Clan Remembrance

The Remembrance is an epic poem and a key element of Clan culture. An ongoing account, new verses are continuously added to the Remembrance as new events or personages attain prominence in a Clan's history. Though all renditions of the Remembrance are superficially similar, each Clan has its own version, reflecting their unique viewpoints and experiences.

All Clan warriors can quote whole verses from memory, such is the importance of the Remembrance in Clan culture. Like other great epics, the Remembrance's primary purpose is to glorify figures and events from the past, rather than providing a fully accurate historical record.[1]

Clan Sea Fox Founder Karen Nagasawa is credited within that Clan as the original instigator of the Remembrance, though only that Clan's records and those of the Blood Spirits support this claim.[2]


All versions[edit]

Passage 1[edit]

Hark, children of the Clans,

To the wisdom of Kerensky and your forebears.
Know what has come before;
Remember it as you strive toward the future.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 1, Verse 1, Lines 1-4[2]

Passage 22[edit]

Two score as one mount, four steeds of the Great Father

Descended to return light to paradise, to bring peace to Hell,
But faced the gauntlet that would test them all

-- The Remembrance, Passage 22, Verse 1, Lines 1-3[3]

Passage 23[edit]

Babylon, bright jewel in the dark,

The Heart of the Cobra,
The Skill of the Coyote,
The Courage of the Hellion,
The Rage of the Fox.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 23, Verse 2, Lines 8–12[4]

Passage 24[edit]

Liberation and justice was their goal,

To purge the corruption and to make the land whole,
But through stone and sky and sand and sea,
Bitter Tears would be Circe's legacy.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 24, Verse 1, Lines 4-7[5]

Passage 25[edit]

Like shining stars the warriors descended,

A fiery rain to purify and punish,
Yet even angels can be corrupted,
Brought low by base desires.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 25, Verse 3, Lines 9-11[6]

Passage 26[edit]

Bloody vengeance would be Eden's fate,

The heart of darkness,
Doomed to wait,
For the Sons of Kerensky,
Grim and merciless.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 26, Verse 2, Lines 4-8[7]

Unidentified Passage[edit]

And Nicholas bade them that battles could be waged for property and goods,

And that innocents need not perish.
Thus he instructed the Khans as to the Trial of Possession,
Its rules specific and just...

-- The Remembrance, Unidentified passage[8]

Clan Blood Spirit[edit]

Passage 42[edit]

The Grand Council, in arrogance, gave their decree:

Blood Spirit, you must conform to the Way of the Clans.
You have strayed from the Path; we will lead you back.
The flash of the blade, the striking knife, the traitor's stab!
On the Path our step is true-while other Clans falter.
We held out our hands, in the spirit of Kerensky's Dream,
And our brethren chose to treat the gesture as folly.
In isolation's embrace, we forsake all and live for the future.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 42, Verse 7, Lines 5-12[9]

Passage 48[edit]

Looming low and ominous,

The Adder skulks in the reeds.
In twilight premature,
Our enemies seek our undoing.
In the end a mirror, Strengthening us with every stab of fair fang.
The path inward must be forsaken,
Our new allies chosen with care,
The Adder's destruction unfolds,
The Founder's true goals met.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 48, Verse 1, Lines 1-9[10]

Clan Cloud Cobra[edit]

Passage 10[edit]

"The darkness is behind us, the light is ahead.

Strive toward it, for it is the Way."
Said our Founders, Nicholas.
"Be ever vigilant
And rely on your strength:
Faith, which preserves us;
Knowledge, which gives us power;
Understanding, which lets us face the darkness without fear."

-- The Remembrance, Passage 10, Verse 9, Lines 1-10[11]

Clan Coyote[edit]

Passage 44[edit]

Master of man and machine, servitor to none,

The Coyote awaits.
Skilled and tenacious, a predator without peer,
The Coyote strikes:
Fear in the hearts of its enemies,
Pain at their sides,
Death at their throats

-- The Remembrance, Passage 44, Verse 2, Lines 25-31[12]

Clan Diamond Shark[edit]

Passage 127[edit]

Bid the Sea Fox farewell;

Noble he was, but not strong enough.
The diamond shark has devoured him;
The shark is the greater warrior.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 127, Verse 35, Lines 6-9[13]

Passage 127[edit]

Grace, honor and nobility; show these beforehand.

But when the battle begins,
Attack with terrifying swiftness,
Be the Diamond Shark, relentless and ruthless.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 127, Verse 42, Lines 16-20[14]

Passage 152[edit]

The shark is the ultimate pelagic predator.

The shark ceaselessly patrols the blue depths.
Its black eyes gather the ocean's meager light as it endlessly searches for the scent of blood.
Or the tremors of a thrashing fish.

Far from the blooms of plankton that anchor the web of life near reefs and shallows, the ocean deeps are vast blue deserts.
The predators that survive in these barren waters must forever be on the lookout for prey.

To survive, the shark must be always moving.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 152, Verse 6[15]

Clan Fire Mandrill[edit]

Passage 49[edit]

And Nicholas Kerensky did charge us, the Fire Mandrills;

As we have left behind the differences between nations.
So now we observe the Way of the Clans, of the family.
Carry your name, and your Names, proudly.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 49, Verse 75, Lines 12-15[16]

Passage 99[edit]

Violently we strike at those who would cage us,

Mark our victories as cheap, our holdings as their own.
Honor, Skill, Foresight,
Strength-but never Unity.
What remains of our Spirit?

-- The Remembrance, Passage 99, Verse 2, Lines 185-188[17]

Clan Ghost Bear[edit]

Passage 8[edit]

The General's intent was clearly stated,

To depart and never return.
He forced none but swayed many;
This compassionate, brilliant man
Had led thousands to victory,
And he would again lead the long march.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 8, Verse 6, Lines 12-17[18]

Passage 45[edit]

Drawing strength from each other, they survived;

Tseng and Jorgensson emerged from the snow,
And forged a Clan in the ghost bear's mold:
Unity of purpose and strength of spirit,
No task undertaken lightly or left half-done.
To these ideals we hold true until we all shall fall.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 45, Verse 6, Lines 13-18[19]

Passage 155[edit]

Now is the time

To prove
What we know to be true:
That we shall conquer all.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 155, Verse 2, Lines 45-48[20]

Unidentified Passage[edit]

Though he may rage,

The wise bear fights from the head.
Not from the heart.

-- The Remembrance, Unidentified Passage[21]

Now, let the full fury of the Ghost Bear run wild.

Now, let his fangs bite, and his talons rend.
Now, let him feast on the bodies of those who would hunt him.

-- The Remembrance, Unidentified Passage[22]

None stronger, none more fearless

Than the Ghost Bear.
None can hold against him.
What we know to be true:
The Ghost Bear conquers all.

-- The Remembrance, Unidentified Passage[23]

Clan Goliath Scorpion[edit]

Passage 24[edit]

Life begun with blackest darkness,

Eyes thrown open with hottest fire.
Thoughts annealed with clearest vision,
Hearts confined with strongest chains.
Strength renewed with surest spirit;
Absolution, the Scorpion's string.

  — The Remembrance, Passage 24, Verse 37, Lines 11-16[24]

Passage 316[edit]

On the black Seam they dance,

Moonlit steel gleaming in the twilight.
Black and Gold, red and silver,
Their clothes stir the still night air.
Five steps taken, five cuts drawn,
The Scar of Moreau's tribulation.
They pay heed to our debt, to our past,
Reborn with the death of our mother.

  — The Remembrance, Passage, 316, Verse 12, Lines 1-8[25]

Unidentified Passages[edit]

Seek out the past; it is your future
  — The Remembrance, Unidentified line, authorship attributed to Ethan Moreau[26]
Look not forward!

Turn now, toward the revenants of retrospect: From the ashes of the Past Riseth forth the phoenix of the Future.

  — The Remembrance, Unidentified lines, authorship attributed to Ethan Moreau[27]

Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

Passage 13[edit]

From the fires of Eden came John Fletcher,

A true warrior, leader of men, not of machines.
His wisdom became that of a new Clan
That challenged even the mightiest of 'Mechs.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 13, Verse 1, Lines 1-4[28]

Passage 459[edit]

Fifteen score of our unblooded children
Slaughtered on the altar of ophidian treachery,
Their stouthearted generation forever lost to us.

-- The Remembrance (Clan Hell’s Horses), Passage 459, Verse 3, Lines 14–16[29]

Clan Ice Hellion[edit]

Passage 5[edit]

In turn they tested each Clan namesake

In trial against the ice hellion's mettle.
Each chased the ice hellion, hunting it down.
All failed to match the predator's speed and grace.
Khan Cage smiled and said. "And that is how we shall be."

-- The Remembrance, Passage 5, Verse 3, Lines 1-5[30]

Clan Jade Falcon[edit]


We are Jade Falcon, great among the Clans.

-- The Remembrance, Opening[31]

Passage 8[edit]

Then Warrior Hazen grew cold

Watching noble DeChavilier die.
She heard her mind whisper
Urging her to fly,
To forget her duty.
But with a defiant cry
Proud Turkina dove
From the realm of death
To seize Hazen's heart
And shake it free of fear
Leaving pure her soul
And her duty clear.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 8, Verse 36, Lines 58-66[32]

Passage 97[edit]

With falcon sight we choose our foes.

On falcon wings we harry them.
With falcon claws we smite our foes.
And with falcon tenacity we win.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 97, Verse ??, Lines 6-9[33]

Passage 417[edit]

Remember those events that brought us these fifteen years of shame. But remember also those who fell to restore the glorious Star League. Above all, remember the blood legacy of Aidan Pryde, child of Kerensky; he made the final sacrifice so that his Clan could continue. For eternity shall we praise him; in fifteen years shall we avenge him.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 471, Verse 29, Lines 74-79[34]

Unidentified Passage[edit]

Let the Falcon take flight in a new generation

Let the stars be its hunting grounds.

-- The Remembrance, Unidentified passage[35]

An eyas born

By hardship, grown strong;
For his Bloodname he risked all; death, disgrace;
Concealing his true worth beneath a freeborn face,
Enduring suffering with a quiet strength.
From shame he drew glory,
Redeeming the evil of Twycross;
Our dishonor and defeat he turned to bright victory.

-- The Remembrance, Unidentified passage dedicated to Aidan Pryde[36]

O Falcons, praise his name through all our generations!

As he fledgling grows within the shell.
The shell was the Way of the Clan,
Watch he shattered with courage and will
As with beak and talons of iron.
Denying the Way, he fulfilled the Way;
Pryde broke those who would break him.

-- The Remembrance, Unidentified passage dedicated to Aidan Pryde[36]

...for on Twycross on the day that the Wolves lost a Khan, it was the aged Joanna that flew and slew.

--The Remembrance, Unidentified passage dedicated to Joanna[37]

Clan Nova Cat[edit]

Passage 14[edit]

The wise Nicholas spoke to them all

Through the haze of their anguish;
His passion flowed through the doubt
His conviction tore at the fear
He was become the living legend
Phillip listened and believed;
He would follow this great man
As he had followed the father
Into Exodus, and hope

-- The Remembrance, Passage 14, Verse 1, Lines 1-9[38]

Passage 50[edit]

And in her vision the wolf howled,

But the nova cat paced steadily on,
Undisturbed by the petty battles
Others fought, trying to cage it within the bars of
Thoughtless sameness. The nova cat gazed
Straight ahead, its heart and mind devoted to
The Ways of Seeing, devoted to a more perfect life.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 50, Verse 5, Lines 26-32[39]

Passage 374[edit]

A pouncing cat stalks the hunting cat

roar the two engage in a death's embrace
the coiled serpent crushes both
A pouncing cat stalks the hunting cat
with care, the pouncing cat watches
the coiled serpent crushes the hunting cat
a new star is born

-- The Remembrance, Passage 374, Verse 3, Lines 17-24[39]

Unidentified Passage[edit]

And so the founder asked her,

'When is night darkest?'
And she declaimed,
'When dreams become nightmares'

-- Attributed to Anna Rosse, referring to her childhood with the Terran Resistance[40]

Clansmen will follow their Khan,

Proven to be the mightiest warrior.
But Nova Cat warriors only follow a Khan
With conviction born of personal vision.
That Clan will surpass all others.

-- Attributed to Sandra Rosse[41]

Clan Sea Fox[edit]

Passage 2[edit]

Show your opponent the honor deserving;

Be secure in your own nobility.
This was the Founder's charge.
This was the totem of the Sea Fox.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 2, Verse 14, Lines 1-4[14]

Passage 12[edit]

Then Karen Nagasawa said,

"The past holds wise men as well as fools;
Why, then, do we listen only to the foolish
When we have another choice?"

-- The Remembrance, Passage 12, Verse 14, Lines 4-7[42]

Passage 96[edit]

As each warrior plays his role in battle

So each caste plays its role for the Clan. Growers of food and makers of 'Mechs, Those who discover and those who enrich, All look for justice to the warrior who governs.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 96, Verse 12, Lines 1-5[43]

Clan Smoke Jaguar[edit]

Passage 104[edit]

Remember Franklin Osis,

Father of the Clan.
Three strengths he gave us:
The jaguar's spring that brings the enemy down,
The jaguar's claws that rend the enemy's heart,
The jaguar's taste of the enemy's hot blood.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 104, Verse 18, Lines 5-10[44]

Passage 121[edit]

Five are our foundation;

One above the rest.
Four are the steppingstones,
The fifth the pinnacle.
The laborer, the technician, the scientist, the merchant,
These are the stepping stones
To the warrior's place.
As the insect feeds the bird,
As the bird feeds the wolf,
As the wolf feeds the smoke jaguar,
So all give life to the warrior
Who sheds his blood for their glory.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 121, Verse 43, Lines 12-24[45]

Passage 204[edit]

In our dark day of wandering,

He gave us Hidden Hope;
Our sacred duty calls us to return.
As our Father told us
And his father before him,
Ours is the redemption of the Universe;
Ours is the paradise of Terra;
Ours is the war of liberation.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 204, Verse 6, Lines 2-9[46]

Passage 215[edit]

Remember Leo Showers,

Great Khan of Khans.
He showed us the way to destiny,
And gave his life to achieve it.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 215, Verse 31, Lines 22-25[47]

Mourn for our IlKhan, o warriors!

Cry curses to the heavens!
They have silenced the voice of the Crusaders;
Let them be ash beneath our feet.
Make your hearts as proud as his,
Make your blood as fierce,
Make your blows as deadly to our enemies.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 215, Verse 31, Lines 26-32[48]

Passage 329[edit]

Fifteen years, fellow warriors. Fifteen years

We are to suffer in shame and silence,
Listening to the crowing and laughter
Of our enemies, who think us defeated.
But remember, warriors, we are the Clans.
What fails to kill us only makes us stronger.
And when future sibkos learn of us,
They will know the sixteenth year
As the Stacalkas-Nomen: The year
The punishment of our enemies began.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 329, Verse 53, Lines 141-150[49]

Clan Star Adder[edit]

Passage 5[edit]

Go, Star Adder,

You are the stalker, the hunter, the killer.
Your prey stands before you;
Show them the way
Of the true warrior.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 5, Verse 17, Lines 20-24[50]

Passage 214[edit]

'It is time,' said Khan Cassius N'Buta, 'to take our rightful place

As the leaders of a new enlightened time
And to teach them all
The price of opposition:
The price of blood, the price of honorless death—the price the Blood Spirit shall taste.'

-- The Remembrance, Passage 214, Verse 1, Lines 1-8[51]

Clan Steel Viper[edit]

Passage 3[edit]

From the ranks of the many she rose,

Preeminent among all others.
Foe after foe fell before the young warrior
For destiny guided her sword.
When our Leader called, she rose
And became the head of the mighty Serpent.
She guided the Viper alongside the Wolf,
Along the path of the True Vision.
Let us forever honor the First Khan, who showed the way.
Let us remain faithful to the True Path she marked for the Viper.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 3, Verse 5, Lines 6-15[52]

Passage 171[edit]

With the truth of Kerensky's vision,

Khan Mercer brought harmony from discord,
And as the Founder had done before,
Sought isolation to bring forth victory.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 171, Verse 27, Lines 16-19[53]

Clan Widowmaker[edit]

Passage 45[edit]

Nicholas Kerensky learned of the betrayal by the Not-Named Clan. They rejected the ways of the Clan, and sought to regain the ills and horrors of our past. He warned the Grand Council of their slow, sneaking betrayal, and likened it to a cancer preying upon our people. Time would prove the depth of their rebellious spirit…

During the debate, the Khans of the Not-Named Clan rose up and denounced Nicholas, saying that his ways were evil and that he sought to harm their people. They defied the Council in the name of greed and lust, declaring themselves "free" of chains that did not exist…
…and so the Great Council of Khans did vote that the Not-Named Clan be purged by Trial of Annihilation for their betrayal of our ways. The Khans called upon their warriors, and began to carry out the will of the Council…
The battlefield was far and widespread, sending warriors far from Clan space to the very hinterlands of our former worlds. Many brave warriors perished in battle with the betrayers, who fought without honor and without a true warrior's soul. Clan Widowmaker and Wolf waded into the maelstrom of the conflict, and the Not-Named Clan fought dishonorably…
A year of battle and war ended when the Council declared victory, and the Clans returned home from destroying the genes of the betrayers. Nicholas recognized the effects of the war, and proclaimed that the evil had been purged.
The captives were killed or made barren, and like a healed wound, only a slight scar remained.
All mention of the Not-Named Clan was removed from Clan lore and history. To utter their name was heresy punishable by a Trial of Grievance against the Khans themselves. The cancer, once removed, was forgotten.
Nicholas, savior of us all, knew that some of the Not-Named Clan could have survived, and took steps to preserve his Clans against future treachery. His word declared that any whose blood could be traced to the Not-Named Clan, found anywhere, at any time, must be killed in combat. The warrior who killed all the kin of the betrayer according to the Clan code of honor earned the right to forge a new Bloodname as that warrior's Bloodright. This opportunity for glory and honor would hold for all time, allowing any generation to purge the ills of the past from the new order. His word was just and true, and the Council made it law …
…and so it has stood for all time. The word of Nicholas Kerensky rules the Clans as binding law, strong and sure, protecting us always. His word remains unbroken, and binds all generations to the trial against the Not-Named…
…many seeking the honor of the Bloodname left Clan space in search of those of the Not-Named Clan who might have survived. Most did not return. Those who did return had not found honor by striking dead a tainted bloodline. And so it has been…

-- The Remembrance, compiled by Loremaster Lyndella Meredith, [Passage] 45, excerpts from Verses 22-28.[54]

Clan Wolf[edit]

Passage 2[edit]

Where nature's laws threatened the weary;

When food, water, even air itself ran low,
It took just a command, a word, a smile,
From the General to light the way.
He was comfort, stem courage, compassion,
To our sires as he led them from the fires
That grew and fed on those they left behind.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 2, Verse 14, Lines 18-24[55]

Passage 3[edit]

The just deaths of the traitors frightened some

There among the darkness and alien stars.
A few lost heart and began with a quavering resolve
To question the Great Father's plan.
With stern compassion he spoke and all was revealed;
How their destiny was the Hidden Hope
Of all mankind and how their sons' sons
Would one day return to the Inner Spheres
Bringing back the enlightenment to the Star League
To those unfortunates they had left behind.
Such was their right, such is our legacy of blood.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 3, Verse 22, Lines 1-11[56]

There will be a time when our descendants

Return to reclaim what is our right.
With honor swelling their hearts, they will crusade
Against the dark emotions that have dimmed.
The Inner Sphere for so long.
But with the glory comes responsibility;
Without a pure soul we cannot give sight
To their blind lives, but will only blind ourselves.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 3, Verse 41, Lines 1-8[57]

Passage 8[edit]

The rebels, heeding neither strength nor sense,

Cowardly ambushed noble DeChavilier.
Although he fought like a lion, he died
And with his death came the clouds, and reason fled
Like a winter sun's feeble evening light
Above hopeless Eden and wicked Babylon.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 8, Verse 36, Lines 51-56[58]

Passage 67[edit]

Five, Nicholas proclaimed, was the foundation

Upon which our true society was to be built.
Laborers to till the land, to do the tasks:
They shall have our undying gratitude,
For they are the muscle behind us all.
Merchants to buy and sell with fairness:
They shall have our commerce and respect,
For they are the bones upon which we are built.
Technicians to build and fix the machines:
They shall have our admiration,
For they are the fingers with which we grasp life.
Scientists to create and discover:
They shall have our awe and our attention,
For they are the mind of our society.
And above all, the Warriors who protect.
They shall have our cooperation and worship,
For they are the blood and soul of us all.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 67, Verse 26, Lines 21-37[59]

Passage 72[edit]

For the day will come and our kin will stand

On Terra's firm soil, ready to rebuild
The Star League with their hearts and hands.
But who shall lead? Upon whose shoulders
Will the burden lie? The answer is the test; The test is the journey. Whichever Clan
Carves its way through the barbarians
To reach that fabled cradle of us all
Shall be the vehicle of the League's rebirth. Upon
The Star League throne shall sit that Clan's
Wisest Khan. So should it be - So shall it be.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 72, Verse 22, Lines 14-24[60]

Passage 74[edit]

Let all warriors bear their mark proudly,

Taking what pride they can in their accomplishments;
For our lives should be full of glory, but short.
On the battlefield, we are alone.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 74, Verse 26, Lines 1-4[61]

Passage 98[edit]

From Kerensky's Stars came the Eight Hundred

Beneath a banner of Truth and Righteous Light
To lift up those who had suffered and to smite down
With fearful vengeance those who had ruled
In the name of Vanity or Greed.
The thunder of their BattleMechs' feet, the lightning
From their weapons, and the blood spilled in their name
Created the Clan Spirit, the forge upon which
We have fashioned ourselves to be the weapon
Of the resurrected Star League,
Honed to a razor's edge by the Trials,
By the Remembrance, and by the Words
Of the Great Kerenskys, our sires, our savior.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 98, Verse 24, Lines 8-20[62]

Passage 118[edit]

All praise the art of batchall and bidding

For it proves our love of peace and tradition.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 118, Verse 3, Lines 11-12[63]

Passage 149[edit]

Like a poisonous weed, the Not-Named fostered

Thoughts and actions against the Clans, calling them
"Independence" and "Freedom", not realizing
Their every act chained them to the corruptions
That brought down the noble Star League
And set the Inner Sphere aflame.
But the Clans survived by condemning
Them to a bitter annihilation.
Led by Clans Wolf and Widowmaker,
The Grand Council wiped clean the records,
Obliterating with the warm blood
Of its tragically doomed warriors
Every mention of the Not-Named Clan.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 149, Verse 55, Lines 21-33[64]

Passage 154[edit]

About the fallen hero they gathered,

None able to give voice to his shock.
Khan Jerome Winson knelt, tears streaming,
To cradle Nicholas Kerensky's head.
To wipe the blood from the cold brow,
To close the lightless eyes. Peace great Hero.
Choked with sadness and anger
Khan Jerome Winson spoke. "Khan Cal Jorgensson,
I cry, not for myself, nor for others.
I weep for your Clan Widowmaker. There is a price for such a crime
As you have committed. A price you
And your Clan will pay."

-- The Remembrance, Passage 154, Verse 34, Lines 16-28[65]

Passage 167[edit]

And Minaka Widowmaker spoke,

"I claim the Bloodname Vordermark;
It was my mother's and my mother's father's,
It is mine by association and blood pride."
The Council was stunned and outraged
By her lack of respect for the Clan ways.
Then the ilKhan rose and spoke wise words.
"Such a claim is not freely granted, Minaka.
Although your blood may cry out Vordermark,
It is your muscle and mind that will make it so.
Remember the Rede of our past, Widowmaker,
And do not ask words to win what the trial decides.
If strong, you will win the right.
But do justice to our future
By remembering our past, young one.
Those are my words, that is my judgment"

-- The Remembrance, Passage 167, Verse 34, Lines 33-48[66]

Passage 174[edit]

By the Founder's writ,

Clan Widowmaker is no more.
Its warriors submitted
To the holy crucible of combat
And emerged not through the other side.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 174, Verse 12, Lines 1–5[67]

Passage 222[edit]

And never forget that help may come

From the most unlikely of quarters
And success rest upon the shoulders
Of those kept shadowed until the time of need.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 222, Verse 6, Lines 11-14[68]

Passage 272[edit]

Then the order came: "Unfurl the sails".

Ready for jump, mighty warriors.
We journey back, we journey home,
Carrying the flame of the Star League
Back to the heart. We face the ignorant
Who believe themselves civilized and strong,
But they will soon discover otherwise.
We are the Clans, the Star League incarnate.
None can stand against us and survive."

-- The Remembrance, Passage 272, Verse 8, Lines 11-19[69]

Passage 285[edit]

No natural calamities cost you.

There was no great disease, no famines;
No interstellar catastrophe to blame.
You have no excuse to explain
How this, out rightful palace, has been fouled
With the dust of countless innocent dead.
The truth is that you are the descendants
Of traitors who scurry about like rats
In the dark, fighting over petty kingdoms
At the foot of the empty throne.
Never recognizing that you have given up
The one true prize.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 285, Verse 15, Lines 21-32[70]

Passage 294[edit]

Tyra of the Rasalhague led,

Forth her fiery flying Drakøns,
Gallant in bronze. A warrior woman whose hands
Were unskilled in the ways of hearth and home,
In skills of war she was hard and trained
To leave behind the airy winds and fight
Where the void is eternal and life fleeting.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 294, Verse 8, Lines 17-23[71]

Tyra and her warriors fought

Like crazed demons above Radstadt.
When her fighter crippled by ours,
And her life leaked away into the endless night,
She chose to die
And sent her fighter like a spear
Through the Dire Wolf, claiming as isorla
Our mighty ilKhan's life. Sing of our loss, warriors!
Sing, but of Tyra also
For though an enemy, her courage none can deny.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 294, Verse 8, Lines 24-33[72]

Passage 327[edit]

And so the Khans met in kurultai

To discuss the carving of Tukayyid.
As if it was some feast dish cooked
And tender, begging for the server's knife.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 327, Verse 3, Lines 5-8[73]

Passage 328[edit]

Sons and daughters of the blood legacy

Inspire me as I sing,
Of the deaths dealt out on Tukayyid
And of what our warriors faced and bravely fought:
Help me paint a portrait of an apocalypse.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 328, Verse 1, Lines 1-5[74]

Clan Wolf (In Exile)[edit]

Passage 411[edit]

And the ilKhan give us his final words,

Charging us to protect those
With whom we found refuge in our time of need.
In this, our final duty, we shall not fail.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 411, Verse 16, Lines 1-4[75]

Clan Wolverine[edit]

After the Annihilation of Clan Wolverine, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky called a meeting of the Khans of the remaining Clans. During that meeting, he used a laser pistol to destroy a copy of the Wolverine Remembrance found on Lum, alleged to be the only surviving copy.[76]

Clan Star Spirit[edit]

…ogether we will rise

To bring with us the Founder's wrath
And the true vision of humanity's destiny.

-- The Remembrance, Clan Star Spirit, Unidentified passage (from a degraded transmission record archived by Interstellar Expeditions)[77]

Spirit Cats[edit]

In the darkness, a thousand un-trod paths

Beckon our blindness, sirens for stopped eyes.
With courage unshaken, grasp Ways of Seeing,
Sniffing paths for truth, claws unsheathed; questing the light.
Liz Nostra through a dozen battles, a true Nova Cat warrior,
Victory – steps closer down the path . . . refuge!
Her victory on the shoulders of warriors great and small,
He from Blood House [sic] Drummond,
Who reminded the Cats of their Dragon heritage.
Enemies abound,
Allies stretch their hands across the darkness.

-- The Remembrance (Spirit Cats), Passage 2, Verse 3, Lines 1–10[78]

Unknown Clan[edit]

Apocryphal Content Starts

The information after this notice comes from apocryphal sources; the canonicity of such information is uncertain.
Please view the reference page for information regarding their canonicity.

Passage 156[edit]

Therefore the youngest of them all stood up,

And with a voice like amber wine she spoke:
"Great sir, now all is clear and seeming well,
Yet still there is but one remaining problem;
My children, sir, they as of yet unborn,
Shall never hear your words so pure and grand."
"You see"' the great one spoke aloud: "It is
your humble kin for whom I write this book.
It is the law, our honor bound in hide."

-- The Remembrance, Passage 156, Verse 4, Lines 24-32[79]

Apocryphal Content Ends


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