1st Rim Commonality Guard

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First Rim Commonality Guards
Formed 3066
Previous Designation(s) Chaos Irregulars
Affiliation Rim Commonality
Parent Command Rim Commonality Guards

The First Rim Commonality Guards were formerly a mercenary unit named the Chaos Irregulars, which signed on as a formal part of the Rim Commonality military after the Jihad.



Formed in October of 3066, the Chaos Irregulars was the fusion of two previous mercenary units: Sorenson's Strikers and Peregrine's Hussars. The command was unique for its structure: it had two co-commander positions, instead of the traditional commander and executive officer billets. The unit's joint-command structure was submitted to MRBC. The unit's initial first short-term contracts were with various organizations, such as Ronin Inc. and Mosiro University of Al-Ilb.

The unit moved anti-spinward, to the Periphery border, where it roamed the frontiers of the Lyran Alliance and the Free Worlds League, taking short-term contracts from smaller worlds in the Melissia Theater and Rim Commonality.[1]

Prior to the unit's formation, Peregrine's Hussars were heavily linked with both Smithson's Chinese Bandits and the Broadsword Legion, who were involved in sacking of Outreach in 3067. Evidence indicates Colonel Gabriel Peregrine purchased the Peregrine-Simson's Huron Warrior. However, Ariel claimed to not know about her father's connections with the Word of Blake, which left suspicions regarding her command's leanings. These suspicions were not lifted until mid-3068 when the Irregulars were fighting the Blakists. The unit suffered grievous damage from those battles, being reduced to a third of its original strength.

As part of Chandrasekhar Kurita's coalition, they defended Firebase Ono on Arcturus during the Jihad. They successfully drove off the Word of Blake's Second Division.[2]

More persistently, the unit labored under allegations of involvement with piracy. The 11th Arcturan Guards had posted the Irregulars on their criminal watch list. However, the governments that they worked to defend included Main Street, New St. Andrews, and Campoleone, all areas with hotly disputed allegations of piracy. The 8th Lyran Regulars deployed elements of the Irregulars with them on two occasions.

The unit had been known to have the best tech support on the Periphery border, which kept their strength strong. The unit used civilian carriers based out of the Timbuktu Theater of the Lyran Alliance for its transportation needs. They exchanged protection services for interstellar transport to their various jobs.

As of 3071, the unit had added a company of BattleMechs, infantry and armor to their roster. The new additions were rumored to be from the remains of other commands destroyed by the Word of Blake in the Periphery. The command's cited security concerns did not confirm nor deny any these rumors, which resulted in a ranking of "Questionable". The co-commanders of the unit advised doubters of their integrity to look elsewhere.

Rim Commonality[edit]

After the Jihad, the Irregulars decided to join the Rim Commonality, becoming the 1st Rim Commonality Guard. The unit has retained its combat tactics, as well as least one of its co-commanding officers, Alethea Chowla II. The First Rim Commonality Guards are organized as a single 'Mech battalion, two vehicle battalions, and a regiment of conventional infantry.[3] The First Rim Commonality Guard is the Rim Commonality's main reaction force.[4] They were stationed on Lesnovo.[5]

Dark Age[edit]

The unit participated in Operation Homecoming as part of the Free Worlds League's military command, engaging elements of the First Regulan Hussars at the Imstar Aerospace plant. Despite their history as a mercenary unit, they remained a highly professional unit.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Chaos Irregulars
Joint-Colonels Obadiah "Jake" Chowla
Ariel Peregrine-Simson
Commanding Officers of the 1st Rim Commonality Guard
Force Commander Alethea Chowla II 3138
Colonel Johnson Logan 3145[7]


As of 3071 the unit's co-commanders were:


The Irregulars engaged the enemy from multiple points, receiving the description of a mystical multi-headed hydra. Both commanders were known to be front-line fighters.

Composition History[edit]


First Rim Commonality Guards (1 Battalion)

The unit described itself as a "heavy battalion." It was deliberately imprecise in its designation. The unit was trained to split apart into designated or ad hoc formations, such special companies or demi-companies, for special purposes and general confusion for the enemy. The unit (as of 3071) consisted of thirty-nine BattleMechs of mixed age and classes. The Irregulars employed two companies of regular infantry and a platoon of conventional armor, which was regularly assigned as security. It only had one DropShip, a Seeker kept in perfect operational order.


First Rim Commonality Guards (1 Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Albay Obadiah "Jake" Chowla

First Rim Guard Armor (2 Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[5]

First Rim Guard Infantry (Regular/Reliable)[5]


First Rim Commonality Guards (2 Battalions/Veteran/Reliable)[7]

  • CO: Colonel Johnson Logan

First Rim Guards Armor (Veteran/Reliable)[7]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Bert Henson

First Rim Guards Infantry (Regular/Fanatical)[7]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Romeo Hensley



  • If Colonel Ariel Peregrine-Simson's Huron Warrior is present on the battlefield, the Chaos Irregulars receive a +1 Initiative modifier.[8]
  • If Colonel Obadiah "Jake" Chowla's Thanatos is present on the battlefield, the Chaos Irregulars receive a +1 Initiative modifier. This is not cumulative with the bonus from Colonel Ariel Peregrine-Simson's presence.[8]
  • In any scenario where the Chaos Irregulars are the attacker the controlling player may choose any two map edges other than their opponents home edge; these two edges are treated as the Chaos Irregulars' home edge, and the Chaos Irregulars forces must be divided evenly between the two edges.[8]

Unit Colors[edit]

As the Chaos Irregulars, they paint their machines in charcoal grey primer. The unit’s insignia is painted on the left shoulder and right thigh of their mechs.[9] As the 1st Rim Commonality Guards, they now utilize sandy yellow with crimson highlights.[10]


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