Fox Khanate (Clan Sea Fox)

Fox Khanate
Affiliation Clan Sea Fox
Parent Command Clan Sea Fox Touman


The Dark Age[edit]

Centered around the Potemkin-class ArcShip Kraken the Fox Khanate operated in a territorial region that encompassed the border between the Draconis Combine and the Federated Suns. The Fox Khanate was content to sell arms to both the Combine and the Draconis March while each side flailed ineffectually against the other, but after a decade of lucrative trading that began in 3135 saKhan Ya'el Labov found himself in a delicate position.[1] During this time, the Fox Khanate had an ironclad contract with the Combine to provide support and maintenance for Griffin IIC BattleMechs. This close work allowed Luthien Armor Works to reverse engineer the Griffin IIC production methods.[2]

The division of territories amongst the various Sea Fox Khanates was originally envisioned as a means of ensuring that no one market dominated, but the successful incursion into the Federated Suns by the Draconis Combine led to the very real prospect that the Combine might push the Federated Suns completely out of Fox Khanate territory, putting the Combine in the position of holding a monopoly of demand. By 3145 saKhan Labov was having to tread carefully to avoid offending either of the two Great Houses with any changes to trading conditions, and while the opportunity to profit still existed, the danger in exploiting that opportunity remained high.[1]

There was some speculation about what the arrangement reached between First Prince Julian Davion and the Tiburon Khanate following the successful Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery advance into the Federated Suns would mean for the Fox Khanate. The assigned hunting grounds for the Tiburon Khanate were on the other side of the Inner Sphere, making it unlikely that the three promised worlds would be an advantage to that Khanate, even if Julian remained in a position to grant them access given the Combine advances. It was considered entirely possible that the Tiburon Khanate was in the position of acquiring the three worlds either as bargaining chips to sell on to the Fox Khanate, or even that it was acting under orders from Khan Mori Hawker in embroiling itself in Federated Suns politics.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Fox Khanate
saKhan Ya'el Labov 3145[4]




Composition History[edit]


- In 3145 the Fox Khanate was based around the ArcShip Kraken, with the various Aimags operating from a number of other ships. Alpha, Beta and Epsilon Aimags were all operating from Merchant Carrack-class transports - the Jormungandr, Cetus and Tiktaalik respectively - while Gamma Aimag was based around the Volga-class transport Megalodon and Delta Aimag was based around the Carrack-class transport Taniwha.[5]



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