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I have been enjoying the BattleTech universe since the around 1990. I own the sorely outdated Brian's Cache website and am an administrator over at Lords of the Battlefield. This wiki has been incredibly useful for me for years now and it is about time that I contribute. Though I'm not much on writing articles, I will be focused mainly on cleaning up what is here (grammar and format) and uploading new or higher resolution picture replacements. My BattleTech library is extensive so if you have any requests, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Personal Projects[edit]

"The" Wars of Reaving[edit]

Wars of Reaving is an event. The Wars of Reaving and The Wars of Reaving Supplemental are products. I'm inspecting all links to "Wars of Reaving" to ensure proper usage, adding "The" where necessary.
Last inspected was "Psi Galaxy (Clan Stone Lion) ".

"As at (year)..."[edit]

Noticed while correcting "The Wars of Reaving", there are hundreds of instances of "as at" being used instead of "as of". This is going to be more difficult to correct because of how the search function works.
Search for "as at"

Image Upgrades[edit]

Technical Readout: 2750 (complete)
Technical Readout: 3025/Revised (ASFs in work)
Technical Readout: 3026
Technical Readout: 3039
Technical Readout: 3050/Revised
Technical Readout: 3055/Revised/Upgrade (ASFs INW)
Technical Readout: 3057/Revised
Technical Readout: 3058/Upgrade(complete)
Technical Readout: 3060
Technical Readout: 3067, including cover art and info on CGL reprint (complete)
Technical Readout: Project Phoenix (complete)
Technical Readout: 3075 (Inner Sphere & Clan BA C/W)
Era Digest: Golden Century (complete)
Experimental Technical Readout: ComStar,'Mechs only (complete)
Experimental Technical Readout: Primitives, Volume 3,'Mechs only (complete)
Historical: Brush Wars (Personalities) (complete)
Battle Armor Equipment (images from various sources)
Classic BattleTech Companion

Reference Errors[edit]

Pages with reference errors.
I took this one on because it looked relatively simple. It would be time consuming but could be completed one page at a time, or, preferably, in chunks. There were over 500 pages with reference errors when I began. Now there are only a handful of user pages, which I'm not going to touch. What kind of reference errors did I fix? I would guess over 90% were copy/paste errors . A new map comes out and someone adds ownership data for the year that map represents. It would be crazy for them to type the reference every time, as that data would cover hundreds of planets, thus, hundreds of pages. So they copy and paste the reference. Problem is, there's a typo in the reference. Now this typo is repeated for the hundreds of pages that were edited. This is where the "Show preview" button is your friend. At the beginning of a mass edit, preview and scroll down to the references section. Make sure no big, ugly, red errors pop up. Correct them if they do. Then copy/paste the correct references.
Another, now terribly familiar, mass reference error is due to overuse of the <ref name=X> </ref> tags. This happens when the same page is cited multiple times, using the same RefName but a different description each time. If you're going to cite multiple sections on a page, only once each, just use the <ref> </ref> tags. Again, the "Show preview" button is your friend.
A third error that I saw pretty often was careless deletion. Editors delete portions of content that contain the initial <ref name="RefName"> </ref> tags and do not add them back to the remaining content. This leaves orphaned <ref name="RefName"/> tags that don't know where they belong. Again, please use the "Show preview" button when editing.
Don't know what I'm going on about with those last two? Please read the Help page, Detailed References section.


  • Review Field Manuals, scenario books, etc. for original appearances of 'Mechs.
  • Fill out image summary info for Mercenary's Handbook Gallery
  • Galleries (category) in general.
  • Revise formatting of ToC's as encountered to more closely match their respective sources. (Bullets are horribly overused, especially considering there is only one type.)
Masters and Minions
The Fall of Terra
  • Change variant names of units to match official record sheets/MUL (as encountered)
  • Verify family trees of original House books and add citations where needed:
House Cameron
House Davion
House Kurita
House Liao
House Marik
House Steiner

Often-Used Resources[edit]

Template:Deletion (Move files rather than deleting old when uploading new file types.)
  • References for books with new cover artwork/branding with a reprint TRO3055U, TRO3060, TRO3067
  • "Comment out" rather than delete empty sections:
<!--Commented out due to lack of information