Endgame at Engadine

Endgame at Engadine
Product information
Type Short story/novella (2 parts)
Author Kevin Killiany
Pages 112
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 11 December 2006 (part 1)
3 January 2007 (part 2)
Era Civil War era
Timeline 2 September-15 November 3067
Series Chaos Irregulars stories
Preceded by Gambit at Noisiel
Followed by Convergence at Khon Kaen

Endgame at Engadine is a story by Kevin Killiany that was published online on BattleCorps as the seventh and eighth parts (and sixth story) of the Chaos Irregulars series.

Plot summary[edit]

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Part 1[edit]

Jake stomped the jump pedals, rotating the tillers as acceleration slammed him into the command couch. The pinewoods dropped away, some of the saplings bursting aflame in the jump jets’ backwash.

Part 2[edit]

You the reader have guided Jake, Ariel, Pauls, Davis, Reema, and all the rest through many different contracts. You've watched the unit suffer and prosper throughout their many contracts. Though the story choices are over, the unit is destined for greatness...

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