Kappa Galaxy (Clan Jade Falcon)

Kappa Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Clan Jade Falcon Touman
Formed 3060s

Unit Description[edit]

The Kappa Galaxy is a Second Line military formation that serves in Touman of Clan Jade Falcon.


Formation and Falcon's Incursion into Lyran Space[edit]

Kappa Galaxy was formed as a Provisional Galaxy and first saw action during the Clan's incursion of Lyran space in 3064. The unit was formed using elements of Omega Galaxy and other units.

Only three Clusters strong, the Clusters would be deployed to garrisoned worlds in the Occupation Zone. Elements of the Tenth Provisional Garrison Cluster was stationed on the world of Graus, where it would lose three of it's trinaries in the fighting with Third Lyran Guards in November 3064.

In December, elements of the Tenth and the Eight Provisional Garrison Clusters would take heavy damage losing two trinaries worth troops each during fighting on Blackjack December fighting General Archer 's Archer's Avengers and later General Adam Steiner's Task Force until until Khan Samantha Clees would arrive end the fighting with the Lyran troops.

The Fourth Strikers would also be involved in the fighting and lose two trinaries troops as well.[1]

The Seventy-Fifth Falcon Strike Cluster would join the Kappa by 3067, with Galaxy Commander Serendine Prentice given command of the overall galaxy to help get it in fighting trim due to it's poor performance during the Incursion.[2]


The Galaxy remained strongest formation within the Touman of the Jade Falcons, however this was only due to lack of use on the frontlines. During the Clan Ice Hellion incursion during the early years of the Jihad, the Galaxy would be kept out of the fighting, being stationed on the Lyran Alliance border to guard from possible intrusions into their territory.[3]

Early Dark Ages[edit]

Capture and loss of Graus[edit]

After the Jihad in 3080, one of the Galaxy's more notable actions was during the capture of Lyran Alliance world of Graus. The Galaxy's Fourth Falcon Strike Cluster would end up losing the world only months having gained it for the Clan. The Cluster had made a good showing facing off two regiments in battle for the world. Despite its good performance against long odds, the lose of the world would continue to leave stain in the Galaxy's history and reputation.

In the post Jihad era, the Galaxy was still assigned to the Clan's borders and a used a training ground for new Warriors. [4]

Late Dark Ages[edit]

Later on during the late Dark Age prior to Gray Monday, Kappa Galaxy would continue to suffer from a reputation for poor performance that plagued the Galaxy, a reputation that kept it away from any of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone borders and consigning it to roles that involved drudgery and misfortune.[5]

Fending off Warden Wolves and Claiming exClan Wolf's Worlds[edit]

When the Golden Ordun commanded by Malvina Hazen launched their invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth in 3140 they were careful to avoid the Arc-Royal Theater and the forces from Clan Wolf-in-Exile resident there, although the Wolves did subsequently campaign against the Golden Ordun. More critically for Kappa Galaxy, when the Wolves returned to the Arc-Royal Theater Kappa Galaxy was left as the only major defensive force between the Wolves and the Jade Falcon capital, Sudeten. The Wolves soon began launching raids into the Occupation Zone, with Kappa suffering the brunt of the attacks.[5]

While the Exiles numbers were steadily worn down by attrition - giving Kappa a chance against their elite opponents - the damage taken by Kappa was such that it was only through a constant stream of freeborn warriors being assigned to Kappa as casualty replacements that Kappa managed to remain operational in 3145.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Kappa Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Serendine Prentice 3061-3067[6]
Galaxy Commander Jagjit Buhallin 3085[7]
Galaxy Commander Earl Helmer 3145[8]



Composition History[edit]





Game Rules[edit]

Field Manual: 3085 - One of Kappa Galaxy's flaws is it must follow the rules of Zellbrigen, No matter who it faces; Clan or Inner Sphere. When in battle, any units from Kappa Galaxy will suffer from a –1 Initiative modifier when fighting against opponents from Clan Wolf, Wolf (in-Exile), or Hell’s Horses. When facing Inner Sphere forces, Initiative modifier is a -2.[13]


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