Sarah Weaver

Sarah Weaver Era Report 3052.jpg
Sarah Weaver
Character Profile
Born 3020[1]
Died 3052
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Rank saKhan
Profession MechWarrior

Sarah Weaver was a saKhan of Clan Smoke Jaguar who led her Clan during Operation REVIVAL.


Early life[edit]

Sarah was born on the planet Huntress as a member of the Clan's eugenics program. She successfully tested out of her sibko as a MechWarrior and quickly moved up within the ranks of her Clan. Due to her innate skill, she was able to earn the Weaver Bloodname and in 3046 was elected as saKhan of Clan Smoke Jaguar.

Clan Invasion[edit]

When Leo Showers, her mentor, became ilKhan in preparation of Operation REVIVAL, Weaver competed with Lincoln Osis for the position of Khan. Their battle upon the hull of the CSJ Sabre Cat ended when she was knocked unconscious by an SRM hit to the cockpit.[2] Though she was unsuccessful, Weaver still retained her title of saKhan and was politically connected within her Clan.

On October 3048, he oversaw the interrogation of the ComStar'crew of the captured ship Outbond Light, and the 3 October, he debated with Showers the results. She was furious for the death of several crewmembers and the loss of information. That reunion will eventually led to the Clan Invasion.[3]

Prior to the main invasion of the Inner Sphere, Weaver would lead her Clan's operations in the Periphery as head of the elite Shroud Keshik of Alpha Galaxy. During this sweep, Sarah led the entire 362nd Assault Cluster against Santander's World and end the rule of the bandit king Helmar Valasek. The Keshik attacked the planet with less than a Binary, with Sarah leading them from her DropShip. Weaver had made a batchall accepted by Valasek, but it was an ambush: most of the Jaguars were killed by the explosion of three rigged DropShips, and the rest were easily dispatched by Santander's Killers, Valasek's men. Enraged by the humiliating loss, Sarah accused Valasek of treachery and attacked with an entire Cluster. After a week of furious combats, all pirates were killed, and she defeated Valasek's BattleMaster in a duel, only to discover then the pilot was not the pirate king, who had somehow escaped.[4] Despite this, Weaver's actions during these initial engagements increased her standing within her Clan.

However, she soon found her position diminished by forces beyond her control. Her protégé, Galaxy Commander Cordera Perez, was in command of the Smoke Jaguar forces on the world of Turtle Bay and ordered the razing of the city Edo when the uprising there could not be crushed. The dezgra use of orbital bombardment against civilian targets cast a shadow upon Weaver. Worse, when Weaver realized that more troops would be needed to secure her Clan's conquests, she requested the transfer of several Provisional Garrison Clusters from the Homeworlds.

Upon the death of ilKhan Leo Showers, political rival Kincaid Furey placed the blame for the Smoke Jaguars' recent setbacks at Weaver's feet. In her weakened political position, Weaver would narrowly lose an impromptu election and Kincaid would become the new saKhan of Clan Smoke Jaguar. While the Clans returned to their homeworlds to elect a new ilKhan, Weaver would be challenged by many warriors to a Trial of Grievance for her perceived failures. After defeating eleven individual opponents, her victories regained her much-lost honor and prestige amongst her peers placing her in a position to take back her standing within the Clan. When Kincaid attempted to outmaneuver the new ilKhan Ulric Kerensky and failed, Sarah challenged and defeated Kincaid. Sarah once again was saKhan. However, the challenge would leave her wounded and she missed her Clan's assault on Luthien, but she was fully healed in time for the Battle of Tukayyid.[1]


Sarah Weaver led Beta Galaxy during the fighting on Tukayyid. Her galaxy's target was the city of Port Racice. In an aggressive move to regain their Clan's lost honor after their defeat on Luthien, Beta Galaxy would perform a combat drop into the marshes of the Racice River Delta. The Com Guard 5th Army would avoid direct combat and use the terrain to their advantage to stage ambushes and hit-and-run attacks. This angered the Clan warriors while also negating their technological advantages. In pursuit of her attackers, Sarah Weaver led Beta Galaxy deeper into the marshes in an attempt to destroy her opponents. Once there, elements of the 207th Division surrounded Beta Galaxy's Command Star where Sarah Weaver was killed during the third day of fighting at her Warhawk's controls after a Com Guard artillery strike struck its rear torso and sent its fusion engine critical.[1][5][6][7][8][9]


Sarah's death, along with that of Loremaster Edmund Hoyt, and the disappearance and apparent death of Lincoln Osis at Tukayyid, left the Smoke Jaguar forces leaderless, greatly contributing to her Clan's defeat in the battle.


While her preferred choice of BattleMech is unknown, Weaver was noted to pilot a Timber Wolf in Santander's World and her last 'Mech was a Warhawk.[1]


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