Ultra AC/10

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Ultra AC/10
Production information
Type Ballistic (Rapid Fire)
Tech Base Clan / Inner Sphere (IS)
Year Availability Clan = 2825 (CDS)

IS = 3057

Technical specifications
Heat Clan = 3

IS = 4

Damage Clan = 10/shot

IS = 10/shot

Minimum Range Clan = 0

IS = 0

Short Range Clan = 1-6

IS = 1-6

Medium Range Clan = 7-12

IS = 7-12

Long Range Clan = 13-18

IS = 13-18

Tons Clan = 10

IS = 13

Critical Slots Clan = 4

IS = 7

Ammo Per Ton Clan = 10

IS = 10

Cost (unloaded) Clan = 320,000

IS = 320,000

Ammo Cost (per ton) Clan = 12,000

IS = 12,000

BV (1.0) Clan = 211

IS = 253

BV (2.0) Clan = 210[1]
26 (Ammo)[1]

IS = 210[2]
26 (Ammo)[2]


The Ultra AC/10 is the second largest of the Ultra Autocannons. First introduced into the Inner Sphere by the Clans, Free Worlds League scientists were the first to retro-engineer the weapon and make it viable for mass-production, though the knowledge quickly spread to the other Successor States. The weapon itself is capable of firing two shots per turn, like all Ultra autocannon, resulting in doubled heat and, potentially, damage.


In the years between the Second Exodus and the beginning of Operation KLONDIKE the nascent Clans began development of what would become the Ultra Autocannon/10. Experimental prototype versions of this new weapon were used during Operation KLONDIKE in small quantities. The Clan Prototype Ultra Autocannon/10 available during this period has identical stats to the Inner Sphere Ultra Autocannon/10, with the following differences: the Ultra Autocannon/10 occupies one additional critical slot, and suffers a weapon jam on a to-hit result of 2 or 3.[3]


Ultra AC/10 is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
Imperator Ultra-10 Atreus Imperator Automatic Weaponry
Mydron Excel Quentin Independence Weaponries
Type 9 Tamaron Ashton 'Mech Production Complex

See Also[edit]

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