Nova Cat Legers (Clan Nova Cat)

Clan Nova Cat (old).jpg
Nova Cat Legers Cluster
Previous Designation(s) Fourth Nova Cat Regulars
Nickname Without Faltering
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Parent Command Omicron Provisional Galaxy

Unit Description[edit]

The Nova Cat Legers was a Clan Nova Cat Cluster which was used in it's Second-Line formations as a garrison unit. The Cluster was known for most it's notable history as the Fourth Nova Cat Regulars.


Battle of Luthien[edit]

The Fourth Nova Cat Regulars were involved in the Battle of Luthien supporting Clan Smoke Jaguar forces.[1]

Operation Bulldog and the Aftermath[edit]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

The unit was garrison assigned when Operation Bulldog was launched by the Second Star League. It was made abtakha during the first wave of the invasion of the Smoke Jaguar/Nova Cat Invasion Corridor by the First Shin Legion on Cyrenaica.

After the conclusion of Operation Bulldog, the First Shin Legion returned to Cyrenaica as a garrison force. Tensions between the two forces exploded in mid 3061 when the Shin Legion attacked the Fourth, inflicting approximately forty percent casualties on the Nova Cat Cluster.

The Fourth was subsequently relocated to Tarazed.[2]

In service of the Second Star League[edit]

In 3063 the Fourth was used as part of the SLDF task force that secured the Lyons Thumb. They faced the Lyons Freedom Theater Militia.[3]

Prior to 3067, the unit would be renamed as the Nova Cat Legers.[4]

The Jihad and Early Dark Age[edit]

During the Jihad, the Cluster would remain garrisoning Clan's factories from various threats receiving little damage. The unit would like other units of it's garrison galaxy loose troops to frontline units in efforts fight off the Black Dragons and the Blakists.[5] After the war, the unit would be shuffled to Labrea where it would take up station against possible Clan Ghost Bear raids by 3085.[6]

The Second Combine-Dominion War[edit]

The First Battle of Labrea[edit]

While garrisoning Labrea, the unit would be among first units to be struck by Clan Ghost Bear's invasion of the Irece Prefecture at the dawn of the Second Combine-Dominion War. Landing on the 18th January, 3099, the Legers engaged two clusters of Kappa Galaxy. Leger's commander, Star Colonel Jose Watson were not certain objects of the Bears and he would dispatched his clusters aerospace assets to harasser the Dominion landing zones. However, the First Drakøns and Fourth Bear Regulars would reorganize themselves into special formation that would form circle of ad hoc stars spreading out, making difficult strike. Watson would enlist Labrea's conventional aircraft from it's planetary militia try wither away the enemy forces. Having exhausted aerospace assets, Watson would end up ordering his outnumbered Legers to charge through the Dominion frontlines in hopes to destroy their DropShips. However, First Drakøns held nothing back in countering the charge, while Fourth Bear Regulars had work it's way behind Legers trying to catch them in a pincer attack. However, ferocity of Drakøns defense of the landing zones had devastated the Legers forcing them to withdraw from battle. Nearly destroyed, the Legers survivors would fled the planet, while two Dominion Clusters razed the Nova Cat's enclaves on world.[7]

The Second Battle of Labrea[edit]

As part of Khan Ajax Drummond's counter attack against the Dominion, he would order the survivors of the Legers link up with task force of Nova Cat forces attempting to retake Labrea for what would be the second battle. Arriving in October, the Legers make planet fall while battling Dominion's Aerospace forces. The Cluster's dropships would fall victim to intense fighting in orbit with the Second Drakøn’s Aerospace Fighters, last of the Legers would end up being destroyed.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Nova Cat Regulars
Star Colonel Sal 3062[9]
Commanding Officers of the Nova Cat Legers
Star Colonel James Bedford 3067[10]
Star Colonel Radley Devalis 3085[11]
Star Colonel Jose Watson 3099[12]


As the Nova Cat Legers, the unit was skilled in defensive tactics.[13]

Composition History[edit]


  • Fourth Nova Cat Regulars - 3 Trinaries (Regular Skilled/Reliable)


  • Nova Cat Legers - Cluster (Regular Skilled/Fanatical Loyalty)[14]

Note 3067: Unit was at 82% fighting strength, with it's 62% of it force equipped with Clan tech, while rest is Star League or older technology.


  • Nova Cat Legers - Cluster (Veteran Skilled/Fanatical Loyalty)[15]

Note 3079: Unit would be at 70% of it's fighting strength while 54% of it be equipped with OmniMechs.


  • Nova Cat Legers - Cluster (Veteran Skilled/Fanatical Loyalty)[16]

Note 3085: Rated to have access to Frontline Equipment, the unit would be at 80% of it's fighting strength, with 51% of it's assets as OmniMechs.



Historical: Wars of the Republic Era - The Nova Cat Legers shared gains Special Command Abilities through the rest of the Omicron Galaxy. The unit is immune to Force Withdrawals and while as the defender in a scenario, the Legers may use Hidden Unit rules. The Legers may hide 2 for every 5 units deployed (rounded down to Point/Star) in scenario where they are the defenders.[17]


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