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An Ice-Cold Dish

Shrapnel Cover (Issue 5).jpg
An Ice-Cold Dish
Story information
Author Paul Sjardijn
Pages 18
Type Novelette
Product Shrapnel Issue 5
Era Jihad Era
Timeline 11 October 3067 - 18 October 3067

An Ice-Cold Dish is a short story by Paul Sjardijn that was published in the fifth issue of Shrapnel on 15 June 2021.

Plot summary[edit]

On 11 October 3067, the Word of Blake's semi-covert liaison with the Waco Rangers, Leopold Jenkins, meets with Wayne Waco for an update on the upcoming assault on Outreach. Jenkins tries to persuade Waco to wait several days for continued preparations, rather than to attack while most of Outreach's garrison is gone, but Waco murders him. After momentarily considering cutting and running, leaving Blakist plots behind, Waco decides to instead go on the attack against Wolf's Dragoons on his own accelerated plan, one final suicidal act of bloody revenge.

By 18 October, the battle of Harlech has raged for a few days, Waco's forces dealing significant damage to the Dragoons. That day, Waco's command lance finds and engages that of Jaime Wolf. The lances whittle each other down until only Waco and Wolf remain standing, and the two commanders duel. Waco, still enraged over the death of a son he can barely remember, strikes a killing blow on Wolf, but never realizes. He dies himself, still seeing Wolf's Archer standing.

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