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Founder's Honorable Mention Award (2016)
Founder's Honorable Mention Award (2015) Founder's Exceptional Ambassador of the Year Award (2014) Founder's Honorable Mention Award (2013)
Image Import Award, 1st ribbon Vandal Cop Award, 1st ribbon Problem Solver Award, 1st ribbon
Community Service Award, 1st ribbon Assistance Appreciated Award, 1st ribbon Direction Appreciated Award, 2nd ribbon
Substantial Addition Award, 1st ribbon Casual Edit Award, 3rd ribbon All Purpose Award, 1st ribbon
Random Act of Appreciation Award, 3rd ribbon Edit Count (7,500) Time in Service (3 years)


Good day to all. I'm BobTheZombie, and I've been here for about three years. You can find my contributions Here or ask me questions on my Talk Page.

My Motto[edit]

"You have to respect everyone, but you don't have to agree with anyone."

My Projects[edit]

In Progress[edit]



  • Watching the recent changes page
  • Making sure new articles have their respective WikiProject tags on talk pages
  • Adding {welcome} tags to good anonymous users



  • Eliminating redundant links (except on year pages)
  • Changing first links from shorthand (SLDF) to the correct longhand (Star League Defense Force)
  • Randomly adding/editing pictures
  • Fixing broken references
    • Google: " cite error"
  • Adding existing references from other pages to those with few
  • Other random stuff on my to do list
  • Changing ampersands; they look bad when "and" is used nearly everywhere else...
  • Randomly proofreading articles, going through proofreading list on my talk page


On the Backburner[edit]