Kirkpatrick's Bandit Killers

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Kirkpatrick's Bandit Killers
Unit Profile (as of 3041)
CO Major James Kirkpatrick
JumpShips  ???
DropShips  ???
Aerospace  ???
Armor  ???
Infantry  ???
Unit Disposition - 3041
Battalion Galatea - ???


As of 3041, Kirkpatrick's Bandit Killers are a relatively unknown mercenary unit described as a "two-bit merc outfit" among the "real dregs" of Galatea, the Mercenary's Star.

Organization and equipment[edit]

Commanded by Major James Kirkpatrick, the unit had a free lance commander slot in 3041. Since Major Kirkpatrick would not give a lance commander position to anyone just so, not even his own son, he staged a trial including his son Damon and Trent Hasseldorf, with the latter prevailing.

The unit's exact composition is unknown, though they are referred to as a battalion. Six 'Mechs take part in the duel on Galatea in 3041 (with downpowered lasers and training ammunition), including two BJ-1 Blackjacks (one of them piloted by Damon Kirkpatrick) and a CN9-AL Centurion.