Zeta Galaxy (Clan Stone Lion)

Clan Stone Lion logo.png
Zeta Galaxy
Affiliation Clan Stone Lion;
Clan Hell's Horses (previous)
Parent Command Clan Stone Lion touman;
Clan Hell's Horses touman (previous)


Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

Zeta Galaxy started as a solahma Galaxy of Clan Hell's Horses dedicated to hunting down the Bandit Caste. The Galaxy was known as the Wrath from Heaven. Following the Golden Century the expansion of the Horses allowed Zeta to acquire better equipment and troops, and so became one of the Hell's Horses offensive second line units. This in turn allowed them to gain some respect among their fellow warriors. Zeta continues to search and destroy Bandit Caste holdings, but they have also blunted several strikes by Clan Fire Mandrill. Unlike most second line units, Zeta was assigned a permanent WarShip so it can go on hunting missions.[1] Although this warship was reassigned in 3070/1 for the Horses' operations in the Inner Sphere.[2]

During the Wars of Possession that followed the Great Refusal, Zeta was used by the Horses to counterchallenges to Horse territory. During this time they saw action on Niles, Tokasha, Kirin, Hoard, and Strato Domingo. Despite the heavy schedule, Zeta suffered few losses.

Clan Stone Lion[edit]

After the creation of Clan Stone Lion in 3075 during the Wars of Reaving, the Galaxy became part of that Clan's touman.[3] The Galaxy took part in the annihilation of Clan Steel Viper, although they fought mainly on the periphery of the action on Circe and New Kent in supporting roles. By the end of the fighting the Galaxy had barely three Clusters of warriors left, although the losses were rapidly replaced by captured Viper matériel.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Zeta Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)
Galaxy Commander Zigfrid Ravenwater 3059 - 3067[5][1]
Commanding Officers of the Zeta Galaxy (Clan Stone Lion)
Khan Magnus DelVillar 3075[3]


The warriors of Zeta Galaxy usually engage their dezgra foes in a berserker-like fury.

Composition History[edit]



  • 27th BattleMech
  • 31st BattleMech
  • 40th Mechanized Cavalry
  • 229th Mechanized Strike




Opting to completely sever ties from their Horses past, Zeta Galaxy authorized a completely new paint scheme for their equipment an overall yellow-brown with grey stone-colored accents, which may be marbled or granite-patterned, and the Clan's insignia is prominently displayed on the upper torso or arms of 'Mechs or on the front of vehicles.



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