Taygeta Operational Area

History & Description[edit]

The Taygeta Operational Area - also referred to as the Capellan March Edgeward Combat Theater - was a regional command within the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. One of the subdivisions of the Capellan March, the Taygeta Operational Area was a completely military administration, with no civilian governing responsibilities, and was traditionally commanded by a Field Marshal. As an Operational Area the Taygeta Operational Area had command authority over a number of smaller regional commands commonly known as Polymorphous Defense Zones or Combat Regions, although during the era of the Federated Commonwealth the PDZs were simply known as Commands.[1][2][3][4]

The size and scope of the Taygeta Operational Area expanded and contracted significantly in size after the founding of the Capellan March; at the end of the Age of War in 2571 the Taygeta Operational Area consisted of two PDzs comprising two-thirds of the total number of inhabited systems within the March.[5] The Taygeta OA expanded significantly as a result of the Reunification War, absorbing a number of systems annexed from the Taurian Concordat.[6] In common with the remainder of the Capellan March the Taygeta OA was under the Federated Suns' War Zone Actions from 2787 onwards;[7] several systems were transferred between the Taygeta OA and the Kathil Operational Area by the end of the First Succession War in 2821, although the OA also gained control of a number of systems captured from the Capellan Confederation. The structure of the Combat Regions within the Taygeta OA also changed during the First Succession War; where the two Combat Regions had been aligned along an internal anti-spinward - spinward border, the postwar internal border ran coreward - rimward.[8]

The Taygeta OA continued to expand during the Second and Third Succession Wars at the expense of the Confederation, with roughly a score of Capellan systems being conquered and incorporated into the Taygeta OA. During the Third Succession War the internal boundaries of the OA were rearranged again; the New Syrtis Combat Region was divided approximately in half, forming the New Syrtis and Warren PDZs. The Ridgebrook Combat Region was also divided in half, creating the Ridgebrook and Sirdar PDZs.[9][10][11] The Taygeta OA's borders remained stable during the Fourth Succession War and the founding of the Sarna March, although the formation of the secessionist St. Ives Compact left the Sirdar PDZ bordering three separate nations - the Capellan Confederation, St. Ives Compact and Taurian Concordat[12][13]

The launch of Operation GUERRERO saw the dissolution of much of the Sarna March and a number of changes within the structure of the Kathil OA, but the Taygeta OA was left unchanged.[14] At the end of the FedCom Civil War the Taygeta OA was still responsible for four PDZs, incorporating the Altair, New Syrtis, Sirdar and Warren PDZss.[15][16] The chaos of the Jihad and the formation of the Republic of the Sphere led to a significant change in the size and borders of the OA. In response to the secession of numerous systems and the formation of the Malagrotta Cooperative and the Filtvelt Coalition, Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion established a new March, the Periphery March. As part of creating the new June Operational Area within the Periphery March, the Warren PDZ was moved from the Taygeta OA to the June OA.[17][18][19]

During the Dark Age, the Taygeta OA expanded as a number of Capallan systems were annexed and incorporated into the Sirdar PDZ,[20] but by 3145 the capture of numerous worlds including Taygeta and New Syrtis led to the Taygeta OA being replaced with the smaller Sirdar Operational Area.[21][22][23]

Commanding Officers[edit]

In 3054, the commanding officer of the Taygeta OA was Marshal Jennifer Lawson, with Hauptmann General Clifford Scott serving as her second-in-command.[24] In 3067 the Commanding Officer of the Taygeta OA was Field Marshal Nathaniel Hasek, with Marshal Aldo Fizgerald acting as his aide.[16] In 3085 the Commanding Officer was Field Marshal Romulo Armstrong, with Marshal Charles Weeks serving as aide.[19]

Sub Regions[edit]

The following sub-regions have all been a part of the Taygeta OA at some point during their history:

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