Theta Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)

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Galaxy Theta (Clan Hells Horses) logo.png
Theta Galaxy
Formed 2930[1]
Nickname Hell's Stormtroopers
Affiliation Clan Hell's Horses
Parent Command Clan Hell's Horses Touman

Theta Galaxy is unique in the Clan Hell's Horses Touman because it is a second line Galaxy used to prepare troops for front-line service.


After the loss of Tokasha to Clan Ghost Bear, Theta Galaxy was formed to serve as a training unit to prepare troops for front-line service. In this task it functions in a manner similar to the Sun Zhang Academy Cadre. Experienced Star Commanders were transferred into this Galaxy and paired with new sibko graduates as advanced field instructors. Warriors who barely passed their Trial of Position were assigned to the 53rd BattleMech Cluster. They were then tested in a series of mock engagements, mostly defensive, and as their skills improved they would Trial to enter the 49th BattleMech Cluster. After serving in that unit, they would Trial again to move to the 42nd BattleMech Cluster. Once part of the 42nd, they could participate in Trials to enter front-line service. The process worked very well, allowing the Horses to quickly rebuild their commands.[1]

In 3071 Theta moved into the Periphery. Following the front line Galaxies, Theta's troops were used to secure undefended worlds. Late in 3071, Theta's warriors were sent to secure several Periphery planets, including Botany Bay, Here, Lackhove, Last Chance, and Götterdämmerung. Theta was successful, and eventually captured the Dark Nebula orbital facility with Clan Jade Falcon's Delta Galaxy.[2]

After moving to the Inner Sphere Theta assaulted Liezen in the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone. There the entire unit faced the Wolves' Beta Galaxy. Theta's troops thought they could easily defeat the outnumbered Wolves and their bidding cut their attack forces down to dangerously low levels. When Theta landed, Beta Galaxy was able to outmaneuver the slow tanks and infantry used by Theta. Beta's actions forced Theta to break their bid and call down the entire Galaxy. Fortunately for Theta, Beta Galaxy was forced to ask for heigra to withdraw and deal with a problem on Kirchbach. This left Theta technically victorious, but at the cost of nearly half their forces.

Their poor performance in this engagement would be overlooked two years later when troops from the 42nd BattleMech Cluster won a Trial of Possession against Clan Wolf by killing Khan Vladimir Ward.[3]

After Clan Wolf abandoned their occupation zone, Epsilon Galaxy jumped in to take those systems. Theta Galaxy did so as well, with the expectation of support from other units. Though this support eventually arrived, Theta didn't push their luck and when they met Rasalhague Dominion forces they didn't push for a confrontation. Instead they largely went into a garrison mode, defending the new systems they took.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Theta Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Francesca Cooper 3059[1]
Galaxy Commander Sofronio Mitchell 3085[5]
Galaxy Commander Dewey Houan 3145[6]


As a training unit, Theta doesn't exhibit many tactical specialties. Many of Theta's warriors are conventional infantry, which makes them a textbook example of the Clan's focus on combined arms.[1]

Composition History

As a general rule, Theta Galaxy is staffed by the best sibko graduates and the Horses' most experienced warriors. Therefore it is usually an odd mix of warriors soon to be solahma and possible ristars.[1]




  • Forty-second BattleMech[5]
  • Forty-ninth BattleMech[5]
  • Fifty-third BattleMech[5]
  • Fifty-seventh BattleMech[5]



  • The original Theta Galaxy insignia presented in Field Manual: Crusader Clans featured the Greek letter Omega rather than Theta. This was corrected in more recent products.


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