21st Combined Assault (Clan Diamond Shark)

Clan Diamond Shark.jpg
Twenty-first Combined Assault Cluster
Nickname Nagasawa's Sharks
Affiliation Clan Diamond Shark
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy


Formerly known as Nagasawa's Foxes, the Twenty-first Combined Assault Cluster could trace its roots back to the founding of the Clan, where it served under the command of Karen Nagasawa. Since their foundation, the Twenty-first maintained excellent relations with the Merchant caste, which meant they were in turn well-equipped.[1]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

During the trials held in preparation for Operation REVIVAL the Twenty-first lost to Clan Star Adder but won against Clan Hell's Horses and Clan Goliath Scorpion. They lost to Clan Steel Viper but were able to join the invasion via a Trial of Refusal.[2] Following the defeat suffered by the Clans at the Battle of Tukayyid the Twenty-first absorbed the survivors of the Nineteenth Heavy Cluster.[3]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]

By 3071 the Twenty-first had moved to Babylon in the Clan Homeworlds for rest and refit, along with the other elements of Alpha Galaxy. In January 3072 the Clan Coyote Delta and Epsilon Galaxies launched a devastating assault from the Coyote enclave on Babylon against the holdings of Clan Ice Hellion, Clan Diamond Shark and Clan Cloud Cobra. Of all the forces on Babylon, Alpha Galaxy put up the stiffest resistance, but eventually the Sharks were forced to withdraw, having lost many warriors - and the entire Thirty-ninth Strike Cluster.[4]

Inner Sphere intelligence services noted the absence of the The Twenty-first and the other elements of Alpha Galaxy from Spheroid space for almost fifteen years, as well as noting their return and assignment to the Twycross system in the closing years of the Jihad[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 21st Combined Assault Cluster
Star Colonel Angus Labov 3048[1]
Star Colonel Kevin Nagasawa 3061 - 3067[3][6]
Star Colonel Amiri Sutherland 3085[7]


The unit is skilled to discover weak spots in the battle line of their opponents. When the time is right the warriors increase their pressure against this spot to break the enemy formation. The unit can provide their ground element with sufficient support through 3 fighter Trinaries when needed.[3]

Composition History[edit]


Twenty-first Assault Cluster Unknown (Elite)[1]


Twenty-first Combined Assault Cluster (5 Trinaries/Elite/Fanatical)[3][6]

  • CO: Star Colonel Kevin Nagasawa

- The Aerospace Command Trinary (includes a Point of Elementals in the Command Star)

- 2 Aerospace Trinaries

- 1 Heavy/Assault OmniMech Trinary

- 1 Supernova Trinary (with Elemental Support)


Twenty-first Combined Assault (Elite/Fanatical)[7]

  • CO: Star Colonel Amiri Sutherland

Game Rules[edit]


At least one third of the forces of the Twenty-first must be aerospace fighters. They cannot use bombs if Level 1 Zellbrigen rules are in effect. [1].


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