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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)


Carse neighbouring systems
Carse neighbouring systems
System information
X:Y Coordinates -15.78:239.06[e]
Spectral class G1V, M1V[1]
Recharge station(s) Zenith, Nadir[1]

The Carse system was home to at least one habitable world, Carse IV, and as at 3145 was located in the Skandia Province of the Rasalhague Dominion.[2][3]

System Description[edit]

The Carse system is located near the Diosd and Galuzzo systems[2][3] and is dominated by binary stars, one class M1V and one class G1V, orbited by at least four planets. During the thirty-first century recharge stations were in place at both the system nadir and zenith jump points.[1]

System History[edit]

The Carse system was colonised at some point during or shortly after the First Exodus from Terra and was a member of the Tamar Pact prior to the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth in the mid-twenty-fourth century.[4]

Carse IV[edit]

Planetary flag
Planetary flag
System position 4th[1]
Jump point
8 days[1]
Highest native life Insect[1]
Reference Year 3025[1]
Ruler Jonathan Limpo, Duke of Carse[1]
Capital New Bonholm[5]
Population 1,453,000,000[6]
HPG (Representative) B (Precentor Cleont Utro)[1]

Carse IV - more commonly known simply as Carse - is the fourth planet in the Carse system.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Succession Wars[edit]

Carse came to be located on the Lyran Commonwealth/Draconis Combine border, abd was the site of many raids and battles over the course of the Succession Wars. In addition to this, the double sun and Carse's unusual orbit provided four cycles of seasons. During a Cold Cycle (which is what Carse was in during the early part of the thirty-first century) the temperature plummeted, oceans froze, and only DropShips and the largest air vehicles could survive the heavy winds. Fortunately for the economy, the petrochemicals and metal ores in the planet's crust could still be routed to the factories that produced plastics and plastisteel. Most of the Succession Wars-era damage was been confined to areas far away from cities.[1] Due to its proximity to the Combine, Carse also served as a waystation for Lyran traders looking to enter or leave Combine space.[7]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

In February 3052 Carse was invaded by Clan Wolf as part of the Fifth Wave of Operation REVIVAL. The Red Keshik, Eleventh Wolf Guards and Thirty-seventh Striker Clusters were opposed only by the Second Freemen, however in a rare strategic mistake the Wolf forces made their initial landing on the wrong continent: whereas the capital city New Bonholm and the majority of the planet's resources and industry were on the norther landmass, the Wolf LZ was on the southern one. This gave the Freemen plenty of time to reconnoiter the Wolves and realize just how hopelessly they were outmatched. Thankfully the planet's constant, frigid storms grounded all aerospace forces, giving the Freemen a fighting chance when they confronted the Wolves at Molde and then at Trosa. While they were able to earn the Clan warriors' respect the Freemen could not prevent them from conquering the world, and the regiment was forced to retreat to Ueda.[5]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary Rulers[edit]


  • Duke Jonathan Limpo[1]

Military Deployment[edit]




  • Twenty-third Arcturan Guards RCT[32]







Carse has two main continents, one located in the southern hemisphere and one in the northern.[5]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Molde: site of a significant battle during Operation REVIVAL.[5]
  • New Bonholm: the planetary capital city, located on the northern continent.
  • Trosa: site of a significant battle during Operation REVIVAL.[5]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Galuzzo 11.9 Diosd 15.9 Quarell 16.1 Lothan 19.3
Domain 19.3 Thun 20.8 Suk II 21.7 Shardayne 21.9
Ramsau 22.7 Jabuka 23.4 Nox 29.0 Hainfeld 29.6
Rastaban 29.7 Wheel 29.8 Satalice 30.7 Tukayyid 30.8
Ueda 31.2 Orkney 33.1 Altenmarkt 33.2 Shaula 34.1
Fort Loudon 34.2 La Grave 36.3 Rasalgethi 37.5 Hyperion 38.2
Karston 38.4 Tomans 39.0 Bessarabia 39.0 Utrecht 39.4
Skandia 40.5 Kobe 42.4 Karbala 43.1 Heiligendreuz 43.2
Biota 43.6 Dehgolan 45.3 Maule 48.0 Fefferfer 48.7
Montmarault 49.6 Rubigen 50.9 Meacham 53.3 Eguilles 53.3
Grumium 53.3 Volders 53.4 Crimond 53.4 Thannhausen 53.5
Maestu 53.6 Halesowen 53.7 Cusset 55.9 Kelenfold 58.3
Gunzburg 58.4 Najha 58.5 Oyevaina 59.0 Pilkhua 59.3
Shirotori 59.9 Toffen 59.9 Setubal 60.0


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