33rd Striker Irregulars (Clan Ice Hellion)

Clan Ice Hellion.jpg
Thirty-third Striker Irregulars
Disbanded 3072 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Ice Hellion
Parent Command Delta Galaxy


During the Hellion's Fury campaign, they landed on Marshall and faced the Fifth Raven Auxiliaries. They sustained heavy losses during their landing. Only their heaviest 'Mechs were left operational. Despite this, they managed to take the Clan Snow Raven research facility on Marshall.[1] They were rebuilt using exclusively Heavy and Assault 'Mechs.[2]

In 3067 the Thirty-third was stationed on the world of Londerholm.[3]

In 3070 the Cluster moved to Nouveaux Paris with the rest of Delta Galaxy, arriving in September.[4] Mid 3071 saw Delta together with Alpha Galaxy and the newly arrived Zeta Prime Galaxy form the primary attack force under Khan Montrose. This force moved against Clan Jade Falcon industrial worlds of the Falcon Occupation Zone, fighting in multiple systems.[5] When Galaxy Commander Damon Hawkins decided to declare a Trial of Possession for Steelton in September 3071, despite it being a recently-taken holding of Clan Hell's Horses, the Ice Hellion's allies at the time, the Thirty-third were thrown into two weeks of brutal combat. Hawkins was killed in the opening skirmish, but his successor, Star Colonel Scott Moore, continued the Trial, and the various Clusters of Delta all fought; the Thirty-third, commanded by Star Colonel Tanda Ho Jang, fought the last major battle for Steelton, attempting to capture the Hell's Horses DropShips grounded at the Cabletown spaceport as the Horses withdrew.[6][7]

Early 3072 saw Delta Galaxy pulled back to Evciler along with other Ice Hellion units. The Jade Falcons landed three Galaxies on the world and Delta Galaxy along with the survivors of the Thirty-third were destroyed in the fighting.[8] Despite the horrendous casualties taken, Colonel Ho Jang managed to bring almost thirty warriors - two Trinaries - from the Thirty-third and the other Clusters of Delta Galaxy out of the battle alive. Responding to saKhan Connor Rood's call for Ice Hellion troops to withdraw from the Inner Sphere in an attempt to save the Ice Hellions from destruction as a Clan, Ho Jang led the survivors to a rendezvous with Rood's surviving forces in the Deep Periphery, despite her forces suffering from dangerous levels of radiation poisoning. Reunited with the remainder of the Ice Hellion touman aboard the Potemkin-class cruiser Coterie, Ho Jang was responsible for confirming to Rood that Khan Raina Montose was dead.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 33rd Striker Irregulars
Star Colonel Samantha Hordwon 3050[10]
Star Colonel Damon Hawkins 3059[2]
Star Colonel Hiru 3067[3]
Star Colonel Tanda Ho Jang 3071[9]


During the Hellion's Fury campaign, the lighter units of the Cluster would race ahead and engage enemy forces, then break off to allow heavier units to engage. When that occurred, the lighter Stars would then close any gaps in the line and start hunting stragglers.[10]

Composition History[edit]


Thirty-third Striker Irregulars (2 Trinaries/Regular/Fanatical)[2]

  • CO: Star Colonel Damon Hawkins

- Primarily equipped with Heavy and Assault 'Mechs.


Thirty-third Striker Irregulars (Regular/Fanatical)[3]

  • CO: Star Colonel Hiru


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