36th Dieron Regulars

36th Dieron Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3029)
Nickname The Hungry Ghosts
Parent Formation Dieron Regulars
Formed unknown

The 36th Dieron Regulars was a frontline and regional BattleMech unit in service of the Draconis Combine up to the thirty-first century.


Third Succession War[edit]

In 3014 the Kell Hounds mercenary unit destroyed a company of the Thirty-sixth Dieron regulars.[1] The 36th Dieron Regulars was assigned to aid the Second Sword of Light Regiment in raid of the Davion world of Mallory's World in 3016.[2] This campaign, led by Tai-sa Yorinaga Kurita, was Kurita's bid to avenge the disgrace inflicted three years earlier on the world by the Kell Hounds mercenary unit. The 36th was used to tied up the mercenary unit's Second Battalion at the town of Cactus Flats[3], while the 2nd Sword went to destroy the Kell Hound's First Battalion. The 36th effectively pinned the Kell Hounds in place, but when the Hounds withdrew to their DropShips, the Regulars allowed them to leave.[4] Later reports would show that Tai-sa Kurita engaged in a Bushido samurai duel with the hound's commander Colonel Morgan Kell[5] and lost. As penance Tai-sa Kurita ordered all DCMS units to leave Mallory's World.

In 3026 the 36th Dieron Regulars assaulted Quentin along with the Fifth Sword of Light. During this fighting, elements of the 36th massacred civilians and refugees in the Westham Valley while Swann's Cavaliers were conducting a diversionary raid elsewhere. The 36th Dieron's flanks were protected by elements of the Fifth Sword of Light; The Cavaliers assaulted the Sword units thinking they were responsible for the massacre.[6]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Battle for Northwind[edit]

On orders from the Coordinator, Tai-sho Palmer Conti led his 5th Sword of Light with the 36th accompanying it in an invasion of the Davion world of Northwind. The invasion launched apon receiving Liao Chancellor Maximilian Liao's request for the Combine to launch an attack so to distract Davion forces from his own military operation.[7] The units struck the planet in Early January of 3029.[8] The 36th lured the under-manned 5th Deneb Light Cavalry out of their defensive positions so the 5th Sword could slaughter the unit. The mercenary units Bradley's Bravos (Kell Hounds's 3rd Battalion)[9] and newly arrived Team Banzai engaged in battle with regiment and the 5th Sword in their bid to allow the survivors of 5th Deneb to escape. Mercenaries succeeded in tying up regiment its allies until the elite Genyosha regiment arrived. They pushed the mercs out position, kept them from over running the 5th Sword's headquarters. The campaign on Northwind ended in failure when they were forced to withdraw few days later when multiple mercenary regiments arrived in form of the Northwind Highlanders.[10] The Tai-Sho Palmer Conti ordered the 36th to cover retreat of the 5th Sword. This lead to the loss of one of the unit's battalion, while conducting a fighting withdrawal from Davion forces.[11]

Failed invasion of Isle of the Skye[edit]

The 36th was later deployed to Moore in Dieron District. There 36th's leader, Tai-Sho Rajpuman attended meeting headed up by Prince Theodore Kurita in 1st August. At the meeting, he show them his planned invasion of Isle of the Skye region of House Steiner.[12] That 36th would be among units he wished to deploy from the Dieron district invasion.

Clan Invasion[edit]

In 3050 the 36th was stationed on Saffel.[13]



As of 3025, the unit specialized in open field battles, utilizing Light BattleMech designs.[16][14]

Composition History[edit]


36th Dieron Regulars (Regiment//Regular/Reliable)

Note:The command contains 9 light companies.[18]


36th Dieron Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Questionble)[19]


36th Dieron Regulars (Regiment/Green/Questionble)[15]

  • CO: Tai-sa Mason Irajinan

Note: The Regiment would be stationed on Saffel in the Al Na'ir Prefecture. The unit would be listed as green soldiers, with questionable loyalty rating prior to the Clan Invasion.


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