Age of War (Chronology)

This table is every existing scenario, sourcebook, and piece of fiction occurring in the Age of War Sub-Era in chronological order. Except items denoted in the Notes column as being Apocryphal, Noncanonical, or Hypothetical all items are Canon.

Start Date Title End Date Type Worlds Source Notes
2236-06-30 Inverted Fiction - Novelette Freedom VI (TA) Shrapnel #04
2366-01-14 Rebirth Scenario - BattleTech Lopez (FWL) Northwind Highlanders
2398 Era Digest: Age of War 2556 Sourcebook N/A Era Digest: Age of War
2406 DG-05 Dragonfire Technical Readout N/A BattleCorps
2412-02-23 Just Following Orders Fiction - Short Story Tintavel (CC) Era Digest: Age of War
2415-12-17 Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight 2461-11-11 Fiction - Novella Oshika (DC), New Samarkand (DC), Kaznejov (DC), St. John (DC), Skye (LC), Moore (DC), Pesht (DC), Hesperus II (LC) The Proliferation Cycle
2425-07-07 Forms of Betrayal Fiction - Short Story Capella (CC) BattleCorps
2438-12-22 Break-Away 2439-01-10 Fiction - Novella Terra (TH) The Proliferation Cycle
2439-02-05 Birth of the King (scenario)|Birth of the King Scenario - BattleTech Terra (TH) BattleCorps
2439-02-05 Birth of the King Fiction - Short Story Terra (TH) BattleCorps
2443-06-12 Something to Prove Fiction - Short Story Styx (TH) BattleTech: Legends
2445-04-12 Charge of the Light Fiction - Short Story Basalt (TH) Interstellar Operations
2455-02-01 Prometheus Unbound 2455-03-26 Fiction - Novella Hesperus II (LC), Tharkad (LC) The Proliferation Cycle
2455-10-17 Nothing Ventured 2457-01-19 Fiction - Novella New Avalon (FS), Tharkad (LC) The Proliferation Cycle
2457-04-02 Goliath out of the Box Fiction - Short Story Ningpo (TH) BattleCorps
2459-04-09 A Dish Served Cold 2469-03-03 Fiction - Novella Loric (LC), Atreus (FWL), Alarion (LC), Alula Australis (FWL) The Proliferation Cycle
2466-03-17 The Spider Dances 2466-03-22 Fiction - Novella Xanthe III (FWL) The Proliferation Cycle
2498-06-21 An Age of War Scenario - BattleTech Dove (LC) Record Sheets: 3075
2522 THS Repulse 2525 Fiction - Ship Profile N/A BattleCorps
2528-08-12 Paladin Fiction - Novelette Andurien (FWL) BattleCorps