AFFS - Command Structure


The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns has several layers of command. The first is that of the national authority. Headquartered in the Fox's Den on New Avalon, the Prince and his or her military advisers can effectively control the entirety of the AFFS from the high-tech command bunker. The top layer often concerns itself with matters of overall strategy, planning, and force readiness.

Often, responsibility for localized deployment of military forces belongs to the regional commanders. The Federated Suns is broken into three Marches: the interior Crucis March and the border areas of the Capellan March and Draconis March (though in Dark Ages, there is a fourth March: the Periphery March), which are commanded by Field Marshals. These Marches are further subdivided into Operations Areas: three for the Crucis March and two each for the Capellan and Draconis Marches, which are also commanded by Field Marshals. Within the Crucis March, these OAs are further subdivided into traditional Combat Theaters. On the border Marches, however, the OAs are broken down into Polymorphous Defense Zones (PDZs). Regardless of the name, these regions are commanded by Marshals.

Finally, the AFFS also has brigade commanders. Largely concerned with matters of supply, orders for troop movements that originate from New Avalon pass through brigade commanders. Brigade commanders often hold other roles within the AFFS, such as Field Marshal Andrew Terlecki, Jr. who, in addition to commanding the Deneb Light Cavalry, was named director of the Crucis March in 3067.



The head of AFFS is the First Prince of the Federated Suns who is also the Supreme Marshal of the AFFS. Since the Prince must serve five years in the AFFS in order to become Prince, the AFFS has a long tradition of able leadership and wholehearted support from the sovereign of the realm. Note that, regardless of the sex of the leader, the title remains "Prince". First Princes who lack interest or talent in military leadership have been known to appoint "Prime Marshals" to act as their surrogates.

Prince's Champion[edit]

Traditionally, the Prince names a Champion who is essentially his or her regent of the AFFS, though the Prince maintains sole authority. The Champion functions as a sort of vice-president, chairing Council meetings when the Prince is unavailable. The Champion is also the chief military adviser to the Prince.

Marshal of the Armies[edit]

Whereas the Prince is responsible for the broad strategic goals of the AFFS, the Marshal of the Armies is responsible for carrying out those goals. Since they are both responsible for the AFFS, the duties of the MotA and Prince's Champion tend to overlap. "First Princess" Katherine used this to confuse the command structure in order to ensure loyalty to her. With the ascension of Regent Yvonne, however, the two offices became united in the person of Jackson Davion. In the 3130s, however, Prince Harrison again divided the two offices, a situation Caleb has seen fit to perpetuate.

High Command[edit]

While technically an advisory body, the High Command is made up of the leaders of various departments within the AFFS. These include the chiefs of Strategy and Tactics, Military Education, Quartermaster, and Military Intelligence. As such, it would be foolish for the Prince to fail to heed the High Command's advice.