12th Falcon Regulars (Clan Jade Falcon)

Rho Galaxy Logo
Twelfth Falcon Regulars
Previous Designation(s) First Falcon Assault Cluster
Nickname The Frozen Fears
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Rho Galaxy
Gamma Galaxy (previous)

Unit Description[edit]

The 12th Falcon Regulars was a Clan Jade Falcon Cluster formation that was noted for its service in the Inner Sphere during the thirty-first century.

It was originally assigned to the Gamma Galaxy prior to Operation Revival. In the wake of the Touman reorganization after the Battle of Tukayyid the Twelfth Falcon Regulars were transferred to Phi Galaxy.[1] In the aftermath of the Refusal War it was again transferred, this time to Rho Galaxy

Unit Insignia[edit]

The 12th Falcon Regulars' insignia is a Jade Falcon shown gripping a blue ice-encrusted world in its talons.[2]



Prior to the Clan Invasion, the 12th Regulars were known as the First Falcon Assault Cluster.[3]

Clan Invasion of 3050[edit]


Steelton was one of the Gamma Galaxy's target worlds in the 1st Wave of Operation REVIVAL. The invasion force consisted of the 12th and its sister unit, the 8th Falcon Regulars. The invasion commander, Galaxy Commander Angeline Mattlov was forced to bid the 12th, due their efforts to honor the descendant of one warrior whom fought for the Kerenskys, Colonel Francis "Crab" Carranza. Colonel Carranza whom was commander of the Steelton Defense Brigade, inflated their numbers of 'Mechs that require for the 12th participation. On world the 12th approached the planetary capital of Cregan Bluff slowly with the 8th Regulars. The unit's rivalry, became problematic as the 12th Regulars hindered the 8th Regulars' progress and they did the same to them. In outskirts of the city, in town of Chosin, heavy 'Mechs of the unit overran the the 2nd battalion Steelton Defense Brigade position. This action proved disastrous for the Steelton's defenders, as Colonel Carranza was killed in the action and his gambit of falsely claiming a brigade of BattleMechs was disproved. With the 8th Regulars, they claimed the planet, but were not able to stop the 12th Star Guards and elements of the Brigade from evacuating the planet.[4]


As part of the massive Trial of Possession for Tukayyid in May of 3052, the 12th Falcon Regulars successfully bid itself into the fold of forces whom would be taking taking part of the Falcon's portion the battle for the planet.

The 12th's most notable action during the Battle of Tukayyid was its assignment to take Robyn's Crossing, one of two vital bridges across the fast-moving Prezno River between the Falcons and their target cities.[5] At Robyn's Crossing, the 12th Regulars engaged ComStar's 388th Division, only to find itself unable to advance against the dug-in Com Guard positions. The engagement turned in 12th Regular's favor when the Jump Jet equipped command Star of the Falcon Guards arrived and conducted an unorthodox flanking attack against the 388th Division, forcing them to withdraw across the bridge. However, as the 12th Regulars' Command Star and two of the Cluster's Trinaries began to cross the bridge after them, ComStar sappers blew Robyn's Crossing, sending them to their deaths in the fast-moving water below.[6]

Refusal War[edit]

In September of 3057, the 12th Falcons Regulars were the garrison force on Colmar during the Refusal War. It faced off in Combat Trial against the assaulting Clan Wolf's 352nd Assault Cluster.

The Regulars positioned themselves to face off with young Wolf supremacists of the 352nd in the Bright Basin of the Marakaa Valley. The Cluster's Aerospace fighter points were only able to make strafing runs on inbound Wolves due to narrowness of the Valley's walls. With no further fighter cover, the 12th Regulars came down from the position basin to meet the Wolves in their respective ranges. The young warriors of the 352nd did not engage the 12th in Clan honored rules of Zellbrigen, but rather engaged single 'Mechs with upwards of an entire Star's worth of weapons fire. The Regulars having been grouped closely together, became easy targets to Wolves. The Regulars were devastated due to them following the traditional rules of zellbrigen, and the unit was reduced to only 10 percent of its members surviving the outcome, among them six Aerospace fighters. However, the unit was able to destroy half of the Wolves' Aerospace fighters and its Elemental infantry forces. Taking no bondsmen from the battlefield, the Wolves took the Regulars' 'Mechs as Isorla.[7]

Falcon Incursion of 3058[edit]

After the 12th was rebuilt with new troops, it was assigned to the Rho Galaxy by 3057. It was assigned as part of the Jade Falcon Expedition into the Lyran Alliance in January 3058.

Coventry & Port St. Williams Spaceport[edit]

The unit's most noted action was in April, when the Delta Regiment of Wolf's Dragoons commanding officer, Colonel Shelly Brubaker, issued a batchall for the Port St. William Spaceport. The 12th Regulars' commander, Star Colonel Creed Mattlov answered her call by dispatching two Trinaries to fight the Dragoons' 1st Battalion in a Trial of Possession for the spaceport.

The Trinary Bravo's Bravo Talon 2 and Bravo Beak were dispatched to the combat, where the two forces' light and medium OmniMechs engaged the Dragoons' forward units. They were easily dispatched by the elite forces of the Dragoons' forward elements. The Dragoons then began dispatching their units to destroy the supplies stored in the spaceport's warehouses. The Mattlov's trinaries arrived on scene and engaged the Dragoons in what devolved into a close-quarters combat which disregarded the rules of Zellbrigen. The battle escalated to the point where the Dragoons called in reinforcements. Mattlov called in the rest of the Regulars to engage the Dragoons.

The battle became more merciless as Mattlov and his Dragoon counterpart called in both aerospace and artillery fire support to aid in their fight. In the end, the Dragoons achieved their objective of destroying the Jade Falcons' supplies, but Mattlov declared victory by forcing the Dragoons to withdraw and for having to call in reinforcements.[8]

Raid on Sudeten[edit]

In the early 3060s the AFFC sent the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry and 12th Deneb Light Cavalry to raid Sudeten. The 8th Falcon Regulars and Twelfth Falcon Regulars inflicted massive losses on the 12th DLC: Barely a third of the attacking 12th DLC was able to withdraw.[9]

Falcon Incursion of 3064[edit]

The Twelfth Falcon Regulars with majority of the Rho Galaxy were deployed as part of the Falcons' new incursion into Lyran Alliance in May 3064.

The unit arrived on the Lyran world of Koniz, and fought the world's militia, the Koniz PTM for three months until they withdrew from the planet in August.

The unit was then deployed with entire Galaxy to Rasalgethi in October, where they fought Brion's Legion and the world's militia force, Kelenfold PTM. The Twelfth Falcon Regulars along with the rest of the Rho Galaxy, fought a relentless campaign against the Legion, which held out long enough to see the militia force fold, and reinforcements to arrive. Snord's Irregulars had arrived in 14th December. However, despite losing one of its sister units against the Irregulars, the Regulars along with their own reinforcements successfully forced Lyran forces off the planet by the 30th.[10]


Dark Age[edit]

In 3127 elements of the 4th Donegal Guards raided Morges. They faced the Twelfth Falcon Regulars on that world. After several brutal encounters, the Twelfth forced the Guards off-world.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Falcon Assault
Commanding Officers of the 12th Falcon Regulars Cluster
Star Colonel Mar Helmer ??? - b. 3052[12]
Star Colonel Senza Oriega 3052[13] - 3057[14]
Star Colonel Creed Mattlov 3059[15]



Composition History[edit]


  • 12th Falcon Regulars (Cluster) - CO: Star Colonel Seza Oriega
    • Command Star (BattleMech Star)[16]
      • Trinary Alpha (BattleMech Trinary)- CO: Star Captain Dana Gorga
        • Unit designation / Star types were G12RA Talon 1, G12RA Talon 2, and G12RA Beak.
      • Trinary Bravo (BattleMech Trinary) - CO: Star Colonel Caro Pryde)
        • Unit designation / Star types were G12RB Talon 1, G12RB Talon 2, and G12RB Beak.
      • Trinary Charlie (Mix BattleMech/Elemental Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Gorton Mattlov
        • Unit designation / Star types were G12RC Nova, G12RC Strider 1 & GR12RC Strider 2
      • Trinary Delta (Mix BattleMech/Elemental Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Byron Kabrinski
        • Unit designation / Star types were G12RD Nova, G12RD Strider 1 & GR12RD Strider 2
      • Trinary Echo (Aerospace Fighter Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Oscan Folkner
        • Unit designation / Star types were G12RE Wing 1, GR12RE Wing 2, and GR12RE Wing 3 (all stars consisted of 10 fighters each.)


  • 12th Falcon Regulars (Cluster) - CO: Star Colonel Seza Oriega
    • Command Star (BattleMech Star)
      • Trinary Alpha (BattleMech Trinary)- CO: (Star Captain) Syd
        • Alpha Talons 1 (Star), Alpha Talon 2 (Star), & Alpha Beak (Star)
      • Trinary Bravo (BattleMech Trinary) - CO: Star Colonel Caro Pryde)
        • Bravo Talons 1 (Star), Bravo Talons 2 (Star), Bravo Beak (Star)
      • Trinary Charlie (Mix BattleMech/Elemental Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Gorton Mattlov
        • Charlie Nova (Nova consisting of 1 BattleMech Star & 1 Elemental Star)
        • Charlie Elemental Star 1 (Star) & Charlie Elemental Star 1 (Star) - (All Battle Armor)
      • Trinary Delta (Mix BattleMech/Elemental Trinary) - CO: Star Captain Dag
        • Delta Nova (BattleMech Star & Elemental Star)
        • Delta Elemental Star 1 & Delta Elemental Star 2 both consists of solely Elemental Battle Armor.[17]
Note the Unit was Regular Skilled, this being prior to unit's devastation during the Refusal War.


  • 12th Falcons Regulars (Cluster) - CO: Star Colonel Creed Mattlov
    • Cluster Command Star (BattleMech Star)
      • Trinary Alpha - CO: Star Captain Kingsley Galen
      • Trinary Bravo - Star Captain Caro Pryde
      • Trinary Charlie Nova - CO: Star Captain Ottilia
      • Trinary Echo (Aerospace Fighter Star)

Note: Entire Cluster was not listed, it is unclear if there was a Trinary Delta.[18] At this time, the Cluster was assigned many new sibko graduates, which explains their Green experience rating.[15]


  • 12th Falcon Regulars (Cluster) - CO: Star Colonel Creed Mattlov

Note: The unit is rated as Regular skilled and had a reliable loyalty rating. The 12th garrisoned two worlds, Alyina and Apolakkia.[19]


  • 12th Falcon Regulars (Cluster) - CO: Star Colonel Creed Mattlov

Note: The unit was rated with Regular Skill, Reliable Loyalty and at 100% fighting strength. As of 3067, the unit been assigned to garrison Biota and Bessarabia. Its technology ratings are 80/20/55(22).[20]


The 12th's parent Galaxy is mentioned to be involved in the fighting during the Ice Hellion's Invasion. However, Rho Galaxy nor the 12th itself is not mentioned until after in the later publication, Masters and Minions. It is unclear what the 12th Falcon Regulars were doing during the invasion or in conflict in general.[21]

Game Notes[edit]

From the Field Manual: Crusader Clans, the unit has been given no Force Specific Abilities. They only gain any if the unit is under direct command of their Rho's Galaxy Commander Danforth.[22]


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