Jal Steiner

Jal Steiner
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Cloud Cobra
Clan Nova Cat
Rank Galaxy Commander

Jal Steiner – Late thirty-first-century Clan trueborn MechWarrior of the Steiner Bloodname holder, who belongs to Clan Nova Cat in the 3060s and 3070s. He was originally from Clan Cloud Cobra, prior to him joining the Nova Cats. Jal is tall for a MechWarrior, known for not speaking often. He is also known to be a charismatic leader, a resilient and deadly MechWarrior whom few have been able to match. He still practices his former Clan's religion Cloister Rossei, been known to convert large number of his members of his units has assigned too.

Character History[edit]

As of 3050 Jal Steiner served in a Cluster within the Cloud Cobra's Delta Galaxy when Nova Cat Xi Provisional Galaxy launched an attack against the Cloud Cobras. While ultimately the attack was considered a failure by the Nova Cats, Steiner was among the small number of Cloud Cobra warriors defeated in battle and claimed as bondsmen. Quickly showing his skill as a warrior, Xi Galaxy was more shocked at Jal Steiner's familiarity with the mysticism of his new Clan, revealing to the Nova Cats the existence of the Rossei Cloister founded by a Nova Cat bondsman taken in 2977. Similarly, Steiner's efforts soon led to a large number of Xi Galaxy's warriors embracing the mysticism of Rossei Cloister, this "mini" Cloister even maintaining ties with its Cloud Cobra parent after the Nova Cat Abjurement. For his efforts a number of this Nova Cat Rossei Cloister members took to calling Jal Steiner ecKhan, though he tended to avoid the title, deeming it inappropriate within his new Clan.[1]

First Dragoncat Cluster[edit]

By 3062, Steiner had recently won a Trial of Position as Star Captain within Xi's First Garrison Cluster.[1] Shortly after this Nova Cat Khan Santin West assigned Jal to the Zeta Provisional Galaxy to form a new Cluster - what would become the First Dragoncat Cluster. Khan West selected Steiner in an effort to try to rein in broken and low morale warriors who had survived the journey from the horrors of the Nova Cat ejection from Clan Space. Jal was given choice, which not usual Nova Cat method, which Trinaries he wished to be part of his new Cluster. He arrived in July 5th, 3062 in taking command of his unit with his DCMS liaison officer, Chu-sa Palmer Yoshio of the Eleventh Alshain Avengers.

Jal was challenged multiple times by various warriors in his new unit, but by far the most by an angry MechWarrior by the name of Zane. Zane held a grudge against Jal Steiner for believing he was trying to change the ways of the Nova Cats.

Jal led many battle exercises against the Eleventh Alshain Avengers. In the beginning, they lost due to his own unit attempting to learn the ways of Inner Sphere tactics. By October, he finally molded the Dragoncats into a smoothly-functioning fighting force, posited to fight entire Eleventh’s regiment as whole. However, the exercise was suddenly canceled by the Eleventh, by claiming they had received orders from DCMS’s High Command for deployment elsewhere. Zane, the formerly disgruntled MechWarrior, met with Jal and claimed that he had a vision that Eleventh was acting on illegal orders and were going to attack capital world of Clan Ghost Bear. His vision clearly saying it would end in blood for everyone.

Finding it highly unlikely that Zane was lying, Jal contacted Galaxy Commander Tirant Higall to inform him that he would be moving his unit to blockade the Eleventh from reaching their DropShip fleet on the tarmac of New Circe’s spaceport. His Dragoncats would take full responsibility for their actions so that the rest of the Galaxy and Nova Cats would not take blame for fighting allies if a battle should occur.

In the stormy gale winds of Yamarovka night, the Eleventh Avengers, attacked Jal’s Dragoncats in fierce firefight to get to their DropShips. Jal kept the Dragoncats alive through engagement with the Eleventh’s Third Battalion, by having his cats using Inner Sphere style combat and sending them in sorties of hit-runs strikes. By reorganizing damaged units into temporary new ones as warriors fell to the rogue Draconis warriors and send them against them in waves. Through Jal’s leadership and charisma, the unit kept together, rest of the Eleventh regiment was closing to aid the now badly damaged Third battalion. MechWarrior Zane, temporary halted the fighting and challenged Third’s commanding officer to duel of zellbrigen. However, the duel was interrupted by rogue Kuritans killing Zane before the duel could begin. This dishonorable act, save Jal’s warriors, which caused entire Zeta Galaxy to deploy against Eleventh. Forced to withdraw, the Eleventh failed to reach its DropShips and was later destroyed by Zeta in short guerrilla war against them. In December, Jal Steiner organized evacuation of survivors of the Dragoncat Cluster to nearby Xi Provisional Galaxy, when Clan Ghost Bear attacked.

Jal and his survivors, were absorbed into Xi Galaxy and fought with them during the Dominion-Combine War most of 3063 and he later became Xi’s Galaxy Commander.

The Jihad[edit]

In 14 July 3072, Jal led his Galaxy against the Word of Blake’s Forty-second Shadow Division for its failed nuclear strike against Irece. After his unit arrived over Luthien and called a Trial of Annihilation against them. He first dropping Galaxy through a fierce aerospace fight on top of the Forty-second's position. He was able to successfully damage the Shadow Division, and personally led the Rossei Keshik Supernova Trinary and a cluster into Imperial City. After being forced out of the city, he regrouped his galaxy on the Waseda Hill. There the Blakists launched a surprise nuclear strike against the regrouping galaxy, wiping out most of the galaxy. Only cluster and half of the galaxy survived to withdraw. It is unknown if Jal Steiner survived the attack.


Jal Steiner was a noted Shadow Cat OmniMech pilot, which he has maintained the paint scheme of bright garish colors of the Xi Galaxy.[citation needed]


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