Category:Lyran Alliance BattleMechs

This is a listing of all BattleMechs manufactured within the Lyran Alliance. Not all of the listed BattleMechs are exclusively manufactured or exclusively used within the Lyran realm only. However, certain variants of some 'Mechs may be Lyran exclusive. The list does not include BattleMechs that have been greatly imported (e.g. the Avatar, Penetrator, or Awesome 'Mechs); nevertheless, considering their numbers in service, they are also very common in the LAAF.

This listing tries to list the manufacturing situation roughly around the 3067-3072. BattleMechs that have been manufactured before in the Lyran Alliance but stopped production (because of e.g. war, territorial losses or economical reasons) until 3067 are not included. Due to the Jihad, even some 'Mechs now included in the list are not continuously available. For instance, during the Jihad J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated stopped manufacturing the Dragon Fire 'Mech and all other production lines in the Lyran realm.