Henry Kincaid

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Henry Kincaid
Character Profile
Also known as "Hack"
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Rank Colonel
Profession MechWarrior

Henry Kincaid was a 32nd Century MechWarrior and officer in the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit.


Dark Age[edit]

Major Henry "Hack" Kincaid was a MechWarrior in the Spider's Web Battalion of Wolf's Dragoons. He helped capture an Overlord-C DropShip from Clan Jade Falcon on Great X which was rechristened the Jaime Wolf (DropShip), one of four DropShips that Kincaid helped capture during his career as a Major.[1]


Colonel Kincaid was commanding officer of the Spider's Web Battalion during the time that Wolf's Dragoons were employed by the Draconis Combine and tasked with conquering the worlds of the Draconis Reach, on the Draconis Combine border with the Federated Suns. Kincaid held Wolf's Dragoons history and traditions very dear, including his reluctance to see Wolf's Dragoons employed by the Draconis Combine again and his reverence when shown the memorial to fallen Wolf's Dragoons and Ryuken warriors on Misery.[2] While working with the Ryuken, Kincaid shared a professional respect and then affectionate feelings towards Tai-sa Tori Ishihara, the Dragoons' Professional Soldiery Liaison officer and Kincaid's counterpart in operational planning.[2]

IlClan Era[edit]

After receiving orders from General Thomas Brubaker to terminate the contract with the Combine, Hack obeyed, and took his unit, the Wolfsbane Battalion and Tarantulas Battalion, out of Combine space. As they weren't able to participate at the ilClan Trial, he took both units and the Dragoons' dependents to a meeting point on Savannah in Free Worlds League space. There, on 3 June 3151, the Dragoons' survivors arrived. A furious Kincaid ordered the arrest of Marotta Kerensky and all Dragoons officers, charging the officers with treason, becoming the new Dragoon leader.[3]

Hack was as determined as Brubaker to rebuild the Dragoons and search revenge. He made a plan and began executing it: after gathering all Dragoon officers and announcing the beginning of their war against Clan Wolf, he moved all their fleet to the Marik System. At the Nadir recharge station, on 13 June, he called his captain Haya Tetsuhara, having her pose as his aide, for a meeting between him and Captain-General Nikol Halas-Hughes Marik.[4]

There, he made a deal with Nikol: giving her six Ares BattleMechs and info about the Battle of Terra, he obtained control of Nockatunga recharge station to use as a transfer point.[5]

On 6 June, Hack saw former general Brubaker. He had been stripped of his rank and sentenced to exile by the Dragoons. Kincaid rebuked him for his actions on Terra and before. He offered Brubaker the choice between exile and an honorable death. Choosing the last option, Thomas comitted suicide.[6]

The same day, Kincaid had an interview with Nicholas Crews. The former colonel had been declared guilty of treason. Hack didn't accepted his excuses and left, after telling him he would be executed by firing squad the next day.[7]

Without losing more time, Kincaid led its fleet to begin their war. Searching for recruits, salvage and weapons to rebuild the Dragoons, he sent the Tarantulas to attack New Olympia, to take a cadet Cluster as bondsmen and later Campbelton, to loot a weapons factory. The first one was a stunning success... but the second find unexpected resistance: after losing thirteen Dragoons, Hack ordered the retreat, conceding victory to the Wolves... for the moment.[8]

After leaving the system, the Tarantulas' surviving officer, Haya Tetsuhara, confronted Kincaid, furious for the retreat order. Kincaid welcomed her and said she hadn't done nothing bad. He presented a businessman, Phu-Phu Engaga, and talked to her about the Dragoons' next step. It then became evident that Hack had been grooming Haya for higher responsibilities: he promoted her to Major and gave her the task of rebuilding her next command, the long-ago destroyed Zeta Battalion.[9]

After that, the Dragoons settled on their new secret base, on the desert planet of Ilion, where they build a base, which Kincaid named Fort Joshua. After Haya resurrected Zeta, Kincaid sent them on their first contract, for the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey, where they easily took three worlds from the Wolf Empire. Hack ordered Haya to make sure the Wolves were sure that it was the Dragoons alone had punished them, not the Tamarind troops.[10]

On 17 August, Kincaid visited the captive Marotta for the first time. At the beginning, the Wolf officer was proud of his acts, but later admited being unable to understand Alaric's insulting the Dragoons. Kincaid simply called him a fool and laughed at him before leaving.[11]

On 20 April 3152, Hack received Haya and the victorious Zeta, and explained to her that he was leading the rebuilding of the long-gone Epsilon Regiment, before sending Zeta on a private mission to Gienah, the Empire's capital.[12]

On 2 July, after Zeta's successful return, Kincaid visited Marotta again, on Nockatunga recharge station, and told him how Alaric had abandoned his empire. Marotta didn't want to believe him, but Hack told him he could see for himself, as he would be released and sent to Gienah, and Terra, if he could.[13]

Only then was the true purpose of Zeta's last mission revealed, and why incaid had kept Marotta alive and unharmed: to make him return to Terra as a loser, telling Alaric how the Dragoons have stolen his future. Zeta, on Gienah, had stolen a sibko of Alaric's genetic progeny, and gave them as presents to all other Clans, but kept some of them to be raised as Dragoons. After he said that at some point in the future he would use them against Alaric, Kincaid promised Marotta he will kill him if he ever sees him again, before releasing him.[14]


Kincaid piloted a Guillotine IIC as part of the Command Star of the Spider's Web Battalion.[15]


  • Hack, Henry's nickname, designated a subpar performer, and even he recognized he was one initially.[16]
  • Ironically, Kincaid shared several features with his adversary, the Empire's Viceroy, Star Colonel Othar: both were originally unremarkable warriors, raised to command by being the highest-ranking officer left behind. Both resented having being denied the right to fight on Terra (or prevent its people fighting, in Hack's case), both hated Alaric Ward, and refused to promote themselves to a higher rank.[17][18]


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