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In most militaries, a lieutenant is a platoon or lance commander. In naval or administrative settings, they command departments or sections. The naval equivalent to this rank in most militaries is ensign.

In some militaries there is a previous rank, called Second lieutenant or also junior lieutenant.[1] When used the Second lieutenant is the lowest commissioned officer rank.[citation needed]


In the SLDF, many Lieutenants were "mustangs", noncommissioned officers who were so capable that they went to Officer Candidate School. Unlike many other militaries, the SLDF did not immediately commission graduates of military academies as Lieutenants. These recent graduates were instead made Sergeants until they distinguished themselves on the battlefield.

SLDF Lieutenants wore a simple olive green bar as their insignia.[2]

In the second Star League, Lieutenants wore the same insignia as their first Star League counterparts. The second Star League also used an additional Lieutenant rank, Lieutenant, Senior Grade. This rank was indicated by adding a silver pip to the center of the standard Lieutenant insignia.[3]

SLDF Rank insignia
Rank Insignia (First SLDF)[4] Insignia (Second SLDF)[5]
Lieutenant SLDF-Lieutenant.png SLDF-Lieutenant.png
Lieutenant, SG N/A SLDF-LieutenantSG-2ndSL.png

Lyran Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance[edit]

In the LCAF, a Leutnant is the rank given to recent academy graduates while they demonstrate their technical and leadership skills. Uniquely, the Leutnant has not yet won a commission, and is technically not an officer, similar to the AFFS rank of Subaltern. A Leutnant is frequently referred to by their job title, for example, MechWarrior, Gunner, Pilot, etc.[6]

Once a Leutnant demonstrates their leadership abilities, they are promoted to the rank of First Leutnant, and given permanent command of a lance or platoon.[7]

LAAF Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Leutnant LeutnantLAAF.png
First Leutnant FirstLeutnantLAAF.png

Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery[edit]

In the DCMS, a lance or platoon leader holds the rank of Chu-i. These officers wear a royal blue kanji number 3 as their rank insignia.[8] In the Draconis Combine Admiralty these officers are called Sho-i (Ensign). A Sho-i who commands a lance of two aerospace fighters is often called a lancer.[9] In the DCMS Support and Engineering Corps (Technical Service) officers at this rank are known as Master Chief Petty Officers.[10]

DCMS Officer Ranks by branch of service
Rank MechWarrior Aerospace pilot Infantry Armor Artillery Naval crew Technical
Chui-mech.png Chui-asf.png Chui-infantry.png Chui-armor.png Chui-artillery.png Chui-naval.png Chui-tech.png

Armed Forces of the Federated Suns[edit]

In the AFFS, a Leftenant is a lance or platoon leader. This rank is equivalent to Lieutenant. They wear an epaulette in their branch color as their rank symbol.[11]

AFFS Leftenant insignia by branch of service
Rank MechWarrior Aerospace pilot Infantry Armor Naval crew Technical
Administrative Medical Legal Logistics/
Leftenant LeftenantMW.png LeftenantASF.png Leftenantinf.png Leftenantarmor.png Leftenantnaval.png Leftenanttech.png Leftenantadmin.png Leftenantmedical.png Leftenantlegal.png Leftenantlogistics.png

Capellan Confederation Armed Forces[edit]

Formerly known as Subcommander, post–Xin Sheng the CCAF retitled this rank as Sao-wei or Lieutenant. After graduating from the academy, all MechWarriors and fighter pilots are given the rank of lieutenant. Among conventional forces, a lieutenant commands an infantry platoon or armor lance, or serves in a managerial position in noncombat units.[12][13]

Within the elite Warrior Houses, the equivalent rank is Ban-zhang, denoting an infantry squad leader or MechWarrior.[13]

CCAF Military Ranks
CCAF Rank Insignia

Free Worlds League[edit]

Traditionally, the FWLM divides lieutenants into two ranks: Lieutenant, Junior Grade (abbreviated Lieutenant JG) and Lieutenant, Senior Grade (Lieutenant SG). In any case, lieutenants serve as lance/platoon leaders or staff officers.[14]

Lieutenants SG were typically lance commanders, while lieutenants JG were recent academy graduates (similar to the AFFS subaltern).[15]

Lieutenants JG wore a single, narrow gold bar as their rank insignia, while lieutenants SG wore a wide gold bar and a narrow gold bar.[15]

FWLM Lieutenant's Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Lieutenant, Junior Grade LieutenantJG-FWL.png
Lieutenant, Senior Grade LieutenantSG-FWL.png

The Clans[edit]

In the Clans, Lieutenant doesn't appear as a rank. Stars (a Clan lance) are instead commanded by Star Commanders.

Clan Blood Spirit[edit]

Clan Blood Spirit Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander Blood-Spirits-Star-Commander.png

Clan Cloud Cobra[edit]

Clan Cloud Cobra Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander CloudCobra-StarCommander.png

Clan Coyote[edit]

The Nova Commander rank used by the Coyotes could be considered a senior Lieutenant rank.

Clan Coyote Military Rank Insignia[16]
Rank Insignia
Star Commander Coyote-StarCommander.png
Nova Commander Coyote-NovaCommander.png

Clan Diamond Shark[edit]

Clan Diamond Shark Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander DiamondShark-StarCommander.png

Clan Fire Mandrill[edit]

Clan Fire Mandrill Rank Insignia by service branch[17]
Rank MechWarrior Aerospace pilot Elemental
Star Commander FireMandrill-StarCommander-MW.png FireMandrill-StarCommander-ASF.png FireMandrill-StarCommander-Elemental.png

Clan Ghost Bear[edit]

Clan Ghost Bear Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander GhostBear-StarCommander.png

Clan Goliath Scorpion[edit]

Clan Goliath Scorpion Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander GoliathScorpion-StarCommander.png

Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

The Nova Commander rank used by the Horses could be considered a Senior Lieutenant rank.

Clan Hell's Horses Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander HellsHorses-StarCommander.png
Nova Commander HellsHorses-NovaCommander.png

Clan Ice Hellion[edit]

Clan Ice Hellion Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander IceHellion-StarCommander.png

Clan Jade Falcon[edit]

Clan Jade Falcon Officer Rank Insignia[18]
Rank Trueborn Freeborn
Star Commander JadeFalcon-TBStarCommander.png JadeFalcon-FBStarCommander.png

Clan Nova Cat[edit]

Clan Nova Cat (SLDF)[edit]

Clan Nova Cat Military Rank Insignia[19]
Rank Insignia
Star Commander NovaCat-StarCommander.png

Clan Sea Fox[edit]

Clan Smoke Jaguar[edit]

Clan Smoke Jaguar Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander SmokeJaguar-StarCommander.png

Clan Snow Raven[edit]

Clan Snow Raven Rank Insignia by service branch[20]
Rank MechWarrior Aerospace pilot Elemental Naval crew Armor Infantry Support
Star Commander SnowRaven-StarCommander-MW.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-ASF.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Elemental.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Naval.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Armor.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Infantry.png SnowRaven-StarCommander-Support.png

Clan Star Adder[edit]

Clan Star Adder Rank Insignia by service branch
Rank MechWarrior Aerospace pilot Elemental Naval crew
Star Commander Star-Adder-StarCommander-MW.png Star-Adder-StarCommander-ASF.png Star-Adder-StarCommander-Elemental.png Star-Adder-StarCommander-Naval.png

Clan Steel Viper[edit]

Clan Steel Viper Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander SteelViper-StarCommander.png

Clan Wolf/Clan Wolf-in-Exile[edit]

Clan Wolf/Clan Wolf-in-Exile Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Commander Wolf-StarCommander.png

ComStar/Word of Blake[edit]

Neither ComStar nor the Word of Blake use Lieutenant in their ranking system. Instead six-element Level II formations (Demi-Companies) are commanded by Adepts.

ComStar Adepts use a ComStar logo with a blue halo to show their rank. Word of Blake Adepts use a silver medallion. Insignia shows theta symbol, indicating JumpShip/WarShip crew. Other service branches replace theta with appropriate Greek letter.

Com Guard/Word of Blake Militia Insignia
Rank Com Guards Insignia Word of Blake Militia Insignia
Adept Comstar-Adept.png WoB-Adept.png

Free Rasalhague Republic[edit]

In the KungsArmé, officers with this rank are called Löjtnant, Swedish for Lieutenant.[21] These soldiers wear a green patch with a vertical gold bar crossed at the base by a small gold bar as their rank insignia.

KungsArmé Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Löjtnant FreeRasalhague-Lieutenant.png

Magistracy of Canopus[edit]

In the Magistracy Armed Forces, all officer ranks are purchased, with the rank of Ensign as the lowest for sale, anywhere from between 10,000 to 15,000 C-bills. Found in both the Army and Navy, an Ensign is not assigned the command of a specific number of personnel, but varies depending on the mission, circumstances and combat experience. Some ensigns can command as few as ten or as many as a hundred.[22][23] Ensigns wear a blue-green diamond edged in gold as their rank symbol.

Magistracy Armed Forces Insignia
Rank Insignia
Ensign MagistracyOfCanopus-Ensign.png

Taurian Defense Force[edit]

In the Taurian Defense Force, a Cornet is the lowest-ranking junior officer. Among the conventional forces, Cornets command companies of infantry or armored vehicles. Prior to 3065, all MechWarriors officially attained the rank of Cornet, though afterwards it became reserved for 'Mech lance commanders. The TDF naval equivalent is Ensign, and either serve as assistant department heads aboard ships or command a Wing of two air lances.[24][25][26] These officers wear a single gold ring as their rank symbol.

Taurian Defense Force Insignia
Rank Insignia
Cornet TaurianConcordat-Cornet.png

Marian Hegemony[edit]

The Legiones Marianes, with their focus on recreating the Roman Empire, do not use this rank. The Latin name for the lowest level of HAF officers is Legionnaire. Senior legionnaires (lance commanders) are known as Centurions.[27] A legionnaire wears a silver triangle as his rank insignia, while a centurion wears a silver triangle topped by a black triangle with a small silver triangle in the center.

Marian Legions Insignia
Rank Insignia
Legionnaire MH-Legionnaire.png
Centurion MH-Centurion.png

Outworlds Alliance[edit]

In the Alliance Military Corps, lance commanders are known as Supervisors.[28] Their rank insignia is a single green bar.

Alliance Military Corps Insignia
Rank Insignia
Supervisor OA-Supervisor.png

Hanseatic League[edit]

In the Hanseatic League, this rank name is called Lieutenant.[29]

Umayyad Caliphate[edit]

In the Umayyad Caliphate, this rank name is called Amir'ashara.[29]

Castilian Principalities[edit]

In the Nueva Castile, this rank name is called Captain.[29]

Aurigan Coalition Military[edit]

In the Aurigan Coalition Military, Cornet is a junior grade officer that typically act as company commanders in conventional forces or as the entry rank for MechWarriors.[30]


  • Ranks, when not preceding a name, are not capitalized.[31]
Ex: The major stood and rendered a salute to General DeChavilier.
  • Non-English ranks, with the exception of those used by the Federated Suns or Lyrans, are italicized.[31]


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