Beta Galaxy (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)

Beta Galaxy
Nickname The Wolf Marauders
Affiliation Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Parent Command Clan Wolf-in-Exile touman



Beta Galaxy was formed around the Thirteenth Wolf Spiders and the Sixteenth Battle Cluster. As part of Operation BULLDOG half the Galaxy assaulted Clan Smoke Jaguar in the Draconis Combine, while the other two Clusters of Beta hit various Jade Falcon worlds to keep them off-balance. None of the Falcons were claimed as bondsmen.[1] In 3061 most of Beta Galaxy was stationed on Arc-Royal but the Second Wolf Legion was based on Morges.[2]

In 3067 Beta Galaxy remained a hard-hitting unit. Elements of Beta were assigned to several worlds in the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon.[3]


During Operation SCOUR Beta Galaxy was assigned to Group IV of the Free Worlds League campaign. In 3074 they landed on Skye alongside Clan Wolf's Delta Galaxy and Stone's Lament. There they faced the Word's Third and Eighteenth Divisions. After several weeks of fighting, the Blakists withdrew from the planet.[4]

They fought on Talitha, retaking the world from the Blakists. The conflict required them to work closely with the 3rd Lyran Guards and Marlette Crucis March Militia.[5] They fought on nearly every world that was assaulted by Group IV, seeing some of the harshest combat. They also worked with the Inner Sphere forces to capture Marcus, a conflict which only took two weeks.[6] However, not all assignments were so simple. They faced heavy conflict on most planets.

On Chara for example, Group IV lost the Clan Wolf-in-Exile flagship, the McKenna-class battleship CWiE Werewolf, as well as the largest WarShip in service with the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces, the Mjolnir-class battlecruiser LAS Fylgia, and a Carrack-class transport operated by Clan Nova Cat during the initial approach to Chara alone to an operational SDS system firing nuclear weapons.[7][8]

The fighting on Chara didn't get easier, as Beta Galaxy faced the two Divisions of Protectorate Militia on the world, as well as the 4th Free Worlds Legionnaires, the Steel Guard, and the 13th Marik Militia, these former FWLM troops had defected to the Word of Blake. Just as the intelligence used to plan the campaign had either missed or intentionally omitted the presence of the SDS network, it also lacked information on the three former Free Worlds League regiments being present on Chara. Though the Wolves put up a tremendous fight and inflicted heavy losses on the Blakists, they were unable to take Chara, and after sustaining heavy losses including their senior officer the entire group had to evacuate to Talitha under the temporary command of Alexia Rhyde.[7] The 16th Wolf Guards and Second Wolf Strike Grenadiers were both lost in the fighting on Chara.[9]

By the time they landed on Pollux for rest and refit, the Galaxy was barely able to muster a Cluster of troops. This still left them the largest formation of Group IV.[10] They later joined the actions on New Canton, Tall Trees, Saiph, and Asuncion.[9]

After the liberation of Terra, Beta Galaxy's survivors returned to Arc-Royal. Their strongest unit was at a mere third of its strength.[9]

During the Dark Age Beta Galaxy defended Incukalns from the Jade Falcons. Despite a strong defense the Wolves eventually had to retreat.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Beta Galaxy
saKhan Marco Hall 3061 - 3067[1][3]
saKhan Darryl Kerensky 3077[5]
Acting Galaxy Commander Alexia Rhyde After the fighting on Chara[7]
saKhan Darryl Kerensky 3085[12]
saKhan Miriam Shaw 3145[13]

Other Officers[edit]


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]



  • Wolf Spiders Keshik[9]
  • Thirteenth Wolf Guards[9]
  • Second Wolf Legion[9]


  • Wolf Spider Keshik[12]
  • Thirteenth Wolf Guards[12]
  • Second Wolf Legion[12]


  • Wolf Spiders Keshik[13]
  • 13th Wolf Guards[13]
  • 2nd Wolf Legion[13]


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