Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Aegis
In service until 3078[1][2]


The Chronicle was an Aegis-class heavy cruiser that served in the Star League Defense Force as the SLS Chronicle. The Chronicle survived the Amaris Civil War and followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus.[3] The Chronicle then survived the Pentagon Civil War and became a part of the Clan Nova Cat touman.[4]

In May 3060, the Chronicle was commanded by Star Commodore Sel Bravos and was attached to the Nova Cat Kappa Galaxy, which was attempting to evacuate the Nova Cat civilian castes from Hoard in the Clan Homeworlds, having learned of the Abjuration of their Clan by the Clan Council following the Nova Cats joining the Second Star League and fighting against the Clans in the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty.[5]

By the 13th of May, Kappa Galaxy had suffered attacks from numerous units including the Twelfth Mechanized Cavalry Cluster from Clan Hell's Horses, the First Wolf Lancers from Clan Wolf, the Forty-fifth Striker Irregulars from Clan Ice Hellion and the Eleventh Armored Cavalry Squadron and 417th Adder Sentinels from Clan Star Adder. Some of the opposing Clan forces had cooperated with each other, others had attacked each other, but all had ignored zellbrigen when engaging the Nova Cats; on the 13th, the Chronicle was attacked by the York-class destroyer CSA Star Fire, but the heavier Chronicle triumphed over the lighter ship, destroying the Star Fire above Hoard.[5]

By April 3062, the Chronicle was serving the Second Star League as the SLS Chronicle within the Clan Nova Cat Mystic Naval Star. Also serving in the Mystic Naval Star were two sister ships to the Chronicle, the SLS Principle and the SLS Remembrance.[4]

The NCS Chronicle continued to serve in the Mystic Naval Star at least until the beginning of the Jihad,[6] and would serve as part of Task Force EARTHBOUND during Operation SCOUR, and as such was one of the WarShips responsible for clearing the Blakist naval defenses around Terra.[1] The Chronicle was destroyed during the battle for Terra.[2]


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