Kujari 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-25.863 : -265.076[e]

System History[edit]

Political Affiliation[edit]



Planetary History[edit]

A minor border world in 3033, Kujari was considered a possible target for invasion by Chancellor Romano Liao following conflicts on a number of nearby worlds including Wallacia, which suggested that the local region of space was unstable. Romano elected to deploy an all-mercenary force to avoid damaging any of her regular CCAF units, choosing to send four battalion-sized mercenary units to probe the world: McCrimmon's Light Cavalry, Rivaldi's Hussars, St. Cyr's Armored Grenadiers and Steele's Eagles, with overall command of the operation going to Colonel Donovan Steele of Steele's Eagles.[8]

Unfortunately for the Grenadiers, Romano's invasion force would face the Black Widow Battalion led by Natasha Kerensky, as Kujari had been used for some time as a base of operations for the Black Widows. Steele elected to attack using a bold, aggressive plan similar to those used by Wolf's Dragoons, a plan that was largely predicted by Kerensky from the outset. Despite a contested landing, the four mercenary commands managed to link up, but couldn't bring their numbers to bear against the Black Widows, and the campaign finished in defeat when Kerensky deceived many of the mercenaries into believing that her forces had left the planet, only to then launch a decapitation raid against the Eagles. Kerensky prevailed over Colonel Steele in a duel and called on him to surrender; Steele not only surrendered, he also led his unit to defect to the Federated Commonwealth rather than face a vengeful Romano Liao.[8]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 56 systems (54 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Scarborough 12.4 Wallacia 12.7 Cronulla 15.8 Furud 19.0
Frondas 19.1 Altorra 23.1 Westerhand 23.2 Fronde 24.0
Goodna 25.0 New Troy 25.8 Klayne 26.8 Kupang 26.9
Konopiste 27.4 Shiro 27.7 Iknogoro 29.5 Dalian 31.8
Palladaine 32.3 Ito 35.0 Dì-fang 36.2 Bentley 36.6
Java 36.8 Karlstejn 37.0 Pella 38.3 Ipswich 39.2
Claxton 41.4 Ullieri 41.5 Castrovia 41.5 Sappho 41.8
Mosiro 42.3 Nam Dinh 43.0 El Giza 43.9 Jungar Qi 44.7
Dili 44.9 Conquista 45.1 Latice 46.4 Kwamashu 46.5
Shuen Wan 47.2 Krin 47.4 Lukla 48.3 Sian 48.4
Calpaca 50.6 Betelgeuse 52.4 Andurien 52.5 Mumbai 53.7
Anegasaki 53.8 Carmen 54.3 Haerhbin 55.0 Kalmar 55.9
Hudeiba 56.5 Wright 58.2 Florarda 58.5 Aomen 58.5
Exedor 58.6 Sigma Mare 59.4 Harbin 60.3 Housekarle 60.4


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