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Lycomb-Davion IntroTech
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) New Avalon
Primary Products Aerospace Fighter
Conventional Fighters

Lycomb-Davion IntroTech is an Aerospace Fighter manufacturer located on the Brunswick continent of the Federated Suns capital world of New Avalon.[1]


Originally named Lycomb IntroTech during the Star League era,[2] the rise of Lycomb-Davion IntroTech began with the conquest of Demeter by the Federated Peacekeeping Forces. Demeter, a founding member of the Chesterton Trade League, proved to have a population and military willing to be loyal to the Federated Suns. The Federated Suns invested heavily in Demeter and its people in return, leading to Demeter's premiere combat formation, the Arcadian Cuirassiers, joining the FPF and to Demeter becoming an industrial powerhouse. Lycomb-Davion IntroTech was a major part of that industrial base; by 2765 almost a quarter of the population were employed by Lycomb-Davion, either directly or indirectly. When the Council Edict of 2650 was repealed in 2752, allowing the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns to expand substantially, the Arcadian Cuirassiers expanded as well, with the Second Arcadian Cuirassiers forming in 2755. The Second was equipped almost entirely with equipment manufactured by Lycomb-Daion IntroTech.[3]

Once the League collapsed the Capellan Confederation quickly destroyed the Demeter based manufacturer's assembly lines in an effort to deny the AFFS the effective Stuka AeroSpace Fighter. What House Liao didn't realize was that the company was well advanced in construction of a second production facility on the FedSun capital world of New Avalon, and the bulk of companies' most vital personnel survived the CCAF attack. Now partly owned by the Davion family, the company continues to churn out the Stuka and other fighter types for the FedSun military.[2]

After the Fourth Succession War Lycomb-Davion upgraded its factories to produce infantry weapons, APCs, and artillery.[4]

During the Jihad the Word of Blake inflicted serious damage on the New Avalon factory. Only 15% of the factory lines and personnel survived the various Blakist assaults. As a result of these losses, Lycomb-Davion IntroTech was only able to operate at one third of its pre-Jihad efficiency in 3079.[5] When the Castle Avalon programme initiated by Yvonne Steiner-Davion began reconstruction efforts within the Crucis March, Lycomb-Davion found itself receiving the lion's share of the funding for military reconstruction on New Avalon;[6] with Johnston Industries struggling to produce the Dagger OmniFighter because of damage taken during the Jihad,[7] the AFFS attempted to compensate by supporting the production of more Lightning and Stuka fighters.[6]


In 3025 the companies CEO is Countess Tyrell Jaffey[2]

The companies CEO in 3067 is Countess Persephone Jaffey.[4]


Lycomb-Davion IntroTech has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


The manufacturing facilities on Demeter employed almost a quarter of the planetary population at their peak, but were destroyed by the Capellan Confederation early in the First Succession War.[3]

Components produced on Demeter:[3]
Component Type
AeroSpace Fighter
Stuka[3] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
Hellcat[3] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
Guillotine[3] Heavy BattleMech
Awesome[3] Assault BattleMech

New Avalon[edit]

Components produced on New Avalon:[8][9][10]
Component Type
AeroSpace Fighter
LTN-G15 Lightning[8][9] Medium Aerospace Fighters
HEC-12C Hellcat[8] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
STU-D6 Stuka[8][9][10] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
STU-D7 Stuka[10] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
STU-K5 Stuka[9][10] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
STU-K7 Stuka[9] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
STU-K8 Stuka[9] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
STU-K10 Stuka[10] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
STU-K10 Stuka[10] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
Conventional Fighter
Comet Conventional Fighter[9]
Lycomb 5 Lightning[8]
Lycomb 6 Hellcat[8]
Lycomb 11 Stuka D6[8] & Stuka K5[10]
Fusion Engine
GM 300ATF Stuka K5[10]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
AeroScale Plus Stuka K5[10]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
Daedalus Plus Heavy FA [citation needed]
Communications System
O-P 9000AT Stuka D6[8] & Stuka K5[10]
Targeting-Tracking System
O-P 2500 TGFD Stuka D6[8] & Stuka K5[10]
Medium Laser
Martell Stuka K5[10]
Large Laser
Exostar Stuka K5[10]
Holly Shipped to Talon, moon of Wernke, and Sirius for Hornet & Ontos[8]
Simpsons Stuka K5[10]
Holly Derringer [citation needed]
Holly Stuka K5[10] /Shipped to Styk for Victor[8]
Harpoon-6 Stuka D6 /Shipped to Nanking for Wolverine[8]
Streak SRM-2
Holly [citation needed]


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