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Future Projects[edit]

Current Projects[edit]

  • Getting rid of junk articles.
  • Update Donegal Guards pages with info from FM:LA and FM:Updates.
    • DONE: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 11th and 13th.
    • TODO: 2nd, 6th, 14th and 17th.
  • Reformat Clan page & add Khans.
    • TODO: Steel Viper, Cloud Cobra, Ice Hellion, Nova Cat, Fire Mandrill, Wolf, Smoke Jaguar, Mongoose, Burrock, Wolverine, Ghost Bear, Diamond Shark, Wolf-in-Exile.
  • Update Touman pages so they are current for 3067
    • TODO: Fire Mandrill

Archons of the Lyran RealmArchon Reign BeganArchon Reign EndedArchon Inherited FromName of the Realm
Katherine SteinerApril 24082445Alistair MarsdenLyran Commonwealth
Alistair Steiner24452467Katherine SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Michael Steiner (25th c.)24672472Alistair SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Steven Steiner24722501Michael Steiner (25th c.)Lyran Commonwealth
Margaret Olsen25012503Steven SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Robert Steiner (25th c.)25032528Margaret OlsenLyran Commonwealth
Craig Steiner25282555Robert Steiner (25th c.)Lyran Commonwealth
Viola Steiner257028 April 2596Tracial SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Kevin Steiner-Dinesen25969 April 2647Viola SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Sarah Steiner-Dinesen26472672Kevin Steiner-DinesenLyran Commonwealth
William Steiner26722704Sarah Steiner-DinesenLyran Commonwealth
Jonathan Steiner27042729William SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Claudius Steiner28452849Melissa NinLyran Commonwealth
Triumvirate Regency28492859Claudius SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Elizabeth Steiner (29th c.)28592895Triumvirate RegencyLyran Commonwealth
Giovanni Steiner29522980Marco SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Alessandro Steiner29803007Giovanni SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Katrina Steiner30073039Alessandro SteinerLyran Commonwealth
Victor Steiner-Davion30553057Melissa Steiner (31st c.)Lyran Commonwealth
Katherine Steiner-Davion30573067Victor Steiner-DavionLyran Commonwealth
Peter Steiner-Davion30673071Katherine Steiner-DavionLyran Commonwealth

First Princes of the Federated Suns RealmReign BeganReign EndedInherited FromTitle
Lucien Davion (23rd c.)23172332President
Charles Davion (23rd c.)23322340Lucien Davion (23rd c.)President
Reynard Davion23402371Charles Davion (23rd c.)President
Etien Davion23712378Reynard DavionPresident
Paul Davion (24th c.)23782394Etien DavionPresident
Marie Davion (24th c.)23942402Paul DavionPresident
Edmund Davion24022415Marie Davion (24th c.)President
Edward Davion (24th c.)24152417Edmund DavionPresident
Ellen Davion24672502James DavionFirst Prince
William Davion25022512Ellen DavionFirst Prince
Zane Davion26002659Alexander DavionFirst Prince
Sarah Davion26592681Zane DavionFirst Prince
Samuel Davion26812696Sarah DavionFirst Prince
Roger Davion (27th c.)26962703Samuel DavionFirst Prince
Joseph Davion (27th c.)27032729Roger DavionFirst Prince
Richard Davion27292745Joseph Davion (27th c.)First Prince
John Davion27452797Richard DavionFirst Prince
Paul Davion (29th c.)27972842John DavionFirst Prince
Michael Davion28422873Paul Davion (29th c.)First Prince
Peter Davion (30th c.)29312961Joseph Davion (29th c.)First Prince
Ian Davion (31st c.)29993013Andrew DavionFirst Prince
Victor Steiner-Davion30553060Melissa Steiner (31st c.)Archon-Prince
Yvonne Steiner-Davion3060
3060Victor Steiner-Davion
Katherine Steiner-Davion
Princess Regent
Katherine Steiner-Davion30603067Yvonne Steiner-DavionArchon
  • Alexander Davion & The Regents skipped for now, until I decide how to handle that issue.

Rework top-level faction force listing[edit]

On hold.

Not started on[edit]

  • Periphery
    • Fronc Reaches - no force page
    • Calderon Protectorate - no force page
    • Filtvelt Coalition - no force page
  • Minor/Deep Periphery
  • Clans
    • Lions - faction page not created
    • Burrocks (info in WoR)
  • Others
    • WoB
    • St. Ives - no force page

Completed Phase 1[edit]

Use main template.

High priority, phase 2 info available:

Completed Phase 2[edit]

Split into current and former brigades.

Completed Phase 3[edit]

Partially include summary from brigades.

Completed Phase 4[edit]

Get rid of individual regiment/cluster listing, refer to main page.

Completed Projects[edit]

  • Addition current military academies of LAAF. Unplanned, but done.
  • Got rid of clunky BV categories.
  • Added very basic info to Operation Klondike personalities.
  • Add infoboxes to Clans.
  • Move Clan Touman info to separate pages.
  • Reformat Touman info.
  • Sorted articles in Category:Events into more specific categories.


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