Oonthrax Stables

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Oonthrax Stables
Colors/Badge Gold/red; gold crane against red field
Stable Profile
Rating A (3055)
Faction Affiliation House Steiner
Units Used
BattleMechs 19 (3051 and 3055)


The Oonthrax Stables was one of the oldest stables on Solaris.

In 3056 the Stable was bought by Ryan Steiner and changed its name to Skye Tigers Stables[1]


Oonthrax has experienced both the highs and lows of the 'Mech games. The Stable is currently (3051) on a downslide without a champion for the last ten years, and their current Mechwarriors are not considered the best. Hot newcomer Glenn Eddenhoffer may turn the trend around, but only time will tell.

The Stable has been offering especially generous contracts to attact new Mechwarriors without much luck as the actual poor reputation of the Stable is hampering the process.[2]

Despite its purchase and renaming, an Oonthrax Stables was operating in the years immediately preceding the Word of Blake Jihad. While it's relationship to the Skye Tigers is unknown, this Oonthrax was at the time the only stable to purchase Innovative Design Concepts CDG-2A model Cudgel, [3] as well as having a warrior take part in the grand reopening of the FedCom Civil War damaged Steiner Stadium.[4]

Stable Master and Owner[edit]

Notable Personnel[edit]


  • Maria Utley is the accomplished tech of the unit, known for ranting against the MechWarriors that abuse their 'Mechs.[2]


In 3051 19 MechWarriors were fighting for Oonthrax Stables.[6]

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Wilhelm "Catastrophe" Chritchley Civil War [4]
Glenn Edenhoffer Succession Wars
Clan Invasion
Billy Joe “Jim Bob” Hudmucker Civil War [3]
Frasier Moss Succession Wars [7]
Victor Vandergriff Succession Wars
Clan Invasion
Main starter of the Solaris Riots [2]

Tactics and Style[edit]



Situated on the outskirts of Solaris City, in a vast region that once was a major shopping mall, now known as Oonthrax Mall. The parking lot is now a training field, while the shops and offices now house MechWarriors and administrative personnel. The old Parking garages now serve as bays for the 'Mech storage and repair'.[2]


In 3055 - the Stable has a 15% cut of winning gained by its MechWarriors. The MechWarriors receive a 750 C-Bill salary a month. [2]

Game Notes[edit]


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