Senatorial Alliance

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Senatorial Alliance
State Profile
Founding Year 3134
Dissolution year: 3142
Capital world: Augustine

The Senatorial Alliance was founded in 3135, in the wake of Republic of the Sphere's senators' rebellion on Terra. It was a small interstellar alliance located in the former Prefecture VI.

By 3139, the small nation included the worlds of Wasat, Hamilton, Berenson, Bernardo, and its capital world of Augustine.



In April of 3135, Republic of the Sphere Exarch Levin proclaimed the Republic Senate abolished after it was discovered that they were trying to usurp the government by controlling various people in military and including the knights. The Senate's plan was discovered by Paladin Victor Steiner-Davion, who was later assassinated for it.[1]

Initially the group was referred to as Loyalists. They held various parts of Terra, including some parts of Europe including entire nation-state of Germany, as well as parts of North and South America. As rebellion spread, more worlds joined the Senator's cause.

Their military campaigns was led by former Knight and later Senator Conner Rhys-Monroe, who masterminded the military campaigns on Terra. The Senate Alliance forces attempting to capture Paris, France and Leaders of the Inner Sphere who had gathered for Victor Steiner-Davion's funeral in June, 3135 as a last attempt to regain control of the situation and end the "Civil War".

However the 1st Davion Guards, X Principes Guards, and X Triarii Protectors successfully defended Paris and forced the Senatorial Alliance troops to withdraw.[2]

After being forced off Terra, the various senators returned to their worlds and prepared to fight the Republic. Conner Rhys-Monroe conceived the plan to take certain key worlds and formally create the Senatorial Alliance. He led a campaign from Markab to secure various worlds on his end to link the planets to worlds in Prefecture IV. He led a key battle on the world of Ronel for its functional HPG Station. He was defeated again by a Republic Coalition led by Julian Davion. Conner and his Senate forces surrendered and withdrew from Ronel back to Markab. At the same time, Liberty, the bridging world that linked Markab's side of Republic to Prefecture IV's worlds, was taken by Countess Tara Campbell. This effectively severed the alliance in half.[3]

Fortress Republic Era[edit]

After the walls of the Fortress Republic came up in October of 3135, the Alliance consolidated its borders, including Park Place.

To strengthen the Alliance military, a plan was hatched to take the independent world of Irian and its 'Mech factories for the Alliance. In July, 3136, a company of BattleMechs were shipped secretly into the warehouse of the massive factory's DropPort. When activated by an inside spy, the Senate Alliance forces attempted to take control of the facilities to secure the production runs. However, Irian planetary officials hired the newly formed mercenary battalion, the Wolf Hunters, who then attacked the raiders and destroyed them before they could take any of the cargo of newly built BattleMechs.

In retaliation to the attack on Irian, the Oriente Protectorate sent the Eagle’s Talons, their elite military force, and took Park Place as part Oriente.[4] The Senate Alliance was renamed to the Augustine Alliance upon being annexed by the Free Worlds League in September of 3142. [5]


The Alliance has multiple names: Loyalists, Alliance of Senators, & Senate Alliance. The Senatorial Alliance name was being used by outside powers as of the novel To Ride the Chimera in game year 3138.


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