Rasalhague 57.23 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Ferleiten 58.68 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Chateau 58.98 2 LC LC LC FC CW CW CW


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