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This list consists of individual named canon WarShips of the Battletech Universe. The list is broken down by Space Region, Faction, and individual Class of Warship

Inner Sphere[edit]

Draconis Combine[edit]


Ship Class 3050s 3060s Jihad Dark Age
Victory at Wolcott Kyushu-class Frigate
Dieron Star Kyushu-class Frigate
Draconis Rift Kyushu-class Frigate
Haruna Kyushu-class Frigate
Luthien Kyushu-class Frigate
Galedon Explorer Kyushu-class Frigate
Dream of Kessel Kyushu-class Frigate
Pride of New Samarkand Kyushu-class Frigate Destroyed during 1st Combine-Dominion War[1]
Shiro Kirishima-class Cruiser Destroyed during 1st Combine-Dominion War[2]
Urizen II Kirishima-class Cruiser
Takashi Kirishima-class Cruiser
Siriwan Kirishima-class Cruiser
Lair of Mighty Wyrms Tatsumaki-class
The Dragon's Last Tear Tatsumaki-class Destroyed over Alshain [3]
Night of Agony Inazuma-class Corvette
Winds of Heaven Inazuma-class Corvette
Amber Lotus Inazuma-class Corvette
Swiping Claw Inazuma-class Corvette
Unnamed Vessel Inazuma-class Corvette Destroyed through sabotage.[4]
Mount Niitaka Kaga-class Aerospace Carrier Dismantled[5]
Yamato Yamato-class Battleship Converted into Mobile Factory Ship - 3060s[6] Scuttled in Second Combine-Dominion War [7]
Captured Smoke Jaguar Warships: [8]
Sabre Cat Essex-class Joined navy
Unnamed Vessel Sovetskii Soyuz Scuttled
Unnamed Vessel Vincent Mk. 42-class Scuttled
Unnamed Vessel Texas-class Stripped of equipment
Unnamed Vessel York-class Stripped of equipment
Unnamed Vessel Congress-Class Stripped of equipment
Unnamed Vessel Fredasa-class Vessel Scrapped
Unnamed Vessel Fredasa-class Scrapped
Dark Claw Essex-class Mothballed on Dieron
Lioness York-class Mothballed on Dieron
FireCrest Congress-class Lost (Mishap)

Federated Suns[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad Source
FCS Fox Fox-class
FCS Indomitable Fox-class
FCS Intrepid Fox-class
FCS Indefatigable Fox-class
FCS Antrim Fox-class
FCS Murmansk Fox-class
FCS Brest Fox-class
FCS New Syrtis Fox-class
FCS Robinson Fox-class
FCS Rostock Fox-class
FCS Kathil Fox-class
FCS Bryceland Fox-class
FCS Kentares Fox-class
FCS Admiral Corinne Donnings Fox-class
FCS Admiral Michael Saille Fox-class
FCS Melissa Davion Avalon-class
FCS Alexander Davion Avalon-class
FCS Lucien Davion Avalon-class
FCS Simon Davion Avalon-class Destroyed
FCS Robert Davion Avalon-class Destroyed
FCS Andrew Davion Avalon-class
FCS Hanse Davion Avalon-class Destroyed
FCS Covenant Covenant-class

Capellan Confederation[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad Source
CCS Elias Jung Feng Huang-class Cruiser
CCS Franco Martell Feng Huang-class Cruiser
CCS Aleisha Kris Feng Huang-class Cruiser
CCS Sundermann Rhys Feng Huang-class Cruiser
CCS Ilsa Hyung Feng Huang-class Cruiser
CCS Anhui Impavido-class Destroyer
CCS Xizang Impavido-class Destroyer
CCS Zhejiang Impavido-class Destroyer

Lyran Commonwealth[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad Source
LAS Katrina Steiner Fox-class
LAS Robert Marsden Fox-class
LAS Angela Franks Fox-class
LAS Robert Kelswa Fox-class
LAS Catherine Steiner Fox-class
LAS Ian Mcquiston Fox-class
LAS Yggdrasil Mjolnir-class
LAS Fylgja Mjolnir-class

Free World League[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad
FWLS Liberty Vincent-class
FWLS Impavido Impavido-class
FWLS Janos Marik Impavido-class
FWLS Phrygia Impavido-class
FWLS Tirana Zechetinu-class
FWLS Attica Zechetinu-class
FWLS Karelia Zechetinu-class
FWLS Sparta Zechetinu-class
FWLS Scorpion Zechetinu II-class
FWLS Araneida Zechetinu II-class
FWLS Acari Zechetinu II-class
FWLS Ixodida Zechetinu II-class
FWLS Opilione Zechetinu II-class
FWLS Kustarachnae Zechetinu II-class
FWLS Haptopoda Zechetinu II-class
FWLS Raven Essex-class
FWLS Schrack Essex-class
FWLS Lancelot Eagle-class
FWLS Galahad Eagle-class
FWLS Tristram Eagle-class
FWLS Bedevere Eagle-class
FWLS Gawain Eagle-class
FWLS Mordred Eagle-class
FWLS Bors Eagle-class
FWLS Kay Eagle-class
FWLS Leodegrance Eagle-class
FWLS Percival Eagle-class
FWLS Nueva Badajoz Aegis-class
FWLS Olympic Aegis-class
FWLS Xanthos Black Lion-class
FWLS Santorini Thera-class
FWLS Sardis Thera-class
FWLS Corinth Thera-class
FWLS Delphi Thera-class
FWLS Delos Thera-class
FWLS Thessaly Thera-class
FWLS Menelaus Agamemnon-class
FWLS Aeneas Agamemnon-class
FWLS Hippolyta Agamemnon-class
FWLS Troy Agamemnon-class

Word of Blake[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad Source
Blade of Righteousness (December 3074 [D])[9] Vincent Mk 39-class
Blade of Divinity [10] Vincent Mk 39-class
Blade of Holiness Vincent Mk 39-class
Blake's Redemption Vincent Mk 39-class
Light of Hope (July 3072 [D]) Baron-class
Light of Glory Baron-class
Light of Faith Baron-class
Sword of Promise (July 3072 [D])[11] Carson-class
Sword of Enlightenment Carson-class
Righteous Justice Farragut-class
Red Angel Riga-class
Red Devil Riga-class
Divine Forgiveness [12] Essex-class
Righteous Honor Essex-class
Blake's Deliverance Essex-class
Hidden Meaning Essex-class
Enlightened Spark Essex-class
Stalwart Defender Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Vigilant Guardian Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Invincible (captured January 3072) Tharkad-class
Rays of Enlightenment [13] Black Lion-class
Blake Ascendant (December 3074 [W]) Black Lion-class
Immortal Spirit[14] Aegis-class
Herald of Justice Aegis-class
Herald of Wisdom Aegis-class
Herald of Retribution Aegis-class
Enlightened Direction Naga-class
Divine Command Naga-class
Celestial Threads Naga-class
Milvano Pinto-class
Mayenne Pinto-class
Gorgon Pinto-class
Syrstart Pinto-class
Perdition [15] Dante-class
Salvation [15] Dante-class
Blake's Sword McKenna-class
Erinyes [16] Newgrange—class
Blake's Mercy Newgrange—class
End of Wisdom [17] Lola III-class
Faith's End Lola III-class
Guarded Knowledge Lola III-class



Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad
Invisible Truth Cameron-class
Leander Lola III-class Destroyed during Operation Bulldog [18]
Blake's Vision Lola III-class
Ranger Lola III-class
Divine Wisdom Lola III-class
Holy Martyrdom Lola III-class
Strength Through Adversity Lola III-class
Vision of Truth Potemkin-class
Fire Fang Whirlwind-class
Blake's Strength Black Lion-class
Manchester Suffren-class
Anastasius Focht Suffren-class
Enlightened Path Volga-class
Resilience Vincent-class
Determination Vincent-class
Alacrity Vincent-class
Cleansing Fire Congress-class
Holling's York Congress-class
Blake's Vengeance Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Harmonious Thought Sovetskii Soyuz-class Destroyed during Operation Bulldog [19]
Righteous Fury Aegis-class
Swift Justice Aegis-class
Avenging Sword Aegis-class
Hammerstrike Essex-class
Deathblow Essex-class
Brandenburg Crusader Essex-class
Emerald Essex-class Destroyed during Operation Bulldog [20]
Starlight Essex-class Destroyed during Operation Bulldog [21]
Defender of Versailles Essex-class
Roslare Faslane-class
Galamorgan Faslane-class
Plymouth Faslane-class
Dun Laoghaire Faslane-class
Dover Faslane-class
Portsmouth Faslane-class
Montpellier Dante-class
Bordeaux Dante-class
Narbonne Dante-class



Wolf's Dragoons

Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad Source
Alexander Aegis-class heavy cruiser Destroyed over Outreach [22]
Beowulf Congress-class frigate Destroyed over Mars [23]
Darius Lola III-class destroyer Destroyed over Outreach [24]
Nelson Lola III-class destroyer Destroyed over Outreach [25]
Athena Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser Destroyed over Mars [26]
Mars Vincent Mk 42-class corvette Destroyed over Buckminster in 3070 [27]


Cloud Cobra[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad
Incense Cameron-class
Cataclysm Lola III-class
Brimstone York-class
The Protector York-class
Blind Faith Carrack-class
Wisdom of Ages Potemkin-class
True Sight Potemkin-class
Hell Fury Fredasa-class
Nebulous York-class
Consequence Aegis-class
Second Coming McKenna-class
Trump Vincent Mk. 42-class
Hertzog's Staff Vincent Mk. 42-class
Perdition's Flame Fredasa-class
Inquisitor Aegis-class



Ship Class 3062 [28] 3067 Jihad Source
Great Coyote Spirit Nightlord-class
Steel Fang Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Blood of the Coyote Cameron-class
Spirit in the Sky Liberator-class
Howling Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Courage Lola III-class
Windrunner Essex-class
Honor of Ages Lola III-class
Midnight Star Potemkin-class
Solar Blaze Carrack-class
Morning Star Potemkin-class
Ancestral Home Texas-class
Broken Sea York-class

Fire Mandrill[edit]


Ship Class 3059 [29] 3067 Jihad Source
Howler Carrack-class
Firetender Vincent Mk 42-class
Rage Lola III-class
Anathma Lola III-class
Rancor Lola III-class
Reaver Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Fire-Eater Potemkin-class

Ghost Bear[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad Source
Den Mother Carrack-class
Ursine Boatman Volga-class
Great Bear Leviathan-class
Leviathan Leviathan-class
Rasalhague Leviathan II-class
Dieron's Run Cameron-class Destroyed over Alshain [30]
Bear's Den Black Lion-class Destroyed over Alshain [31]
Black Ghost Fredasa-class Destroyed over Alshain [32]
Ursa Minor York-class Destroyed over Alshain [33]
White Claw Essex-class Destroyed over Alshain [34]
White Fang Essex-class Destroyed over Alshain [35]
Blizzard Lola III-class Destroyed over Alshain [36]
Icepick Lola III-class Destroyed over Alshain [37]
Ursa Major Nightlord-class
Shining Claw Congress-class
Fire Fang Whirlwind-class
Ursus Whirlwind-class

Hell's Horses[edit]


Ship Class 3059 [38] 3067 Jihad Source
Sleipnir (Clan flagship) Cameron-class
Golden Clydesdale Carrack-class
Black Knight Lola III-class
Red Knight Lola III-class
Gold Knight Lola III-class
Bucephalus Congress-class
Mount Olympus Volga-class Abandoned in the Dark Nebula in March 3072 due to heavy loses [39]
Steel Shield Potemkin-class
Armageddon Potemkin-class
Blood Horse Potemkin-class

Goliath Scorpion[edit]


Ship Class 3062 3067 Jihad
Lei Kung McKenna-class
Sagitta Lola III-class
Auriga Lola III-class
Corona Borealis Aegis-class
Corona Austrina Aegis-class
Bernlad Congress-class
Hephaestus Cameron-class
Garlon Congress-class Frigate
Atropos Nightlord-class
Orpheus Essex-class
Serket Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Collrane Carrack-class
Andromeda Volga-class
Enceladus Potemkin-class
Karttikeya Potemkin-class
Epimetheus Potemkin-class
Prometheus Potemkin-class

Snow Raven[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad
Snow Raven Nightlord-class
James McKenna McKenna-class
White Cloud Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Avalanche Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Storm Crow Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Mountbatton Texas-class
Black Justice Aegis-class
Blue Quest Aegis-class
Lord Death Aegis-class
White Terror Aegis-class
Morning Violence Aegis-class
Scabbard Aegis-class
Blue Lancer Aegis-class
Wild Swan Potemkin-class
Rook Potemkin-class
Snowflake Potemkin-class
Treachery Potemkin-class
The Bonaventure Potemkin-class
Eden Rose Potemkin-class
Eternity Essex-class
Magpie Congress-class
Corvidae York-class
Drake Whirlwind-class
William Adams Whirlwind-class
Blizzard Cameron-class
Kerensky's Hope Cameron-class
Ice Storm Саmeron-сlass
Venture Star Carrack-class
Nestling Carrack-class
Scavenger Volga-class
Tenacity Volga-class
Black Beard Fredasa-class
Muninn Vincent-class
Huninn Vincent-class
Ark Royal Conqueror-class
Conqueror Conqueror-class
Cold Hunter Lola III-class
Bloody Talon Lola III-class
Vision of Terra Lola III-class
Spur Lola III-class

Jade Falcon[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad
Green Lantern Congress-class
Kerensky's Pride Congress-class
Turkina's Pride Cameron-class
Emerald Talon Nightlord-class
Jade Aerie Black Lion-class
Blue Aerie Black Lion-class
White Aerie Black Lion-class
Jade Talon Aegis-class
Janice Hazen Aegis-class Destroyed over Evciler IH[40]
Frost Falcon Aegis-class
Gold Talon Aegis-class
Red Talon Aegis-class
White Talon Aegis-class
Black Talon Aegis-class
Blue Talon Aegis-class
Hawk Eye Aegis-class
Gauntlet Liberator-class
Ironhold Provider Carrack-class
Emerald Tornado Whirlwind-class
Lightning Strike Vincent Mk 42-class Destroyed in 3071 over Somerset [41]
Hawker Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Kerensky's Blues Fredasa-class
Falcon's Nest Texas-class

Nova Cat[edit]


Ship Class 3062 [42] 3067 Jihad
True Vision Congress-class
Faithful Lola III-class
Spirit Sight Fredasa-class
True Path Carrack-class
Blood Oath Aegis-class
Bond Aegis-class
Promise Aegis-class
Anna Rosse York-class
Future Triumph Fredasa-class
Perilous Vision Carrack-class
Righteous Return Vincent Mk 42-class
Blade Aegis-class
Path of Honor Aegis-class
Vision Quest Aegis-class
Far Vision Vincent Mk 42-class
Spirit Vision Vincent Mk 42-class
Void Carrack-class
Principle Aegis-class
Chronicle Aegis-class
Remembrance Aegis-class
Severen Leroux Black Lion-class

Smoke Jaguar[edit]

Ship Class pre-Annihilation 3059 Jihad Source
Obsidian McKenna-class battleship Destroyed in Mongoose Absorption
Quicksilver Mongoose Du Shi Wang-class battleship Captured and mothballed following Mongoose Absorption
Veiled Huntress Texas-class battleship Scuttled by SLDF
Streaking Mist Black Lion-class battlecruiser
Unnamed Vessel Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser Destroyed over Huntress
Korat Liberator-class cruiser Destroyer over Huntress
Osis' Pride Potemkin-class troop cruiser
Snow Leopard Congress-class frigate Scuttled by SLDF
Firecrest Congress-class frigate Captured by SLDF, disappeared in transit
Hunter's Pride Congress-class frigate
Unnamed Vessel Congress-class frigate
Queen Lynx York-class carrier/destroyer Scuttled by SLDF
Lioness York-class carrier/destroyer Mothballed by Draconis Combine
Griffin Lola III-class destroyer
Storm Cat Lola III-class destroyer
Sabre Cat Essex-class destroyer Captured by Draconis Combine
Dark Claw Essex-class destroyer Mothballed by Draconis Combine
The Iowa Essex-class destroyer
Unnamed Vessel Whirlwind-class destroyer
Ripper Vincent-class corvette Destroyed over Huntress
Azov Vincent-class corvette Destroyed over Huntress
Simas Osis Vincent-class corvette
Unnamed Vessel Vincent-class corvette Destroyed over Huntress
Unnamed Vessel Vincent-class corvette Destroyed over Huntress
Hell Fury Fredasa-class corvette Captured by Clan Cloud Cobra in 3053
Unnamed Vessel Fredasa-class corvette Scrapped by SLDF
Unnamed Vessel Fredasa-class corvette Scrapped by SLDF

Ice Hellion[edit]


Ship Class 3059 [43] 3067 Jihad
Cage's Pride McKenna-class Destroyed over Vantaa [44]
Maker Carrack-class
Swift Bait Fredasa-class Captured by Clan Jade Falcon [45]
Hellion's Pride Fredasa-class
Whelp Fredasa-class Destroyed at Dark Nebula [46]
Pack Leader York-class
Moore's Honor Essex-class Destroyed in 3071 over Toland by Clan Hell's Horses [47]
Cold Hunter Lola III-class Heavily damaged by Clan Jade Falcon [48]
Destroyed at Dark Nebula [49]
Impaler Lola III-class
Radiant Lola III-class
Taney Aegis-class Destroyed in 3071 over Somerset [50]
Chaos Sailor Aegis-class Taken as bounty [51]
Coterie Potemkin-class

Star Adder[edit]


Ship Class 3059 [52] 3067 Jihad Source
Renown Potemkin-class
Cho Polu Volga-class
Pompeii Volga-class
Pegasus Vincent Mark 42-class
Centaur Vincent Mark 42-class
Vritra Vincent Mark 42-class Destroyed during raid on York [53]
Exodus Crusader York-class
Exodus Avenger York-class
Exodus Sentinel York-class
Exodus Ranger York-class
Hagar Lola III-class
Yodan Lola III-class
Warlock Lola III-class
Cameron's Flame Lola III-class
Absolute Truth Nightlord-class
Sovereign Right McKenna-class
Vicious Fang Fredasa-class
Arcadian Asp Fredasa-class
Black Adder Carrack-class
Star Fire York-class
Eagle Essex-class
Tehuantepec Essex-class
Divine Conquest Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Nygaard Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Admiral William S. Preston Black Lion-class
Constantineau Liberator-class
Ares's Might Aegis-class
Stellar Serpent Aegis-class

Steel Viper[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad
Pit Viper Fedasa-class
Pride of New Kent Carrack-class
Coiled Serpent Vincent-class
Constrictor Whirlwind-class
Snake-in-the-Grass Whirlwind-class
Martial Legacy Essex-class
Snake Pit Lola III-class
Anaconda Lola III-class
Steel Python Aegis-class
Snake Leader Congress-class
Sanra Mercer Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Zalman's Endeavor Cameron-class
Ophidian Potemkin-class
Serpentes Potemkin-class
Dark Asp Nightlord-class



Ship Class 3059 [54] 3067 Jihad Source
Dire Wolf Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Bloody Fang Cameron-class
Night Warrior Carrack-class
Trailblazer Vincent Mk 42-class
Relentless Pursuit Vincent Mk 42-class
Nature's Wrath Lola III-class
Rogue Congress-class
Provider Volga-class
Stealthy Kill Black Lion-class
Blood Drinker Black Lion-class
Jerome Winson Liberator-class
Victoria Ward Liberator-class
Nicholas Kerensky Texas-class



Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad
Werewolf МсКеnna-сlass
Implacable Black Lion-class
Ulric Kerensky Cameron-class
Valiant Vincent MK 42-class
Killing Blow Vincent MK 42-class
Full Moon Potemkin-class

Diamond Shark[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad
Poseidon Potemkin-class
Titanic Potemkin-class
Tsunami Potemkin-class
Red Tide Potemkin-class
Kraken Potemkin-class
Swift Strike Fredasa-class
Star Swimmer Carrack-class
Devourer Carrack-class
Bloodletter Carrack-class
Sharon Essex-class
Tracy Essex-class
Predator Lola III-class
Space Hunter Lola III-class
Bloodlust Aegis-class
Bold Venture Volga-class
Speculator Volga-class
Nagasawa Sovetskii Soyuz-class
Terror of the Deep Nightlord-class

Blood Spirit[edit]


Ship Class 3059 [55] 3067 Jihad
Exsanguine Aegis-class
Blood Fury Lola III-class Destroyed during a raid on York [56]
Stooping Kite York-class
Rocinante Black Lion-class

Star League Defense Force[edit]


Ship Class 3060 3067 Jihad Source


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