Operation Dagger - 4th Succession War

  • to probe the LCAF defense readiness
  • secure planets when possible
Attackers:5th Regulan Hussars + 25th Marik Militia
Defender:11th Lyran Guards
Outcome:The primary goal of the Marik forces was the destruction of two defending units. However, the Lyran units had been warned of the Marik attack. Thus, Lyran fighters awaited the Marik flotilla at the jump point and attacked the arriving FWLM ships immediately after they materialized. Though the Lyran fighters made only one pass against the Marik ships, they destroyed several DropShips, including a union-class 'Mech transporter, and damaged even more. Instead of defending the planet, both units redeployed to defend other planets thereafter.
Planet: Milton
Attackers: Smithson's Chinese Bandits
Defender: conventional forces
Outcome: Captured by the FWLM
Attackers:30th Marik Militia
Defender:conventional forces
Outcome:Captured by the FWLM
Attackers:6th Orloff Grenadiers
Defender:Knights of St. Cameron, 1st Regiment
Outcome:The green merc unit surrendered after a short series of skirmishes with the more experienced Marik unit.
Timbiqui and Launam were also captured by FWLM forces.