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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Kempten neighbouring systems
Kempten neighbouring systems
System information
X:Y Coordinates 45.22:308.08[e]


Clan InvasionEdit

Kempten was conquered in December 3051 during the fifth wave of Operation REVIVAL by Clan Ghost Bear. The 12th Bear Chevaliers was assigned to conquer the planet, which was defended at the time by the Kempten Border Legion, little more than a collection of warriors equipped with 'Mechs and combat vehicles, all of whom were well past their prime. Nevertheless, having heard of the Clan Smoke Jaguar's defeat on Wolcott, the Ghost Bears were leery when the Legion answered their batchall and agreed to fight an honorable, stand-up battle at the amusement park known as Precious Plight. When the Chevaliers landed they found themselves in the middle of a confusing carnival of light and sound: mirrors had been hung by the Legionarries at all angles which served to disorient the Clan OmniMechs' scanners, and a battalion of Devastators caused considerable damage in their opening salvo. The Ghost Bears quickly recovered from their confusion though and fanned out, destroying the slower Devastators and pursuing the survivors to Sacrifice Mound where they were destroyed.[1]

Planetary GarrisonEdit



Owner HistoryEdit

Nearby PlanetsEdit

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years). Closest planets first:

Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Radstadt 9.46 1 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CGB
Kaesong 18.57 1 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Vorarlberg 21.58 1 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CHH
Goito 25.05 1 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Sheliak 26.56 1 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Thessalonika 29.41 1 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Stanzach 32.01 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CHH
Alshain 32.46 2 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Gunzburg 37.69 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Engadin 38.42 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CHH
Memmingen 39.12 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Spittal 39.38 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Tinaca 43.08 2 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Soverzene 43.23 2 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Marawi 46.83 2 DC DC DC DC CGB CGB CGB
Predlitz 46.98 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Casere 48.73 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Ferleiten 50.35 2 DC DC DC FRR CW CW CW
Heiligendreuz 52.11 2 DC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Kandis 54.03 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Pomme De Terre 56.41 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB
Thannhausen 56.61 2 LC DC LC FRR CW CW CW
Halesowen 57.54 2 DC DC DC FRR CGB CGB CGB


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